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  1. I’m using that shaft with an old Titleist 983K and I hit BOMBS. In the last few years I’ve had the 2016 M2, M3, 410 LST, F9, and most recently Mavrik sub zero with a tour issue Tour AD IZ TX. That old 983K with that old NVS has pushed all of them out of the bag. I left the $14.99 sticker on it and rub it in the face of my Sunday group every week. Really want to get it on a GC Quad and see why it’s such a monster

  2. On 2/6/2020 at 12:44 PM, SteddyGolf said:

    For me I would need to study the concepts to determine if I believe it will work for me. If science supports positive outcomes then I would look at the cost. I doubt an insurance company would be willing to fund bettering my leisure activities.

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    Our normal vision therapy sessions are $120 for 45 minutes. What do you think would be a reasonable price per hour? There is tons of scientific data that backs these exercises and their effectiveness.  

  3. On 2/6/2020 at 1:22 PM, cnosil said:

    How would you deliver the information? Are you thoughts along the same line as what is communicated in the book the putting prescription?

    I havent read that book, I have read "See it, Sink it" which touches on some of the concepts pertaining to putting and is written my Faldo's eye doctor. When you say how would we deliver the information, do you mean relay the actual exercises? Most exercises would be in office with a therapist. We would also give take home exercises and offer an on course training as well. 

  4. On 2/6/2020 at 4:04 PM, PlaidJacket said:

    I guess I don't quite understand the process and what I might gain from it. Perhaps if I'd had an eye injury or something then therapy might be necessary or the answer. I've been playing golf a long time and for the past 25 years wearing prescription bifocals. My vision at the golf course is great all round. I also putt well. So for me it'd be a hard sell.

    We would have free evaluations to see how your visual system is working and walk you through different benefits you'd see on the course. I've been going through some of the exercises with the therapists and its really eye opening. I'm 20/20 so my "vision" is great but how your eyes interact with your brain and body are completely different. 

  5. I run a 6 doctor optometrist clinic with a Vision Therapy department. Reading about Faldo not reaching his peak performance until he started seeing a Sports Vision Optometrist made me start to build a Golf Performance Vision Program at my practice. Im curious how many weekend warrior golfers would see a Vision Therapist to improve putting and full shot alignment, depth perception, feel, balance, body awareness and visualization. Everyday I'm seeing more of what we do everyday overlapping with the golf industry (Callaway's new putters and balls, optic yellow balls, etc.) and I'm excited to marry my passion with my job. I'm just wondering if others would actually use the program or if I'm just excited that my work is now fun. Would love to hear what you guys think. 

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