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  1. I've done UTry twice now. First with a Rogue driver a few years ago and last month with a set of MP-20 MMC irons. The club you get is brand new in the wrap, the irons had all the mizuno packaging with them. I had concerns about the mp20 MMC since I didn't like the 18 MMCs and wanted to try them on a real course and was able to play about 7 rounds with them. For 50 bucks it showed me that I loved the feel and turf interaction of the clubs but need to get fitted for different shafts, which was a great thing to find out for $50 First thing, I'm not sure they can make it any easier. You order, the clubs show up. After the 2 weeks you get an email that asks you to say if you are keeping them or sending them back. If you send them back you box them up, and use the shipping label they provided and drop it off at FedEx. I'm pretty sure they end up selling them on Ebay as used. Which probably works out for them since they still sell them over what I assume is their cost and since they are not brand new I would think any agreement on MAP is out the door. So they can move more product even if they make a little less on them being used.
  2. For me, yeah. I'm not going to notice something on my belt while I golf. Will it look dorky? probably. But I don't really care.
  3. I got the Arccos sensors as a gift and could never fully get used to having my phone in my pocket the whole time. If I didn't make sure the phone was fully charged, or the app crashed, I would get half of a round of data only. I'm not a watch guy, so hopefully this is a good option for me. I really like the data I get from Arccos, so I'm hoping the Link works well and requires less post processing.
  4. I went from a EF blue 6.0 to a black 6.5 in a Callaway Rogue. Not fitted, just found a great deal on ta bare shaft and put the tip on as a cheap quick test. Like newballcoach up there ^^^ the shaft has been a huge improvement for me. The left miss is gone but still have workability and according to my Arccos data there has been no noticeable change in distance. I never liked the feel of the HZRDUS shafts, and while the Blue felt great it was all over the place. The black is a great compromise
  5. Some others to check out. I'm in NW Raleigh and can get to these all in under an hour The Challenge - West on 40 in Graham. Good value, played there a couple weeks back, busy but still good pace of play. Walkable if that is your thing, and in good shape. Mill Creek - Again west on 40 in Mebane. haven't played there this year, but I love this course Carolina Trace - South on HWY 1 in Sanford. 2 courses, Lakes is newer and a little more open. Creek course has smaller greens and is tighter. Both are a lot of fun
  6. New-ish guy here from NC. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Been playing for 10 years, HCP is 5 What do you love about golf? A great reason to get outside, a game you can play by yourself, with friends, or strangers. I love the creative aspects ofthinking through a hole or getting out of a bad spot What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Been reading articles here and there but have been starting to take the game more seriously and am looking for ways to improve Where are you from? What is your home course? Raleigh, NC. No home course exactly, but play UNC Finley and Tobacco Road more than any others What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best is that there are so many great courses within 90 minutes. What do you do for a living? Electrical Engineer How’d you pick your user name? Well in Junior high friends called me JC, in High school there was another kid who people called JC. So we flipped a coin and I lost.
  7. Same here. Got them for Christmas and in the last 4-5 rounds I have 1 sensor that rarely picks up a shot, and another that works about 50%.
  8. I haven't played Harbour town, but have played Heron Point and Atlantic Dunes a few times each on trips in HH. I love Atlantic Dunes, Heron I find to be kind of unspectacular. Just last week I played the Arthur Hills course and really enjoyed it. I thought it was fun and forced you to play a lot of different shots. The RTJ course at Palmetto Dunes is about 8 holes of mediocre design, then it gets really good on the back 9. Sometimes you can get ridiculous deals on the Sea Pines courses if you are staying there with a Stay and Play package, but if you are playing rack rate I would look at the Palmetto Dunes courses.
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