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  1. On 3/15/2021 at 2:37 PM, Middler said:

    The ones I’m looking at are all similar weights, regular flex and mid launch.
    I’m doing this to:

    1. reduce impact in my joints first and foremost,
    2. I certainly don’t want dispersion to increase (at least as good), 
    3. but I don’t care at all about extra distance.
    • UST Mamiya Recoil 95 Graphite Regular (95g) @$45ea

    • Mitsubishi MMT Iron 80 Regular (84g) @$60ea
    • Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Graphite Regular (95g) @$51ea

    One thing and this is just a suggestion the shaft is a timing device and kind of needs to match the head you want the best... if your set on the Mizuno the shaft optimizer is a good place to start however it’s limited to things Mizuno carries... if you’re looking for dispersion to actually get better there is Accra then everyone else in my opinion... as @dlow206 mentioned the work is not that difficult to perform yourself and the iCWT 2.0 is discrete meaning that each shaft gets a 1/2” shorter to make it easier to fit and build... happy to chat more as well!

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  2. On 3/7/2021 at 9:48 PM, Popeye64 said:

    I've pretty much given up on him. I actually forgot he still had the heads.

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    So first off y’all have zero idea what I have been through. 

    the ice storm in Fort Worth hit my area the hardest. I live 6 miles from where the 150 car accident was and the water treatment plant main line burst and trapped me and my 31 week pregnant wife for 5 days with out power water gas and I went days with out food so my wife and unborn child could eat. Had to build a fire in my house so my wife could stay warm... there tons more that’s happened, but the maltby challenge is the least of my concern... from 2/11 my last post, it’s been a non stop bursting of pipes weekly visits to the doctor for my wife and o yah we had a hail storm 4 days later after the ice storm that shattered the windows of my home and cars... I’m leading 2 companies working round the clock and I can’t even get a little rest let alone test a “Maltby”.... the only golf things I have done are raise money for charity to cover cancer bills for families and the rest of the time is spent keeping my wife safe and picking up the pieces that’s going to take months to make right... on top of all that out crazy governor decided to just let people not wear mask anymore and covid numbers have never been higher... when I go dark from posting there is usually a good reason and people who have sent me messages I have responded to.... I am still waiting on a replacement birdieball putt up from my testing since mine was defective and that was 9 months ago.... 

    also if I say I am going to do something I am going to do it and do it right I will but I am on my schedule nobody else’s...  if you can’t wait for a post DM with your cell and I am happy to give you a call

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  3. On 1/8/2021 at 12:16 PM, fixyurdivot said:

    Just heard back from Truespec.  They do not have the Recoil SMACWrap ES780/F3 stating the they are a "stock offering for PING"... which makes no sense to me as to why they wouldn't have them.  I haven't checked but don't believe these to be a PING exclusive partnership similar to the Alta CB... anyone know?

    I can try the OTi and PX Catalyst and see how these compare to the Accra.  It's a real bummer Accra isn't more widely available through major custom builders like TGW 😕.  I guess they have their reasons but on the surface they seem to be limiting sales.

    I asked about testing the Mizuno JPX919HM and Forged or the 921's, the Srixon ZX5's and whether they have a date when the G425's will be available.


    G425 preorders start today man

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  4. 1 hour ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Im glad you all aren’t laying claims to clubs, im case it went the other way 😒

    But a nice forum contest for an item or so might be in order when im back up and running 👍

    Glad to hear you are alright! Check your DM you inspired me!

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  5. 3 minutes ago, joen said:

    You are absolutely correct!  Proximity to the hole is a direct correlation to better scores.  And I figure the closer I am to the hole after the tee ball....the better my proximity will be.

    Love it!  I will be the right handed Bubba!

    100% agree except for the rare course where a longer tee shot can hinder you. Not many of those though. Of course you do get the rare course that is both long and punishing like the blessing in Arkansas... but that is where better ball strikers who lack distance can prevail... 

