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  1. I told myself yesterday that i was going to take a few days off from full swing practice. i lied, couldn't help myself. Besides working on the stuff with my instructor, i was trying to figure out why do i have so much variance between swings, even during practice. I can have one swing that looks great followed by a swing where i am completely cutting across the ball. What i perceive my normal swing to feel like is backswing, pause, downswing. While there is no actual pause on video, that is how it feels to me, and from the perceived pause to downswing is where things go haywire for me an
  2. My thoughts align with yours. There is definitely a benefit for mid to high handicappers for getting fit. I think where people sometimes go wrong is having the expectation that fittings will lower your scores, and if they don't, then the fitting wasn't useful. My counter argument to that point is that there are so many factors out on the course that impact scoring. For example, i hit a flushed 5 iron during my last round, hit it pretty much on the line i wanted, but i got a bad bounce and the ball rolled directly to the right 15 yards, and rolled down a hill into the water. Or i will lose
  3. I hit my driver on all par 4s and par 5s, at least at my home course. Any non-iron club off the tee for me is unreliable. Likeliness of topping a fairway wood or hybrid off the tee is very high. And I am not going to hit a 5 iron of the tee on a par 4 or par 5.
  4. If you are ever in the Seattle area, let me know
  5. Swing doesn't feel good or right at the moment. Think I need a few days off from hitting balls and making swings.
  6. I get myself in trouble with doing this correctly, because when i start to open up my stance slightly, then I start to point the clubface left along with it, instead of pointing the clubface towards the target which I am intending to do.
  7. Yes, but that was on purpose (buying it to sell). It was a way to maximize value of stuff that i had to trade in given there was a 50% trade in bonus.
  8. Ok, not buying another putter during the year 2021
  9. Im going to be putting the TSi2 up against the new Callaway line next Saturday. Callway rep is going to be at my club so will be interesting to see how the TSi does.
  10. Had another cool shot to highlight. Was 130 out, tree branches straight ahead. Pulled out a five iron, hit a strong punch shot that was no more than 10 feet off the ground, under the branches but over the hill, ran it all the way to the green but went slightly over the green. No way i thought i was going to pull this off.
  11. 50 foot uphill big breaking putt, sunk it. plus three other 20 plus foot one putts. never buying a new putter again.
  12. Had an enlightening moment regarding my driver setup today after my round, on the range. Had been hitting some big push fades, push slices, which I hate. I believe much of the issue is setup. First problem is ball placement being too far toward the middle of my stance vs. being more forward toward the front foot. Its not literally in the middle of my stance but its too much in that direction. However, changing that in isolation doesn't fix my issue. The second big piece is shoulder alignment. Even when my feet are square and the clubface is setup square, my shoulders aim to the righ
  13. I am going to put it on the swingweight scale later today, i have a basic one lying around. I'm predicting that the swingweight scale will show it as being light, because i think swingweight is measured as the balance 14" down the shaft. So given the weight is around 11 or 12" down the shaft, its on the grip side of the balance point. However, given the weight is underneath where hands are placed on the grip, it makes the area under the hands feel heavier (i equate that feel as head feeling heavier) without actually adding mass to the putter head.
  14. Flat Cat Solution. Its different than what i will call a standard heavy counterbalanced grip. That metal thing at the bottom is a 100 gram weight, concentrated at the very bottom of the grip. In my mind, it feels different than a heavy grip where the weight is distributed throughout, or from a grip where there is a counterbalance weight at the very butt end of the grip/shaft. Smoothed out my putting stroke so I don't hit at the ball anymore, which has made my lag putting distance control better. Also less yippy on short putts.
  15. I had thought about going armlock as well, but this new putter grip i have that has a 100 gram at the very bottom of the grip is life changing.
  16. Somehow i made 4 one putts longer than 20 feet, include an uphill, big breaking 50 foot putt. Probably a lot of luck involved, but the fact that I rolled 4 like that, that had a good chance to go in (and did go in) was amazing. I do contribute some of that good putting (distance control part) to this grip. The 100 gram weight at the bottom slows down my hit impulse with the stroke.
  17. Going to highlight just one part of my game from my round today. Something happened that I expect will never happen ever again. I made 4 one-putts that were greater than 20 feet in length, including an uphill breaking 50 foot putt. I know there is some luck involved with making long putts, but 4 of them in one round, I must have been doing something good. I insist that the new putter/grip combo helped. I know equipment doesn't turn a person that is a bad putter into a good one, but I would say that this putter is a unique setup that I had never tried before. Because of my height, wrist to
  18. I don't know who my doppleganger is. Probably no one on tour.
  19. ER2 with upgraded KBS CT Tour putter shaft. Shaft is uncut, so you can buy it and have it cut to whatever length you like, or I can cut it for you as well. 370 gram head. Few scratches on the sole, but came with those scratches when I purchased in new. Asking $220 $200 shipped CONUS.
  20. Did the baseline today. In the past, I have always had issues with swing speed readings with the various radars. Maybe I am not positioning them correctly or maybe i swing slower/differently without a ball. I don't know. I do know my swing speed with a ball is higher than what I get with readings on the radar. The radar is consistent though for me from a relative perspective, so I will try not to focus on what the numbers are, but rather what do the trend in numbers look like over time. Also, the workout duration and rest numbers aren't correct due to user error. I was getting a feel for
  21. Hah, no offense taken. I do have a problem related to golf purchases, my wife is making me clean up the garage because its a mess, in a large part due to my golf purchases lol.
  22. In all seriousness, I am pretty financially responsible, so any club buying is within my financial means.
  23. IT Consultant checking in here. Tried to also think what it meant. I have no answers.
  24. Not quite sure how our club buying habits got into the Got Problems thread. I am not seeing any problem...
  25. I haven't thought about a new club for more than 48 hours and i am doing fine. Have been thinking about an electric push cart
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