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  1. Kevin - Roseville, CA Average 18 Hole Score: 90 Current Iron Model Played: Mizuno MP-25s
  2. I watch a lot of Youtube Channels as well. A lot of the ones people have already mentioned (TXG, Mark Crossfield, Peter Finch, The Average Golfer). I would also throw in Andrew Rice if you are interested in really good instructional content.
  3. Very interested in Honma as a brand. Kevin in Roseville, CA 460 CC please Swing speed is 112-114
  4. Would love to try this out! I've tried out other Tour Edge sticks in the past and they performed well. Kevin, Roseville, CA 15 Handicap Currently Hybrid is a Nike Vapor Flex 3 hybrid. Definitely feels left-biased to me The most important thing in a hybrid for me is confidence that it's going to do what I need it to. I'm a longer hitter, so when I hit a hybrid it's either off the tee where I need to place the shot well, or I'm going for a longer hole in two. In both of these instances, I want the hybrid to do what I want and not have to worry about a big miss on either side. Sounds like Tour Edge thinks they have the winning formula here, so I'd be very intrigued!
  5. So excited for a chance to do this! 15 handicap in Roseville, CA Social Media Accounts Instagram: _kevin_barlow_ Twitter: @KevinBarlow Facebook too I've got the bug this year so I could see me having 8-10 rounds. I can make a point of doing more if I get selected Cobra woods, Mizuno irons, Titleist wedges, Ping putter Dream Bag (right-handed, conventional length) SZ Driver in Black/Yellow, 9* X Stiff HZRDUS Yellow 60 SZ 3 Wood in Black/Yellow, X Stiff HZRDUS Yellow 70 SZ 3 Hybrid in Black/Yellow, X Stiff Tensei Pro White 100 SZ 4-PW X Stiff KBS C Taper King Black 50* X Stiff KBS C Taper King Black 54* Stiff KBS C Taper King Black 58* Stiff KBS C Taper Throw it in the Ultralight Stand Bag and this is a dream set
  6. Snell being in there sounds interesting to me. With everything MGS has covered, I'd be interested in trying them out. Easier to buy a dozen than get a few shipped to me. Maybe that is the new marketing strategy for these companies?
  7. I haven't ever played them, but have read enough bad reviews to know it's probably not worth my time. Very curious to see how long this new strategy will last. IMO, this is a big enough shift in their company strategy that it's going to hurt them in the long run. There's no way they can maintain their already lower quality with having to pay the brick and mortar stores.
  8. Don’t know if anyone has posted it before, but I just saw Vice golf balls being sold in my local Target (picture attached). Seems to me that this changes the idea and brand around Vice golf. A few of my thoughts below: How will this affect price? We all know stores require a cost markup to increase margin. Plus, their main value proposition is that it’s a premium for “half the cost” of the other guys. If they keep the same price, how would that affect quality? They would have to cut costs somewhere. How will these balls stack up when they are next to the big leaders in the shelf? We also lose the main cost saving opportunity of buying in bulk. Very curious to see what you all think as well.
  9. It would be awesome to test these irons out. I’ve heard great reviews of the previous models. Kevin in Roseville, CA 15 (my iron play is that of a single digit, but my woods kill me) MP 25s 4-PW with S300s (fit for C Taper S+ recently) I would like to test the PTX Pro-Icon Combo set
  10. I got fit into my MP-25s back in 2016 and they have True Temper S300s 105g in all of them. Since then, I’ve gotten stronger and feel like my swing speed made a big jump. I recently was fit into X Stiff (frequency 6.5) in my driver and woods, and figure I should give it a try for my irons as well. Lately I’ve been struggling to feel where the iron head is at. Any recommendations on shafts to look into?
  11. Currently have a bunch that I use with my wife. Can confirm that they spin to the moon if you have anywhere near a fast swing speed. My driver is consistently around 3800 with them and the wind kills me. But if you have issues getting the ball in the air, or stopping on the green, they are decent balls for the price for sure.
  12. My wife recently got into golf and has just joined a group of 8 women who will play regularly around the area. I want to suggest that we do a couple's round every once in a while as well where we pair up with our SO. Does anyone have any good games that we could do in men/women teams? Apart from doing a combined score or something like that.
  13. Congrats on the weight loss! Very impressive and happy for you. I need XLT shirts too. I've had luck at Kohl's for some shirts. Sometimes they'll have bigger name brands to choose from as well. Macy's also has some good options.
