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  1. I run a 6 doctor optometrist clinic with a Vision Therapy department. Reading about Faldo not reaching his peak performance until he started seeing a Sports Vision Optometrist made me start to build a Golf Performance Vision Program at my practice. Im curious how many weekend warrior golfers would see a Vision Therapist to improve putting and full shot alignment, depth perception, feel, balance, body awareness and visualization. Everyday I'm seeing more of what we do everyday overlapping with the golf industry (Callaway's new putters and balls, optic yellow balls, etc.) and I'm excited to marry my passion with my job. I'm just wondering if others would actually use the program or if I'm just excited that my work is now fun. Would love to hear what you guys think.
  2. Daniel Atlanta, GA Currently game Tour B X and Z Star XV 118 mph driver swing speed Play 1-3 rounds a week
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