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  1. Played for the first time since early July because of SARS restrictions. Considering the layoff and having an early case of the shanks, I played alright. Ended up with 86, but was already +7 after the first four holes. Better for the run and my putting practice I was able to do whilst away from the course really helped.
  2. Nice one! Is 15 the one I birdied or the one that goes the opposite way?
  3. Not sure if there are shipping restrictions to the US for individuals. That said, it's incredible difficult for me to get a G425 and send it stateside with the current restrictions in my area. That said, not sure if @Peaksy68 would be into making a little extra dough sending it to someone who really wants one. He has a lot more freedom of movement where he is.
  4. If you think you might be setting up with the face open. Get a tee and blutac the head of the tee to the centre of your driver. That should give you an idea of where your face is pointing at address.
  5. It's one of the only things other than snowboard models that us Aussies get before the US. I remember a weird conversation helping a friend choose their first snowboard last year. "The 2019 is last year's model... I know it's 2019 now. The 2020 is this year's model."
  6. You played in the Victorian weather!!!!!! I was counting my blessings that because of lockdown I didn't have to come up with an excuse for bailing on a weekend round. I'm not surprised you had trouble.
  7. It is what it is. Where I am COVID was contained very well initially but in my state (Victoria) there has been a resurgence that is threatening to get out of control. So to avoid it getting out of control like we've seen in so many parts of the world, severe restrictions on movement and activities have been made. My thoughts on the matter are that golf will still be around, people's lives not necessarily so.
  8. Played last round and got up and down at a little over 50%. Turns out posting on an online forum instantly improves your short game.
  9. Likewise. Not a problem at all with my F9. My balls last several rounds.
  10. I like this drill from Brett Rumford. I've got it in mind for once restrictions ease.
  11. I like that idea. I'll have a think about where I can do so.
  12. Based on my last round it was 0%. Hit 13 GIR with 13 pars and when I didn't hit the green it was bogey or worse. I don't have the exact stats for other rounds on me right now, but they weren't great either. Obviously it depends on the types of greenside shots you leave yourself, but I would like to get it to at least 40% on average, then some days you play well and it's higher.
  13. Hi everyone. Not sure if people will be able to answer this, but thought it could be worth a shot. At the moment I'm struggling with getting shots around the green close. I get them to about 8-10 feet rather than inside 4ft; then losing a shot most of the time on a hole. I'm striking them well, I'm just struggling to get a feel for how they will react on the greens, and adjusting for different lies (uphill lie, downhill lie etc). My initial thoughts are to find a quiet green with a bunch of balls and just keep hitting different shots to gain better feel. Trouble is, bec
  14. Plenty of caveats in the study, so I wouldn't go all in on creatine boosting driving distance: The StrongDrive dosed group had doses of creatine monohydrate, coffea arabica fruit extract, calcium fructoborate, and vitamin D. It's not possible to study the influence creatine monohydrate has in this study. Driving distances went up, however, clubhead speed and ball speed did not change (to a significant amount; dosed clubhead speed dropped). There appears to be something wrong with their experiment design or how the distance tracking was done; unless supplementation can incr
  15. Crossed off two more today: On the 3rd, put a knockdown 6 iron just off the back of the green. Holed the chip with a PW. On the 4th, long drive that went slightly left, hit a draw 7 iron to get within a wedge distance, hit the wedge to 5 feet, and holed the putt. One that has been quite interesting is how well I have played the 12th hole. I've had 9 rounds since I started the challenge: 6 birdies and 3 pars on 12.
  16. Totally. It's a great and inexpensive way of getting your ball flight parameters into a better "window". Just takes some time, a few sample balls (maybe do a swap with your friends), and a launch monitor. I did it and found that the Bridgestone Tour BX gave me more optimal numbers than other balls.
  17. Call the pro shop and have them get the group in front of you to move it or call you through.
  18. Ticked 3 new ones off today. Made 5 birdies today for 32 points (there were a lot of ones). So I've now got 9 of the 18 holes. 2nd Hole - Awesome drive setup a partial wedge that I put to 5 feet. 14th Hole - Decent drive but the second set it up. 6 iron with a draw to hold it into a left to right wind. Put it about 8 feet. Rolled in the uphill putt. 18th Hole - Drive just caught a fairway bunker but played the approach well to about 12 feet. Made a good putt.
  19. I'm a 3rd of the way to making birdie on all of the holes. Made two new ones on Tuesday. Got close to the green on the Par 5 11th, but had a tricky 3rd but managed to get it to about 3m. Rolled in the putt. Backed it up a hole later by putting a wedge to within 3 feet. Must have gone awfully close to holing out for eagle by the pitch mark and the ball being on opposite sides of the hole.
  20. Another one down. So 4 birdied from 3 rounds. Hit it to the very safe side of the fairway, easy 9 iron to about 3 metres then holed the putt.
  21. I'm going to get started on the birdie challenge from when we in Victoria, Australia were permitted to play golf again. Best result so far in bold. My home course is Werribee Park Golf Club: Hole 1 (Index 15) - Dogleg right Par 4 with OB right. Put your tee shot between the fairway bunkers (I take a hybrid, driver is too long), then a wedge in. Par Hole 2 (Index 11) - Straight Par 4 with OB right and fairway bunkers left. I can fly the bunkers and leave a wedge in. Birdie 30/6 Hole 3 (Index 17) - Par 3 with a large green and bunkers around. Normally a mid to long iro
  22. Was a good day out. First time playing a course with such varying terrain and severe punishment for hitting in the wrong spots as Curlewis is always tricky. After playing a few times I would definitely be better at judging the different elevations etc. Also didn't help that I couldn't hit driver even close to straight. Got punished hard for missed drives. The approach on the 9th didn't look right to my eye but there had been others on earlier holes where it hadn't looked right either and I ended up a club short. I'll be on leave from work in two weeks time so if a trip
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