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  1. 1. 11.4 , Portland OR 2. Titleist 712CB/MB combo, the 8 is an MB. Max carry is 160, I play it as the 145-150 club. Sub70 is a direct to consumer company, I know they made a hollow cavity injected iron that was ranked pretty highly in a MGS test. I actually have their cavity back on a short list when it’s time to upgrade. They also make forged wedges which I don’t see too many companies doing anymore, especially the more popular ones.
  2. Eric T - Portland, OR I've used many GPS devices: Watches: Garmin Approach S3 Motorola MOTOACTV Golf Edition iPhone apps: Golfshot GPS 18 Birdies Premium SkyDroid Web platforms (more for yardage book planning): provisualizer(dot)com Google Earth Club-attached Arccos My current method of determine yardage is 3-parts: I leave 18 Birdies running on my phone through the round, I use it for blind shots or easily calculating layup distances. I also use 18 Birdies to track my stats. I leave the Garmin watch running on my cart or attached to my bag for a quick glance at the distance. For general shots, tee shots, or if I'm near a landmark like a tree or hazard, I consult my self-made yardage book as it contains notes
  3. Eric Truong/ Portland, OR I practice putting every day for 15-20 minutes. I usually have 2 or 3 three-putts per round. The most I’ve gotten away with is only 1 three-putt. I’m interested in the club head analysis features. I can work on my path alone, but what the club face is doing at impact interests me most.
  4. Eric T. Portland, OR Yes 180* with alignment tool , covering the name of the ball. On extra fast greens I'll also draw a perpendicular but curved line at one end ProV1 Black text, reads "NO 3 PUTTS!"
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