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  1. I play a G30 3wood and it basically acts as a 2nd driver on tight holes or holes with trouble left and right. I rarely hit it off the deck. Has to be a perfect lie. The 5 wood I carry is consistent from shot to shot. I also carry a 3 iron. I like it from about 200 yards. I’m not a long hitter so the top end of the bag carries a little more
  2. I’ve used different brands over the last few years and the best I’ve found is from a company called UVoider. The have lots of colors and the sizing is spot on. Honestly I don’t go outside much without them anymore.
  3. Sorry can’t make it on the 23rd, but I’d like to play sometime this summer. Hopefully there is another outing
  4. I’ve hit these wedges. They’re very good. Maltby makes quality equipment. Gamed multiple sets of irons over the years and now the wedges are catching up to irons. The nice thing is you can put whatever shaft in you’d like and it’s not going to cost extra. They sell at a nice price.
  5. If you decide to have an Ohio outing let me know. Email is tobybtlr1537@gmail.com I can probably get 3 guys to play in outing
  6. I’ve got a group golfer from Ashland CC. I’m looking forward to playing it. I enjoy playing different golf courses and I’m definitely willing to drive somewhere and play. A few years ago about 30 guys from GolfWrx played 3 outings around Ohio in the summer. It was fun. If something got set up I’d probably be able to round up a few guys that would also be interested in playing
  7. I’m new to this site. I’d be interested in playing. I’ve followed this site for sometime. I read the equipment reviews. I live outside Columbus. Ohio in general has some great golf courses and I’m always looking for people to play golf with
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