    If you start crushing it past me can we spray paint the club head to match bubbas? 

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  6. 7 hours ago, Buffly said:

    This is fascinating that you bring this up - stock offerings and the average imaginary golfer. I have been using the shaft profiles offered with a given head to self fit myself into the appropriate head. Let me explain

    I noticed that certain game improvement heads only came in lighter, high launching shafts with lighter swing weights in a couple, few manufacturers. When I looked at the more player's type clubs they had shafts that were a bit heavier, stiffer, and different launch characteristics. I deducted that the average player playing that type of club was more skilled, had a higher swing speed, and would benefit from those attributes. 

    I would go so far as to say some club makers are fitting the average buyer in that category based on the designs 

    I could be way off. What do you think?

    Stock offerings are built for curb appeal. That’s why people end up talking about what the bottom of a driver looks like because it’s the first thing you see... it’s why all murdered out edition clubs come out... not just in golf people always stretch for something that is above of them which is natural to want better things. Golf however unlike anything else is the only static based sport besides bowling I think. Meaning the ball is not moving until you make it move. All other sports are dynamically based in the sense you are trying to predict and react not think things through. All this is important because outside of hockey most equipment in other sports serve the same function and performance level. Golf is not the case because not everyone can perform a static task with the same ability. You need different sets of tools to accomplish the task. While others use blades irons one may need some Cleveland turbo launchers to do the same thing. 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, joen said:

    Driver swing speed is 93-94 mph. I got the 405. Very pumped to see what this will do for my swing speed. I hit 73% of fairways last season.  If I can get 15-20 more yards (1-2 less clubs into the green as a result) and maintain accuracy then I will be very pleased. Distance is king. I did an experiment on an empty course this year. I played two balls. One from my regular tees of 6500 yards....and one from the senior tees. I shot a 78 from the regular tees and a 68 from the senior tees. I was on every par five except one in 2 shots from the senior tees, and it became very clear how much easier this game is the further you hit it!

    I look forward to sharing my progress!

    Both scores are very respectable in their own rights, but if you want to score low proximity to the hole is key.

    I am glad you are looking forward to it. In the ping head people may mistake your diver for Bubba’s 🤪

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  8. 21 hours ago, BNewton51 said:

    Having worked in the Golf Industry for a while in my younger days I know there's not a LOT of margin in clubs, BUT if you add in a charge for the fitting and the margin, those types of places are making out hand over fist.  Not to mention if they charge you for any adjustments that you ask to have done and or swapping of shafts or grips

    @BNewton51 golf has changed a lot there is really not any margin in OEM clubs off the rack anymore. Maybe if you’re lucky 10%. OEM have begun to use performance based credits to backend subsidize a companies p&l based on volume. Good shops will pass that on to its customers which creates loyalty. Fitters also don’t get paid for their time at places like CC and others, they make a commission of the sale which encourages them to do crazy things like swap out OEM stock offerings for similar non stock items. SST pure on your putter crazy margin stacked build fees. Even crazy expensive upcharges on wood shafts might carry maybe 50 points but they employee cheap labor to build which in turn leads to bad builds which then I turn promotes spending more money to get it fixed....

    o snap wait.... guess places like CC and others are robbing people blindly 😝 but the comment on the OEM stuff is true... only things that have any margin to cover overhead is truly custom builds... even putters which cost around $60-$80 to make are sold now no longer a MSRP or MAP pricing but a UMRP pricing which means the OEM sets the price to be sold at in the store... not everyone needs or wants some oban ct115 shafts (huge problem with them) when the modus 120 will do in the stock srixon set... dang forgot to mention significant swing changes... o yah personal $.02 if a company tells you not to read their google Reviews but their website reviews run and run fast...

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  9. 13 minutes ago, Apolloshowl said:

    OEM's usually only have fitting carts with their newest kit, again makes sense. They want to sell new kit and not last years. At times of you can find EOL and such, but its few and far between.

