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  1. Does anyone have one of these besides me? I received one as a gift several years ago and I really like it....
  2. I didn't start playing until age 55, and most of your athletic skills have deserted you by then. I was always a horrible putter, so I tried about everything: conventional, belly, long, and was never very good with any of them. I had a good friend give me a blade custom built Kenny Giannini putter about 3 years ago, so I was determined to use it exclusively. I putt better than I ever have, and it was basically just getting a couple of solid tips from a young coach at our university, and being confident in my approach to putting. Never going to be great, but I'm light years better than I was.....
  3. I played Pebble, Cypress Point, and Spyglass Hill about 2 weeks after I'd played Arcadia Bluffs several years ago, and the Bluffs were the equal of any on the Monterray Peninsula IMHO. We were able to play the new South Course about a week after it opened a year ago last August. The two courses are dramatically different, and require two completely different game approaches. I could play them both every year, and the amenities there are first class.
  4. It was asked if we've ever bought any DTC brands? About 2 years after I started playing (15 or 16 years ago) I was in the market for a 3 wood, and after doing a fair amount of research I settled on a Bang-O-Matic 15 degree, because at the time it was the only 3 wood available that was pure titanium. Many still are made of stainless today. I've updated the shaft and still carry it because it's about the same head size as any club available today, and I'm convinced it's probably almost as hot as any newer brand. Sometimes older still works....
  5. Selling my last 3 dozen Chrome Softs this afternoon. Snell MTBX from now on....
  6. Just bought my first two dozen Snell MTB-X. Trying to figure out what to do with several dozen "others....."
  7. I've decided I'm going to play one ball, and it's going to be either a MaxFli Tour X or Snell MTB X. If they were both the identical price, which would you choose?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6CchRvPRfiQ
  9. Just watched this test. Pretty comprehensive, and showed a lot of the same results as MGS. Anybody else look at it?
  10. I really appreciate all the answers you folks have provided. I don't hit the ball far enough with enough spin to probably make much of a difference in what I play. I have a few dozen of the older version of Chrome Soft, and after seeing what MGS found with those, I'm hesitant to use them up. I like the tests on the Snells and MaxFli's that MGS did, and figured I'd probably go with one of those. Interestingly, I've been using a 13 degree, regular flex shaft driver for several years, but when I took the $9 driver fitting of MGS, it suggested I go to a Wilson D7, 9 degree in a stiff flex, which was also interesting, because I've been a Wilson Staff guy for years. (and they couldn't have known that....)
  11. I'm going to take the advice of MGS and start playing one ball, although it means giving away a few dozen balls of various makes. I'm over 70, handicap 16, swing speed between 85-90. What do you think would be the best choice for my game?
  12. Thanks for the info guys. Had never heard any opinions about Dean's equipment. When you examine the metrics in the test results, there isn't a great deal of difference in any of the offerings however....
  13. Has Golf Spy ever tested these? I've been reading about them for several years, and they received extremely high marks at the PGA Golf Show a few years back, and obviously Dean Knuth's credentials are unquestioned....
  14. Does anyone know anything about these, or have an educated opinion? · Start hitting the green with EVERY SHOT️ Receive Over $100 OFF Here cartcrate.com/golf-rangefinder
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