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  1. Rory Eastvale CA 21 Vokey sm8 60 48 Taylormade MG2 52 56 Love the look and spin of raw wedges and cant wait to see how beautiful that raw finish looks i stare at black wedges all day
  2. Rory Eastvale, California 9.6 handicap taylormade m2 irons 4-PW
  3. This is exactly what i was talking about thank you just dont know any spots near me that do this i live in riverside/corona california.
  4. Thats what ive been looking for but havent found any bays with launch monitors in my area.
  5. Thank you thats more what i was taking about cause i use a garmin g80 as well as my arccos equip but thats on the course and not always a clean strike.
  6. Does anyone know where I can go and get accurate yardages on all my clubs. I live in the inland empire in California. The ranges are great but I want to know pinpoint yardages. If that makes sense. Any hep is greatly appreciated! Thanks Yall!
  7. 9 - riverside, california. Taylormade m2, I think I am due for an upgrade. 8 iron 150-160 I honestly had not heard of the company until earlier this year, I ended up seeing them on an instagram post and later learned more through here and the forum. The fact that their customer service reviews are so high with outstanding praise is pretty telling of a company. Im excited for this testing. GOOD LUCK YLL
  8. Ive never heard that either lol
  9. All of you guys are awesome thank you for the input and glad im not the Only one who suffers.
  10. I feel like I just got worse lol. I usually hit off of a grass range to closely simulate how it would be in a game sitch. Today they brought out mats instead and i topped or chunked about 80-90%. so I guess my question is have any of you experienced that? How did you fix it?
  11. Rory gaddy Eastvale, california 6 handicap I use the Project a wording and the midline of my putter. taylormade project a
  12. Cobra F9 hzrdous smoke XS 7.5 degree Ping g400 3 wood in standard Gapr lo 3 hybrid lofted down to a 2 iron taylormade m2 4-pw taylormade mg2 wedges 52-56-60 cleveland huntington 2 milled putter taylormade TP5 balls smash the like if you dig the setup if not what would you change? ive been thinking of removing the 60 degree and adding a 48 degree wedge.
  13. Rory / Caifornia Handicap 13.2 Current irons in play ate the taylormade m2 The carry distance of my 7 iron is 150
  14. Eastvale, California Fujikura Atmos 5 Stiff shaft 65 Gram 104 mph driver speed Tighter dispersion and a better feel overall. Lower Spin and increase distance is secondary but not main goal I own a launch monitor and use it everyday!
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