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  1. Okay I ordered a modus 120TX 7i shaft with my other Nippon orders... I will give my honest feedback
  2. You want to send me a demo club... again proves how cheap maltby culture is and is always trying to push the maltby agenda... instead take that money and donate it to my golf spy... however if you insist I’ll take a maltby what ever with a nippon modus 120TX and be happy to take a video at the range with a trackman... I will also help you get an update on your lime wire account...please don’t build it just send components... I know they come with instructions, but those are not needed. This is an agenda FYI... degrading someone’s purchase and saying next time you would be smarter to buy maltby
  3. You know I wish I could delete this maltby bragging center... the maltby website has its own forum where you can brag about how you post in the big boys forums spend no money on clubs or helping this community grow... I don’t see anyone in this thread who donates but all y’all probably are the first people to sign up for any OEM iron set testing opportunity... Curious why anyone who plays competitive golf does not play maltby irons? I looked up the middle western state Indiana tour clubs in play and did not see any. Also checked some random other tours like the NCAA PGA LPGA Korean Tour PGA Tour Latin America and even checked the championship tour... all added up to zero which is strange if they are such good clubs... also watched happy Gilmore and did not see any there... I too buy stuff from ikea because I know if it breaks it’s garbage to begin with and cheaper than all you can eat shrimp at red lobster... if you missed the maltby metaphor there is this thing called google... but honestly should probably stop using that too because you find more of you clowns pushing your agenda... I heard you’re local news paper still delivers on Sunday you should probably get off the internet which you think Al Gore invented and read some ink...
  4. Manimal26

    Autoflex Shaft

    This is not WRX I feel safe ... I am also not a freshman sorority girl at my first fraternity party ... I am going to instragam so many pics though with @Hotdocta auto flex on Instagram after @dlow206 taught me how to use it...
  5. I hope the raffle brings in more $$$ need to keep growing the site!
  6. Manimal26

    Autoflex Shaft

    You’re welcome happy to help! I’m pumped need lots of videos! Go stars!
  7. I mean you could try this thing Ron said called jogging been a round for a bit and requires no counting... seems a lot easier... heard the results can be good...
  8. For real!!! I need food!!!!!
  9. Manimal26

    Autoflex Shaft

    That is one way to spend the Christmas money your parents give you...
  10. Manimal26

    Autoflex Shaft

    Hey @Hotdocta don’t you own an auto flex?
  11. yah okay that is the only place I know and that is when you buy the shaft from them fyi... I honestly dont know if they do the retro pure anymore
  12. @Onestoptech that’s incredible! I had a bout with cancer in 2014, and doctors told me very depressing things as well... our journeys are not the same but I just want to say I am glad you did not let some else’s opinion keep you down... I hope you not only compete but win! Any help I can provide let me know!
  13. @Onestoptech ... this is only kind of correct... Accra does only sell to a custom fitter. But when they started they only sold to fitters who held custom component or as the Mizuno loyalist out there will say the head only accounts... this allowed the cost of their products to be offset by the reduced cost of club components. However as the use of Accra shafts started to grow on tour and demand grew they started to sell to “only custom fitters” which requires only one head only account not them all... that coupled with the rise of OEM’s realizing they could make more money by selling directly to the customer or having the custom fitter simply order it from them gave birth to companies that use the guise of fitting to take advantage of people... Accra does not make any actual product (tech now they might because of being owned by true sports) they source to a foundry who makes it to their specifications and engineering designs... they use to only use Japan based foundries, but to make things more people can afford like BMW did with there $30K cars they had to get cheaper cost which in golf always equals less quality and moving things to China... The fact that you feel $85 a shaft was reasonable means A.) he showed you something more expensive first or B.) congrats you have done well for self and spend your money how ever you please. Of course he did when he is selling a shaft for $85 that cost the same to manufacture as the $39 version... also depending on the OEM let’s use Callaway those same 5 shaft would have been $75 not $550... also for anyone reading this steel will never have the capabilities of graphite...Bryson plays graphite iron shafts... I am sure his fitters question if he is strong enough to still hit steel??? I would guess you went to a fitting company affiliated with Swing Science ... but just a guess
  14. @fixyurdivot @dlow206 y’all tag anyone else but here comes a long post... I am coming in hot!!!
  15. Who do you know that only charges $20 for sst pure shafts... better yet $20 on a retro pure...
  16. @Jimbonecrusher Club information would be helpful... playing lengths how much each shaft has been tipped etc... makes it easier to see if I want to spend money before I run out!!!
  17. Great Idea @Peaksy68! @fozcycle some of yall know what my 2020 has been like, but MGS has really been an incredible place to call home... Also just re-upped myself thanks again @Peaksy68
  18. @StrokerAce I don’t know you as well as Enrique, but I have not doubt you and @STUDque will both be missed... Enrique thanks for all of the help across fantasy football the forum listening and giving a crap... you were always there to answer respond and guide... even though your a “Washington Football Team” fan I won’t hold it against you... I wish you both a merry Christmas and hope 2021 brings you tons of good fortune
  19. 5 leagues!!!!!!!!!!! How do you keep track? I could barley handle one... sidebar B&G had explained to me what a dynasty league was since Im a noob but it sounds cool... I would be down to try it!
  20. These are amazing looking! Wish I had been chosen.
  21. @RickyBobby_PR if you need further instructions see the post above...
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