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  1. I just got given a M1 and it has some small cracks in the white part on top of the head. It looks like the white stuff is just for decoration and sits on top of the carbon that is under it. Is there any issue with playing it and will performance be affected as it seems like from what I have read lots of M1 and M2 cracked in this way and Taylormade replaced them more on a cosmetic basis I dont really care about the looks of it I just care to make sure the performance is still good
  2. Except for any abuse aimed at Reed. Then its all good. Honestly I am surprised aussie border security let that dude in. Such a toss
  3. If you want somebody to test it to make sure these still work upside down I know an Aussie who would love to test this. Its Aussie summer so its hot as hell down here and the greens are like rock so could see how they perform in hard conditions Ben, QLD, Australia Bridgestone BX 122-125 MPH
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