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  1. So the FX i don’t think is a current year model, so its availability may be limited. I beleive the FX does not have a separate putter well, but dont quote me on that. I do like the separate putter well that isolates the putter from all other clubs. The plastic piece on mine came off, but besides that, it is awesome. i have the bag boy nitron push cart, so my bag has top lok feature so i dont have to strap it in.
  2. Great work. Even more impressive than the big drive to me is that 3 wood to follow it up off the deck.
  3. Thats actually one other item i dont need. My current bag boy revolver xp bag had an issue with the plastic piece coming off. I submitted a warranty request and they are sending me a brand new bag and i dont have to ship back the current one. Just going to use some sort of construction adhesive or other heavy duty glue on the current one and it will still be usable and then i will have the new one when the current one breaks down
  4. So I know it seems like I have ADHD in terms of which coach i am working with at any point in time. I decided to work with Monte again and stick with it. He recently identified some very specific items in my backswing that hadn't been identified by other coaches. While my swing had been looking pretty decent to date, the two main items that Monte had called out have made a significant difference in low point control, getting my arms and pivot more in sync, etc. The two things called out were: - I was getting pressure on to my left side much too early in the backswing. i was essentially ne
  5. The fitting day for callaway that i was going to go to tomorrow got canceled due to the fitter having a personal emergency, which is understandable. I think instead i am going to go for a driver fitting at Club Champion in a few weeks. I have never had an OEM-agnostic fitting. And I feel I am now educated enough not to get tricked into anything. I will make it clear that i am there for a fitting only, not to make a purchase. I am okay with upcharge shafts, but I will make sure its clear that if I happen to fit best in a high end exotic shaft, that i try other shafts with a similar profile
  6. Just bought six dozen brand new srixon z star yellow practice balls. After shipping and tax on Ebay, about $87. Little over $14.50 a dozen. Pretty sure they are an older model, but i really can't tell the difference.
  7. Yesterday i was pondering about what using the bounce means. Today i hit some pitch shots into my net, setting up in a way to expose the bounce. Was hitting off a mat so it wasn't a perfectly real experience, but i get what using the bounce feels like now. I feel like the bottom of the club sorts of glides along the turf into the ball. Made me realize how dangerously i used to live, hitting a pitch shot trying to pick the ball with the leading edge and shaft lean.
  8. Give Brandon some time, he's busy with some family stuff. I talk to him outside of the forums.
  9. Looks like something is triggering you to make a cupping move right at the end of the backswing.
  10. Ok, i will take that to mean i should buy some Edel wedges lol
  11. Get money back for buying things online.
  12. Got some really good life news today. What should I buy to celebrate? Needs to be within reason (i.e. no Honma Beres set). Don't need irons, don't need a putter.
  13. Outside of golf, I'm smart and learn and pickup things quickly. With golf, I feel like my brain is dense and doesn't get something, forgets about something, or just doesn't apply something.
  14. It has taken me a while to really understand what using the bounce means, what the club looks like at setup to expose the bounce, etc.
  15. Thinking about buying some Foot Joy Pro Dry socks, 5 pairs for $24.99.
  16. Do you guys check Rakuten before making your golf purchases? Or for online purchases in general?
  17. I spent a few minutes today thinking about why I don't setup my short wedge shots to use the bounce and what it looks like to setup a wedge shot to expose the bounce. I know about the bounce concept, but for some reason i like to set myself up for failure with the leading edge jammed into the ground at setup on pitch shots.
  18. Yes, but that club was not purchased with the intention of taking the plastic off of. It was purchased to capitalize on a good trade-in deal to resell.
  19. Im going to the callaway fitting day at my club on Saturday to check out the new Callaway Epic line of drivers to see if they perform any better than my TSi 2. I've never hit a driver with a movable weight, so want to see if that does anything for me as well.
  20. Will Edison double soft step the Modus 120X for the $15 upgrade price? That would probably work well too.
  21. There is a iwood fwy tour shaft for example: http://accragolf.com/iwood-ihybrid-shafts/
  22. Yeah, with driver, i used to hit snappers, but then learned to hold it off a little and then comes the push slices. I hate it.
  23. That was a big problem for me. Monte told me not to do anything else until i got that fixed. That one took a long time to get even close to fixing. I was using my right shoulder dipping as a fault to get more shallow previously. My low point control was terrible, way behind the ball even though i was coming into the ball fairly shallow. Also would cause me to hit some shots 45 degrees right with irons at times. It was the worst thing ever. EDIT: To clarify, the issue is the timing of when the right shoulder lowers. Its not supposed to happen immediately in transition. Trying to find a go
  24. Are you guys talking about the right (trail) shoulder dipping too much too early in the downswing?
  25. My understanding based on watching something from Tom Wishon is that there is some nuance about the loft change and the face angle with adjustable adapters. When changing the loft on the adapter, it does literally close the face angle, but does not actually change the loft, unless the player soles the driver and rotates the face to square at setup. The rotating to square at setup is what then changes the loft of the club. If you just sole the driver as it wants to lie at setup, then you do have a closed face due to the adapter change, but no change in loft.
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