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  1. Props for still rocking a 3i... I have never actually swung a true 3i maybe I should just bite the bullet and get one to try... and love the atv grind in the 60... best specialty grind out there in my opinion.
  2. Brandon Fort Worth / Texas 12 HDCP Titleist T-100/200 combo set with nippon modus 120 X I would love And be honored for the opportunity to test the t-100s And see if it could perform as well as my combo set
  3. I was gaming DG X100 before I switched to the 120TX. The 120TX was 5g lighter and has a much stiffer tip section while the softer handle produced much better feel launch and results. Best feeling shaft out there in ones mans opionion.
  4. Brandon M

    Fujikura Ventus

    What made you choose ventus blue over black?
  5. Brandon / Texas HDCP -12 22 degree G410 in my bag
  6. Brandon / Texas Graphite Design XC 6X Current Driver Swing speed: 115 I would like to see more butt soft shafts with very stiff tip sections like the GD XC. The feel is great and launch stays down I have regular access to a trackman and my own flight scope mevo.
  7. Maybe... but if you’re after true performance than you should be open to testing every brand. Plus if you are say in the 18-12 hcp range then you could be looking across multiple categories... there are tools like the mizuno shaft optimizatier that can cut down some time in shaft selection but less than hour I still feel is tough with so many head choices let alone shafts... now where I will agree with you is maybe a better player who knows exactly what they want and overall the choices in players irons are fewer than players distance and game improvement and they are going to have to test fewer shafts should cut down the time.
  8. Here is one mans feedback on the BGT stability putter shaft. It is expensive, but when compared to an aftermarket driver shaft it’s well priced. I would not look at adding this till you have been fitted for a putter head that fits your stoke. If you have been fitted for your head it’s worth it to buy it and get fitted by BGT. For $350 they spend 2+ hours with you before and after the shaft on the quintec ball roll system (Trackman for putting) and I was shocked at the results and instant improvement in my putting. The stability shaft combined with my evnroll ER 1.2 has virtually eliminated 3 putts from my rounds and have taken me to a single digit handicapper. people spend hundreds maybe thousands on drivers and irons so $350 for an incredible fitting and something that will provide an instant improvement to me is a no brainer. take it for what you will and while getting closer off the tee for better approach shots is very important the quickest way to lower scores is taking less putts per round.
  9. Nippon recently launched their G.O.S.T shaft and while it looks great I feel I am curious to has how it performs. I have never really found a shaft for a hybrid or utility that had the right weight or feel. The Mitsubishi Tensei pro hybrid shafts don’t feel like the woods and I game the nippon 120x and it would have to be a major improvement for me to change. curious if anyone has had a chance to hit the shaft and provide some feed back to feel and performance. Nippon makes great products but shelling out $250+ dollars for this is a big commitment.
  10. Fitting is so important to improving your game and being able to play your best. However all fitters are not created equal. If an iron fitting is under an hour it’s not worth your time or money. If they are not using some type of technology to show club head and face data I would personally get up and leave. If they push a brand shaft or club that’s a sign something is wrong. It sounds like you had a great fitting! You learned a lot and you purchased something you did not think you would. The t-300 in one mans opinion is the best looking “game improvement” iron ever made. It looks better than some players distance irons but packs in all the technology you can. I just got a t-200/t-100 combo set and I see all the t-series irons after thinking they just looked a little goofy compared to the mizunos I was locked into... data never lies though and nothing touch the performance of the Titleist irons for me and my swing.
  11. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf in March of 2018. I had played a few rounds before then but mostly just drinking beers on the course. My handicap when I started was -♾ but by the end of 2018 I was a 32.1. 2019 has been a total transformation as I have dedicated myself to becoming a student of the game. After spending a decent chunk of change on a fitting and bag outfitting and basically forking over thousands of $ for nothing that would benefit me i decided to take things into my own hands. I went to another fitter and instead of telling them I was brand new I just gave them a little data and what I was looking to accomplish. Got some clubs that fit better and that set me up for 2019. In 2019 I have played over 100 rounds taken tons of lessons and I wake up to be at the course when the range opens so I can practice till it’s time to go to work. I am now a -7.8 handicap and the goal is to get as close to scratch by the end of 2020. Lots more to this story not just in the last but hopefully in the future as What do you love about golf? i love the mix of chemistry physics and biology coming together. I played D1 ice hockey and golf is the only other sports that I have played that combines everything I live into one. Hockey and golf share so much, but the biggest common thread is look good okay good! What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I came here for the data and technology reviews and it keeps me here. Data does not lie and club technology is there to help why not use it. The best line I heard here is okay as much game improvement technology as you can handle. At this moment I don’t know anyone else but hopefully that changes. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from Dallas - Fort Worth area and my home course is the golf club at fossil creek. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The best thing about golf in the DFW is that there are a lot of courses to choose from for anyone’s price point. There are also a lot of guys who buy anything that will help their game and it does not so you can grab some good deals. The worst thing about the DFW is it’s all the same grass for the most part which I learned when you go to a place like Florida Illinois or New York and play a round it has a huge impact on your game. What do you do for a living? I am in software sales, but I am looking for an opportunity to break into the golf industry. How’d you pick your user name? I just used my first name. Some things are like putters best when kept simple!
  12. Brandon - Fort Worth Texas I use the score card ,markers, and hopefully I am familiar with the course and have notes Or if I have a playing partner hopefully they have a range finder How do I feel about technology's relationship with golf? That’s a tough one. I have wanted sometime type of distance aid to improve my game but $600+ for a quality laser or gps has been tough for me to justify since that is the price of a new wedge set, putter + fitting, or driver. I feel the money is better spent on gear or lessons since better ball striking is needed regardless of the yardages. Some carts have gps units but I don’t trust them since they have cost me to many strokes. Overall all in the age of the launch monitor I feel technology has a place since it generally makes things better and helps people improve. It’s a healthy balance though since knowing every yardage, wind and slope adjustments, or all the breaks in a green only provides value if you can step up to the ball and execute on the shot. Technology though overall has progressed the game of golf. Not just with launch monitors but things like k-vest, force plates, gears, and my favorite putt-view have taken my game to a whole new level where I would benefit from a gps system. Just look at all the various testing results done from driver to gps and everyone should realize technology in golf is only going to grow and continue to impact the game.
  13. Brandon / Fort Worth - Texas ProV1x - Yellow 117 MPH driver swing speed
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