  14. Are you referring to this one? And I bought mine through Amazon, so I'm assuming that would count for trade-in.
  15. Great write-up on the differences between the two fittings! I took lessons through Golftec a few years ago and got fit into my irons as part of it. I would concur with you assessment of their fitting. It felt like they didn't have as detailed a focus on what to look for, and they had fewer options for total fitting (at least at the center I went to). I was fit into the Mizuno MP-25s, and while I love the heads, I don't feel like my shafts are optimal. I've been looking at Club Champion as my fitting center to replace them at some point, so I'm glad you had a favorable experience with them overall. Unfortunate that they seemed to push for a purchase, but I understand where they are coming from I guess.
  16. The ability to trade in for a new model is awesome! Saw the sale and just bought the NX7 Pro too. As a first time rangefinder user, I'm really excited! Thanks for the feedback everyone
  17. I saw @PrecisionProGolf mentioned in another thread and the products and they look incredible. I haven’t found a bad review out there. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for any specials. Not sure if I want the slope or not at this point in time.
  18. I just ordered a set of TS3s with the Evenflow White 6.5 in them. Getting an 8.5* driver with 75g shaft, 13.5* 3 wood with 85g shaft, and 19* hybrid with 105g shaft. I got fit for them at a Titleist Thursday hosted at my local course and they felt really good. We tried the black and the white, ultimately settling on the white since I added weight to my clubs. A really good feeling shaft with my swing, which is fairly even tempoed. As mentioned above, I feel like it helps me maintain a smooth swing and not speed up which is my tendency when tired. And for my swing, the low launch is perfect.
  19. Might not be the best course, but Navy Golf Course near Seal Beach is one that I always liked to play
  20. On the whole, I agree that slow play is a problem in golf. As a new father, I can't really justify going out and playing a full round of golf when it'll be 5-6 hours on the course with travel time. I find depending on who I am with is a big factor in how long my round takes as well. For example, my dad and I can easily get a round in 3 to 3.5 hours on a weekend prime time. He taught me to always play ready golf, give gimmes when it's close enough, and always be moving even when a complete beginner. When I play with one of my friends, however, it's never been shorter than 5.5 hours with him. He reads every putt, takes his full time prepping his shot, and waits for people to clear even if he can't reach them. So, based on your points, I completely agree with the idea of ready golf and leaving the pin in. This will help prevent people who are putting like it's the final round of the Master's. It all comes down to course marshals in my opinion. I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen a marshal actually do something to speed up a group, regardless of age or skill level.
  21. I've always struggled gauging distances and really want to hone in on where I can hit each club. Any recommendations on good value/budget rangefinders or GPS devices? I know that the MGS team said the Inesis Rangefinder is a good value. I really like the idea of the SkyCaddie, so anyone know where I can find a used or older model?
  22. 100% agree. The kind of wedges you need to get is totally dependent on where and when you play. Any wedges from the major OEMs will perform well, it's just a matter of what fits you and your game. I currently have a 52/58 setup with some older SM6s I got used, but I think my ideal split would be like yours. I hardly ever play when it's wet since I'm in the central valley of California, so it's generally hot and dry. Thus, I didn't need to worry about the hydrophobicity of the PING of Mizunos as much.
  23. Just requested a catalog, that’ll be a huge help. I’ll have to look into both wet and air methods to see what works better for my situation! I do like the looks of your setup as a nice easy one to start with.
  24. Not carrying Evnroll would be a problem for me too. Hearing the TXG crew explaining how Quintic works definitely has made me trust the results from it. Unfortunately for me it looks like my closest one is 6+ hours away
  25. I've been doing some ball testing myself lately. I'm definitely not an expert on this subject, but here are my thoughts: What I've been doing: I've been deciding between the Pro V1, Tour BX, and TP5X. I know I like the Pro V1, so I've been focusing on the other two I take a few sleeves of each (I still have a nasty tendency to lose balls) to each round Play the same ball for the front 9 (e.g. Tour BX), then the other for the back 9 I find that this helps me get some idea of the consistency of each ball over a longer stretch of play, but then lets me compare the overall performance of the ball (feel, flight, green spin, etc.) Probably a more scientific method: Play one ball for an entire round, then switch to another ball for the next round Try playing the same course for the stretch in which you compare balls This would give you a comparison based on golf performance on the same course Just my two cents
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