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  1. Jeff Washington, IL Callaway Rogue 4.3 Index 105 TSi2
  2. Jeff / Peoria, IL 4.3 Titleist Vokey SM7 55 Degree, Cleveland RTX4 60 degrees Would love to get rid of the glare from a traditional chrome finish wedge. If I get more spin...great, but I'm not expecting that result.
  3. Jeff, Washington, IL Some winters I putt on a very low pile rug in the basement. Have never owned one. Medium speed...or Fast if that is helpful
  4. Jeff Zircher / Washington, IL Current Handicap - 4.8 Mizuno JPX 850 Forged Those look noytch!
  5. Being a lover of Mizuno irons, it was great to read Voshall as your first guess in this new medium. Sure, it would've been great if he shared some trade secrets or dirty laundry about their competitors...but it was interesting enough as a starting point. Thanks for trying something new!
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