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  1. Looks like you got a free 6 iron fitting which is nice of them. A full fitting would be worth it with them if you wanted to make sure you get all your iron distance gapping correct. Although I think with your clubhead speed you can easily get 90% of the improvement just buying say the P790, or a combo set of sorts. Ping Eye 2's are just way behind the times. Those came out more than 40 years ago. While iron's don't change all that much, they have improved massively over 40 years.
  2. IMO unless your iron shots are all over the place or consistently going one direction and you can't fix it with a swing tweak, I don't think fitting matters that much. We've all hit enough irons and shafts to know generally what we like and hit better. But for woods and driver, I do think that's a big deal. Different heads and shafts could make all the difference. Driver for me is the biggest variable in the bag since you can really alter the lofts/CG/weighting and it's the most challenging club in the bag (even for pro's). Also putter if you are struggling a fitting could help too i
  3. Rangefinder doesn't give you the green front/back yardages. GPS does. GPS doesn't tell you where the flag is (duh), rangefinder does. Like many, I use both sometimes. Always use rangefinder though. It's easier too when you have a routine so you don't feel hurried trying to get the GPS working (I use an app on my phone). Don't care for the watch option as I realized I could just do better by unlocking my phone.
  4. These channels all evolve over time, and right now in 2020 I think TXG is my favorite. They have gone from selling clubs to doing cool experiments and games and training. I really like where they have gone with the channel. Rick Shiels was one of the OGs, and he kinda sucked for a little bit but got better again. And yes, his suffering game goes against what he says, but then when you watch other guys play, they pretty much suck too LOL. The Me and My Golf guys are just not that great. One of them can't even hit a driver straight, and he's giving tips to hit the ball better. Crossfield
  5. Absolutely. Walking is the best golf. Gives you time to appreciate the course and also think about your next shot. The only walkable course I get is too hilly for me to carry, or else that'd my preferred method. Though I don't think my back appreciates it as much though. Cart golf is fine, but I think you're missing out a lot on the experience if it's a course that was designed for walking. Then again, any golf is better than no golf nowadays!
  6. I can't believe that 30 percent of the respondents have scored in the 60's. I've holed a shot from outside 100 yards on a par 4, but guess that doesn't count.
  7. LOL somebody please get these. Save the rest of us!
  8. Unfortunately the part that OP isn't good at is the hardest to improve upon. Looks like he took the advice of people saying just improve your short game for quick gains LOL. Developing a consistent swing is hard, and a lot of work and understanding. Smart people find a good coach and gets it done quicker. Stupid ones like me try to figure it out on YouTube.
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