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  1. Thanks. I know the two things that i need to feel. Pressure needs to go to the right foot to start the swing and i need to feel width in the backswing. The “width” feel helps my width and depth. The one thing that wrecks my swing is when my swing gets too long (even longer than the video). If it gets too long, then there is a good chance i won’t get my arms synced up to my pivot in the downswing.
  2. So I had emailed Edison not to long ago because I was considering some exotic graphite shaft that they didn't have available. They said they would sell me heads only for $129. Then I could go and buy whatever shaft I wanted. Keep in mind the Edison heads are 0.370, so you will need to shim the modus 125 wedge shaft if you got one.
  3. As an IT Consultant, I give a big thumbs up to the Tableau design work. Nice, clean dashboard.
  4. It doesn't come with a radar, but it does recommend a few of the most popular ones out there on the market. And then in the app, you input which radar you are using.
  5. I have had pretty much all of the issues mentioned in this thread and am still working through some of them. The inside takeaway was so hard for me to get rid of, took like 6 months and I thought about it and tried to rehearse it every day during those 6 months plus practicing. It took a really long time until a light bulb went off in my head realizing what is really happening in the backswing when you combine arms with hips in the backswing. Hip rotation took a long time to figure out and still a work in-progress. What took a long time to realize was that my lack of hip rotation was a re
  6. Made a big purchase.... Hah, wondering what all of you were thinking that I bought. 5 PXG gloves because they were top on the MGS most wanted and i am down to my last glove.
  7. Monte had some wizardry on my swing analysis to notice that I was getting to my left side too early, almost right away, plus my arms getting jammed up at the top of my swing, so my arms would continue moving to get more space even though my body stopped rotating. The part about getting to my left side too early made my swing feel really unathletic. He said i need to start the swing and get some pressure on the right side and it may feel like swaying to me. I feel so much more athletic making that move. My swing feels the best it has ever felt. Shallow but neutral.
  8. Congrats on the milestone. I feel like I have been around here a while, but guess it hasn't been that long, think i just post too much lol.
  9. Distance potential is calculated based on eSpeed, i do know that part. And eSpeed is always calculated based off "Stack Speed" which is the swings with the 195 gram configuration. Since the Stack stick is not quite as along as a full driver, the "Stack Speed" is multiplied times some sort of multiplier that considers the driver length you input to get to eSpeed. I think the "Stack Speed" is also using the median of the 195 gram swings (vs. mean).
  10. So here are my stats after session 2. I am not sure how much of the speed gain is actual speed gain vs. me just learning how to better swing the sticks. I've always found it challenging to maximize swing speeds without a ball. With a speed stick, i guess my body is trying to swing as fast as possible through the full duration of the downswing whereas with a real ball and real club, my body is trying to maximize speed and release through the ball.
  11. We didn't talk about distance potential specifically, but did talk a little bit about the "eSpeed". What was your eSpeed for that 282 potential? Was it that 108?
  12. I was a little worried about the BOA durability but the BOA has a lifetime warranty so that was reassuring.
  13. I bought a pair of the Footjoy Hyperflex BOA shoes. So comfortable out of box. Didn't even remember they were new shoes when I was walking.
  14. He gave some tips on how to setup the radar and asked some other questions to make sure I input all of the right parameters such as my driver length. He mentioned that he would consider me an edge case given the discrepancies between my speed with the Stack vs. actual driver, but that that discrepancies wouldn't have any impact on my training besides the Distance potential not being reflective.
  15. I submitted a question just to see if they had seen anyone else like me where there speeds are 15 plus MPH lower than their driver speeds with a ball. (same issue I have had with Superspeed sticks, its not really that important of an issue, but can just mentally affect your morale). Sasho actually just gave me a call right now and talked to him on the phone for 10 minutes going through my numbers and talking through the issue. That was really cool and amazing customer service.
  16. I bet if I took a picture with a 28" putter, you wouldn't think anything looked abnormal
  17. Agreed. A large percentage of the guys that like to buy the newest equipment at my club but are not equipment research junkies, they all play a Callaway Mavrik driver. Some of the guys have their bags stored at the club, so the bags are lined up so they are ready to go for a member's round, i see a line of bags with Mavrik drivers. Pretty sure the Pro sold them into the Mavrik driver.
  18. In my mind, putter fittings are the most flawed, even when using a Quintic or SAM. From the putter fitting I had on a Quintic, all putts were from a single distance, so distance control doesn't really come into play after a few putts. Also, the putting green was rectangular, so its more likely you will automatically align properly. And then given you putt like 5 balls with each putter you try, I don't feel like that sample size is enough. I may just be having a lucky day and make 5 in a row and make a good stroke with a mini golf bullseye putter in that controlled environment.
  19. I also sent in a one off lesson to Monte to see if he could spot anything specific as a root cause for my rotation and shoulder tilt issues. His teaching and Jonathan's teaching go well together, but Monte is really good at spotting really specific root cause issues, so I wanted to get a second opinion. Just got the feedback back from Monte an hour ago and it was some interesting stuff that is backswing related that is causing me not to link up arms with pivot in transition and downswing. I know some folks would say you should only work with one instructor at a time, but I see it as havi
  20. Main things i had been working on were rotation and shoulder tilt. My instructor says they have improved but still work in progress. So i haven't moved on from those yet.
  21. One thing I don't like about certain fitters is when they have a hidden (are not so hidden) agenda. I swear everyone I ever heard about that gets fit at my local CC (not saying all CCs are like this) comes out with Oban steel shafts and VA Composites wood shafts. Coincidence that those work best for the full sample of people that I have met that got fit at the local CC? Pretty sure those shafts are either some of the highest priced shafts they sell or the ones with the highest kickbacks.
  22. Thanks man. Where i struggle right now is putting together a complete round. One day I will be hot off the tee and leave myself with an approach shot that i should either hit the green or land somewhere near the green, but then i will waste a shot by chunking it. The next round i will be cold off the tee and will lose shots having to punch out from the trees. And then other rounds i will be hot off the tee and with my irons but then my short game becomes atrocious. Part of it is getting better consistency, part of it is i get in my own head.
  23. I told myself yesterday that i was going to take a few days off from full swing practice. i lied, couldn't help myself. Besides working on the stuff with my instructor, i was trying to figure out why do i have so much variance between swings, even during practice. I can have one swing that looks great followed by a swing where i am completely cutting across the ball. What i perceive my normal swing to feel like is backswing, pause, downswing. While there is no actual pause on video, that is how it feels to me, and from the perceived pause to downswing is where things go haywire for me an
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