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  1. I have the FexEx app which tells me when a package is being sent to me. Package from Fujikura on the way!!! Delivery date: Friday.
  2. I am thinking about some cavity back wedges, specifically the Cleveland CBX 2. Currently have Vokey's which work well for me in the short game, but I always find a way to hit thin full shots.
  3. The Hzrdus red because I wanted to try a shaft that is a very stable shaft but still mid launch, mid spin. It was cheap as well, so it's a low cost experiment, and I should be able to get my money back if it doesn't work out.
  4. I can't wait to get this test started, but it is probably a good thing for me personally that the shaft hasn't arrived. I am still sick right now, and if I had the shaft, I am sure I would probably try to go out there and swing even though I have no energy at the moment. On a side note, being sick causes me to spend more money. I bought a Hzrdus red shaft off of ebay for a cheap price to throw into the mix for this test.
  5. I am pondering trying CB wedges too, potentially the Cleveland CBX 2. I play GI irons, so I could use the forgiveness on full shots. I hit my Vokey wedges well on pitch shots, but then find some way to hit super thin full shots.
  6. I did not haha, but the students that were exposed at that facility are a part of my wife's nursing program . Luckily she was not one of the students.
  7. I played yesterday and lost my driver swing, was snap hooking everything. Probably should not have played yesterday to begin with, currently feeling under the weather.
  8. I was also under the weather yesterday, probably shouldn’t have played to begin with.
  9. Played yesterday, didn’t play very well. Shot a 110. Driver off the tee hurt me a lot. Couldn’t get the right swing feel, was hitting a lot of low hooks off the tee. I have an idea what went wrong but need to put in some work to fix it. Need to find some consistency because i was hitting driver decently my last round. My short game, specifically pitch shots saved me from having an even worse score. Hit quite a few pitch shots that left me with short putts. Previously, pitch shots were a weakness. Once i can put together some consistency in the long game with the new found short game, thin
  10. They are definitely fairway finders, but spin way too much. And they sound like an aluminum baseball bat
  11. Bring back square drivers and test vs. modern drivers. I have a callaway fti and a nike sumo 5900 in the garage.
  12. Couples and Tiger. My dad was an acquaintance of Couples and played with him a few times. Unfortunately my dad passed away when i was too young to ask him about it.
  13. Saw your post about this on the other forum. I’ve been tempted by getting a real Ventus as well.
  14. Bought a set of callaway x-forged irons for $330 all-in on ebay specifically to trade in for two brand new taylor made sim max hybrids. Waiting to get my trade money credited back.
  15. I’m down for paying more for a shaft if it truly performs better for me. I already waste a lot of money on clubs, like putters, that just sit in a bag for looking at.
  16. Congrats! I am a newer member and am glad to be a part of the forum and community.
  17. I forgot to add in the detailed specs. I will be playing at 45 1/2", no tipping, standard size Tour Velvet. I am liking playing a longer length driver, even though I am vertically challenged at 5'5"
  18. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I swing my driver faster than any of the sticks. All are swings in a row without a ball, using the swing speed radar.
  19. And here is where the Motore X F3 falls compared to other Fujikura shafts. Looks like the Motore X F3 is similar in launch and spin characteristics (but very different shaft profile) to the real Ventus Red shaft. It's hard to say where exactly the TM made for Ventus Red shaft falls on this chart. It says its mid-high launch and mid spin, but it feels like a pretty soft shaft. Plus I hear that TM tip trims all driver shafts by 1 inch, so that throws things off even more.
  20. I spoke with Austin from Fujikura, and had my over the phone fitting. We discussed details about my current driver and shaft setup and a bit about my current game (swingspeed, typically misses, etc.). Based on the discussion, I was fit into the F3 5S. The one thing I had pondered was 5S or 6S, but we decided to go 5S since my current shaft is in the 50 gram class and working pretty well for me. You can see in the attached picture a chart of the specs of all of the Motore X F3 shafts. Also below is a chart showing the Motore X bend profiles. I don't know the detailed bend profile for my TM made
  21. Was at the driving range again today and today was a better day overall. One thing i am going to change is no more random practice swinging at home. All those different feels that i try at home without a ball don’t end up working well. will be out on the course on sunday, can’t wait.
  22. Waiting anxiously for my call. Was out at the range today practicing, getting anxious.
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