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  1. Funny you say that... my sig is not my current bag... but my new irons already have 120TX just need to get the time to install them... tried bunch of stuff except the kbs tour v tour spec 130 TX and the new $taper ht... also when I say a little quicker transition it’s more of a violent nature...I am working on uping my tempo in the back swing a bit to be more smooth into transition... just a process
  2. X... I swing kind of like Matty from TXG little quicker transition but played D1 college hockey... so what ever flex he uses in a test I go with I want to try it...
  3. Got an extra GOST sitting around somewhere .370 tip I have one for windy days... Got sent 2 by accident and was told to keep it... love the flat setting in the g410
  4. Nice been curious... but I have a g410 3h with the GD-AD-DI 95x in the flat setting... if its not broke don’t fix it... have you tried the Nippon Gost?
  5. Maybe check rose and fire and see if they will make you one
  6. https://www.caycegolf.com/products/hit-bombs-head-cover?variant=31813680889935&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=Cj0KCQiA2af-BRDzARIsAIVQUOdpUZ6GxarQMae16vrmRWVY7CGyMIs8CfdqJa3c83UcK-5t_R4jfO0aAoh6EALw_wcB
  7. Glad I just saw this need to send my donation in for next year... Also is the raffle going to happen? Is it streamed live or anything?
  8. Mizuno was not the best feeling it was it was 2nd for me... the Mirua was in real I knew how much they cost but did it anyway... huge mistake... I would def be curious to here your feed back and selection process... also you’re welcome hope it had some value minus the Maltby people always pushing their agenda...
  9. Here is the link to the original... when you see the LM numbers you will be shocked...
  10. @BNewton51 My next set had to be the closest in performance for cost to the glide forged. Could I do the same things Did the new ones have any other benefits. So I tested every single wedge you could name out there except the rack model whatever zipcores since they were not out yet. Spin / launch angle and could I do super high launch low spinners to land soft and could I do super low high spinners. of course each wedge had its own indvidual requirements such as opening the face bunker ability etc... Then the most important test the wet wedge test... How much spin is lost when the ball an
  11. @BNewton51 the only wedges I have ever had until my previous set were vokey's. never deviated just replaced. The last vokey set I played was a 52/F 8 56/D 12 60?M 8... They worked and my coach has never been one to mess with my equipment. However the story is not important, but I was able to get a tour fitting with him for Ping at a huge discount I am talking production cost + shipping. I got the G410 LST driver 3&4H (still in my bag) and a 50/52/56/60 set of glide forged wedges with actual fitted wedge shafts. I did not like any of the irons or the regular wedges, but you talk about curb
  12. @azstu324 & ill ask @Chip Strokes to join in since he is newer to golf but what treasure chest???? you just said you only chime in in a general questions and said you would hold off and then went on your fanboy way and started promoting Maltby.... there is nothing to share nobody wants it.... As far as the topic for another day today is that day!
  13. you are nicer than me... I am so tired of all these Maltby and Sub70 fanboys telling people they need their clubs so they can validate their buying decision. If they were good clubs people would be using them at even the mid-am tournament level... Still never seen one starting to type the system
  14. @BNewton51 So this reason is why I created my scoring system. I burn through wedges replace every year or sooner sometimes... For me in order of most importance it goes putter Wedges driver then ball and honestly the gap between putter and wedges is not that big but the gap between wedges and driver is huge. Shots required are based off the lie turf conditions, but for my standard home course wedge setup I have zero issue. I am older by 15 years in the tournaments I play in (34) and I am not bad with a driver, but these kids man its unreal so I have to be able to stick and score
  15. plating 100% changes feel and you will see how the SM8 got eliminated because of this. As it sounds like you have a bit of skill so stay away from the es21...
  16. @BNewton51I will be honest this was my first reaction but the stronger the loft gets the shaping becomes better. I put my pride aside and set purchasing set performance metrics and subjective metrics for myself because its different for everyone (feel workability etc). Price vs. Requirement metrics (Upcharges etc to get correct setup)(also only used once I whittled down) finally I removed any and all aesthetics. I will go into that in more detail after I give a bit of a back story as to why pricing was important only after I had serious contenders.
  17. @Rchang question was about Mizuno wedges not promoting maltby irons and wedges... you clearly must have gone to club champion for your fit... Mizuno charges nothing for raw finish numerous shafts and grips... grinding options...depending on the shop... head only account can sell you the wedge with stamping any shaft almost for less than $149.99 retail... also feel is subjective, but what is not is performance... the T20 is second only to ping in spin retention when the ball or face is wet... I am not sure of your ball striking abilities but if you are a poor ball striker the performance might
  18. TM fan boy here!!! J/k want to buy my masters P7TW’s?
  19. All the greeweeeennnn!!!! Freakin my eyes out... it’s like back to the future! Nice bag
  20. @Kansas King the PE owns more than you think... I am pretty sure before hand CC debt was traded so I am sure they have been buying that... also check this link out... I explained in more detail there... but they don’t hire fitters they hire golf club sales people who maybe can fit...
  21. @analyticandrew check out this thread... care to know more how club champion conducts business... but you are not going crazy
  22. Problem number 1: went to club champion... they are literally hiring anyone as club builders right now... and it’s not like they did great work before hand... Possible problem 2: club champion uses their own connecting system because they do not want to pay licensing for club connex the industry standard. Because of this they have had to source parts from all over to get around patent issue. The clubs you test have drastically different swing weights from finished irons... I would get those checked out vs your old irons.. swing weight changes can move your pattern. Possible problem 3
  23. @Ultimate Junior Golfer 2nd swing is the trade in partner for club champion... that should tell you all you need to know... if it doesn’t here it is plain in simple trades provide the highest margin for shops they buy clubs cheaper than they do from the OEM and mark it up like you are getting a deal (newer models)... if they are older they buy for pennies on the dollar and mark it up even crazier and will put them on purpose next to more expensive clubs so it looks like a killer deal...if budget is no concern go ahead... but maybe try listing here in the BST... or eBay as others have mentioned
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