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  1. Andy/Bellevue WA 5 days per week. 10-20 min. 0-2 three putts per round. I’m a fairly technical golfer and I’m curious to see what my putting stroke looks like on a simulator. Path, gave angle at impact, etc. Putting is one of the most important parts of the game and probably the once I’ve analyzed the least. I have also felt like most golf sims where they have you putt (like AboutGolf) seem very unrealistic to me. I’m hoping ExPutt as a dedicated putting system is a big improvement on those systems for putting.
  2. Andy, Greater Seattle Area I currently estimate yardages by using in course markers and pacing off. I think about distances as minimum carry, and backstop distance to gauge a distance window rather than focusing purely on distance to pin. I tend to be somewhat skeptical about new golf technology. I think most new innovations tend to be overhyped to generate sales. Looking at stats I think a game changing technology tends to happen every 6-10 years. Year over year I don’t usually notice an equipment change. Big ones for example being hollow body irons, hollow body drivers, lightweight
  3. Andy - Bellevue, WA (I will have access to a golf course all January and Feb). Pro V1 107 I am a very technically minded golfer with an engineering background and would love the opportunity to evaluate these balls.
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