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  1. @BNewton51 I have tested every wedge out there... and not just at the PGA store I have tested them with multiple shafts grinds lie angles you name it... a wedge fitting is different than others because I feel it needs more than just LM numbers... you need to see how it reacts to different bunker shots sitting up in the rough sitting down... take into account where you play mostly...factor in your skill level etc. honestly after the ball and putter wedges are the next most important in my opinion... then driver... everything is equal but almost every hole you will use the ball (more than o
  2. @HardcoreLooper appreciate the props, but not sure if I am even qualified to operate a motor vehicle let alone be trusted with someone’s investment ... however your statement on instruction could not be more true... I could go on and on and on and on about how people get hosed and how I can not stand it...but I will get to the point and that’s to be cautious with both fitters and instructors... places like Golftec where everything is under one roof could be dangerous. If you do not feel like your progressing like you should and the only solution is come back for a fit and buy clubs... run. A
  3. Dude the bam bam line... I actually laughed out loud... could not agree more with you!
  4. Could we all be that blessed? @tony@CIC I apologize I did miss that. That being said your wife has engaged on her own accord which is awesome. Of course you know how I feel about fitting... so critical... I don’t even fit myself because I need to stay objective and let the results play out...
  5. @Ryan M @Buffly @Chip Strokes @tony@CIC This thread is a great example of why marriage therapy is growing business, why our political system is broke , and the world is doomed. Instead of thinking what she might need and asking someone who loves natural light beer (maltby clubs) and is stuck in their thoughts and beliefs and clearly not willing to have an open mind... and then others chime in with opinions and boom we have the 2020 election... why don’t you simply ask her if she thinks she would enjoy golf more if you got her some nice clubs? Maybe also ask why did she start playing?
  6. Ahh... well the modus 120 when it was a prototype was called the DP for dual profile... it was designed for people who both early released and late released... the 120 also has an incredibly soft butt section for an iron which for some translates to better feel
  7. sidebar graphite is the way of the future in all clubs see you have picked up on that already
  8. @chisag the point I am trying to make is there is no right or wrong... Shoot for 20+ years the only iron shaft choice was a DG s300
  9. @bens197 see my response above and why 7g can make a world of difference
  10. @Bigbobtheman I want to break your post down a tad and I will section it off so its easier to follow I am not sure who told you this, but I could not disagree more. I would also be happy to video my self on a launch monitor for proof. That being said my Ping G410 4 hybrid I ordered with the Tensei Pro-Blue 80TX... Carry was around 230 ball speed 140ish... Fit into a GD-AD-DI 95X (100g) and picked up club head speed carry was around 245 and ball speed 145. Why did this happen? Well the easy answer and uneducated would be something along the line...... it was the increase in overal
  11. @Bigbobtheman welcome to MGS... Handling something at the moment but thanks for sharing
  12. I love that guy on the course ... its how I got my P7TW for dirt cheap... I played a round yesterday with 3 drivers a 4h 6i-9i and 5 wedges plus my putter... going to make a separate post, but scored really well...
  13. @Naturalhooker welcome! GLWS! MGS is a great place with even better people.
  14. You're welcome! I would rather score low than say I play blades ... Checking ego at the door can be hard to do so congrats on you for doing it!
  15. Dude this awesome! First off the T-100 / T-100s are not forgiving clubs at all so kudos to you for going into / be willing to move to a more forgiving club. also the difference between a Modus 105s an AMT white S300 in your 7i is almost 30g of weight so makes sense you were faster. The thin strikes make more sense too since the 919 F have much more technology focused around forgiveness. T-100s are a players iron and a true one at that where 919F are players distance and offer much more forgiveness across the whole face of the club. Side note the Modus 120 just dont have a stiff tip t
  16. I am always open to negotiate and listen to offers. Only the putter left until I list some other items... SOLD First up is the P790 UDI. It’s yours for $old including shipping OBO. It has a Nippon Modus 130s and If steel is not your thing I have a stiff 90g Hzrdus smoke for an extra $25. Stock playing length with either shaft in it. Next is a truly mint putter with the original weight kit as well. 35” playing length. Classic blade design. Asking $old OBO.
  17. The original builder is an authorized LAGP operation... $500 shaft $400 putter $100 fitting $100 build fee $50 grip... $200 custom paint... and tax... what a joke you need special tools to sand that shaft to .355... which they have... golf is such a shady biz sometimes They look good man!
  18. Criminal is what they charged... criminal is that this happens a lot...
  19. That is good to hear... trying to give a s*** and I am tired of hearing about people getting ripped off by instructors / golf shops / and custom fitters / and people who have no clue how to build a club. Just fixed a putter that custom club fitting operation charged the guy $1407.25. Meet him on the course when our groups joined up. I noticed it within 30 seconds it was a bad build. He bought the LAGP shaft for the putter here is what it looked like when I pulled it... it was not salvageable for his spec... I rebuilt it for him with a BGT stability tour shaft did a custom paint fill and a
  20. @HardcoreLooper thank you... good to be back... things happen in life it’s how you choose to deal... hope you’ve been well!
  21. @Chip Strokes read through this thread I did all this analysis because he had a horrible fitting at club champion which really grinds my gears...
  22. I would get them from someone who is a top mizuno dealer who will have full demo sets and also sells used builds... they will pull the heads and keep the shafts for future builds...
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