    Side note fitting carts are not free. EOL stands for end of life. These are usually supported at times by OEM’s to get them out of inventory. This is an opportunity to push for better deals.


    16 minutes ago, Apolloshowl said:

    Regardless of the previous post hopefully a good message can be sent from here on out relating to the topic at hand and we can continue conversation in a productive manner

    Well said @Apolloshowl this has gone a tad sideways. At least 2020 is almost over with. Think everyone is getting a little testy

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  10. On 12/29/2020 at 1:13 AM, Buffly said:

    I don't get your response? Why would you want to keep the conversation out of the forum when it could help someone other than just me?

    I was never expecting personalized fitting, but I didn't know fitters are not created equal. I have never actually been fit. I only shared my big box experiences to start off the conversation of something not close to optimal. 

    I guess my optimal fitting experience would be to be fit into an attainable used set of clubs that only costs around $800 for 13 clubs that are up to 15 years old irons, new Maltby Wedges, and within 5 years of drivers, woods and hybrids. I just want to know specs and models that fit me so I can buy them, have them adjusted, and play them without having to order new equipment at new equipment prices. I am a poor man playing a rich mans game and not looking to keep up with shiny new metal when a few scratches will do the job. 

    If you did not know all fitters were not created equal, but at the same time don’t get my response of why I would wanted to talk with one on one you miss the point of fitting. The goal of getting a fitting is to improve your game and your game alone. At that point I was willing to share my knowledge and while I will never claim to be an expert I do have some key insights and true horror stories that some people may take offense too because it happened to them.

    At this point you would be better served going to bed earlier instead of typing messages in a forum at 1am my time. that way you could get up early and make an impact in your life and stop making excuses and throwing a pity party. The only reason you don’t have the things you want and you’re not where you want to be is because you’re not willing to make the sacrifice.

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  11. @Buffly where to start on this...going to box stores and expecting personalized results is setting yourself up to be disappointed. Also anyone who would charge a fee if you know what you want I would personally turn towards the door and run as fast as you can... also I would avoid any major commercial operation that advertises as a custom fitter unless you have a budget of $5k or more... here is a $500 putter shaft sold for $750 plus tax from one of those places... to be honest where you are located it might be tough... send me a DM and we can chat more...


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  12. 2 hours ago, azstu324 said:

    While I love the spirit of what's happening here, why do I feel like this is the beginnings of some kind of turf war? Like the loser has to leave MGS forever..

    Maltby gang VS the rest of the world kind of thing. I feel like we're pretty much set up to lose but we'll hopefully earn respect by putting up a hell of a fight..

    Hopefully this can all be done in good fun, respect, and taste. And we can all get something positive out of this.


    the more I practice, the luckier I seem to get..

    Nah this is in good spirit... I am an okay golfer and I swing decent so it will be a solid test...

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  13. 1 hour ago, Popeye64 said:

    I'm going to send@Manimal26 a TS-1 7I and a TSW 56. He will load up his shaft of choice and put them through their paces on a LM. He said he will even do some video work.
    If he still thinks they are garbage then I'll gladly accept his opinion. He should get the heads the first of the year or so.
    Should be fun and one rule on comments to his findings. Be respectful to him and constructive comments only please.

    Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    I am indeed... I will open another thread and I will tag anyone who has ever been for or against maltby... Please feel free to add anyone I miss... I will outline the entire processs their

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  14. 2 hours ago, Popeye64 said:

    I'll get home the 29th. I have some builds to sort out but should have a TS-1 7i head free.
    If you actually want to try the head out I'll be happy to send it to you. If its6 just gonna be a big joke to you... well you already stated your agenda here loud and clear and we get it.... Let me know. Just send a PM.

    Sent from my SM-G981U using Tapatalk

    Hey it’s not a joke I’ll pm you

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