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  1. It really depends on the club. I primarily use my 56 Vokey, so it gets replaced at least every other year. Gap wedge (50 degree Vokey) is next at 2.5 yrs typically (with more full swing shots, it's easier to see the gap wedge's performance start to drop off). Last is usually the loft wedge (60 degree Vokey) due to me not using it as much as the other 2.
  2. John havener Scottsdale, AZ Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Impact 3
  3. John, Phoenix, AZ 115-118 mph Titleist TS3 Aldila Rogue Silver 70, X-flex Tested during a fitting but not currently in my bag.
  4. John, Phoenix iPad Pro Outdoor No net, on course to verify readings.
  5. John - Scottsdale, AZ Right Handed 1st choice - Driving Iron: UiHi18* - KBS Tour V-X-Stiff Backup choice - Hybrid: VKTR+ - 18* - Re - coil ES 95 F5 X-Stiff Handicap - 6 Currently gaming - Titleist Hybrid
  6. John Phoenix, AZ Titleist 915 D3 4.8 118 TSi3
  7. John / Phoenix, Arizona Handicap 9.2 Current Model Wedges Played - Vokey SM7 What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - Even if the spin is comparable, raw wedges simply look better to me. Would also be able to escape some of the glare I'm currently getting of my Vokey's...
  8. John/Scottsdale, AZ/USA Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Ketsch - I've been actively shopping for a larger putter, but not interested in the styles that have "wings".
  9. John Havener, Scottsdale, AZ iPhone apps (18 Birdies, SwingU, GolfLogix) Bushnell Laser Rangefinder (...and buddies' GPS watch if he's nearby)
  10. John Havener, Phoenix, AZ Currently use GPS if provided on golf cart, otherwise random sprinkler heads and pacing off yardages. Lasers, watches and apps for your phone are fair, but none are the right combination of accurate while not being intrusive. I'm not a fan of seeing playing partners lugging their lasers with a handful of clubs, I'm not a fan of wearing a watch while I play and the apps I've tried up to this point on my phone aren't the right balance of informative vs usable.
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