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  1. I would love the opportunity to try your putter.
  2. I used the Cleveland TA5 Gunmetal irons since they were released until I was given the TaylorMade CGB Max I’m currently playing but living in NW Florida I really miss the dark finish. The contrast the dark finish in the bright sun always helped me ensure I had the club face square to my target line. I would relish the opportunity to try some new irons in the finish I prefer! I currently have a 9.2 handicap and think these will help me get back to a 6, maybe even better!!
  3. Matthew Modica, Santa Rosa Beach, FL I wear a FitBit Blaze and my home course has GPS in the carts. I’ve used a SkyCaddie SG4 for several years now.
  4. Played my first full 18 hole round with my father when I was 9 yrs old and I’m 54 now. Still searching for my best round and first hole in one but relishing the pursuit!

  5. I live in NW Florida and play golf year round, at this time we have fluctuations that can range from 65-75 one week and 40-55 the next with varying winds. Perfect area to test any new equipment!
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