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  1. Played one I found and noticed the difference in the flight and spin. Would love to try and see if wasn’t a fluke
  2. It would definitely be interesting to drive a Rolls Royce.
  3. I currently use an Odyssey Versa and would love to see the improvements
  4. I currently have the Golf Tags and my score has dropped by seven strokes. I would be curious to see the difference with the Arcos system.
  5. I’ve tried many different shoe brands and have yet to find a really comfortable pair for my wide feet. I’d love to try these. They look great.
  6. Current have Odessey Versa and would love to try new technologies
  7. Currently have a Cobra Amp Cell and would love to try a new driver
  8. The 11 looks really interesting
  9. Henri/Miami Lakes, Fl using iPhone 11 Testing outdoors no net, on range
  10. Henri Miami Lakes, FL Pro V1x or Kirklands played new Top Flights that I find occasionally
  11. Henri Miami, Florida Tour Edge 8 handicap 90 mph tsi3
  12. Henri, Miami, Florida There is no winter break in South Florida. When I’m not playing I practice on an indoor mat i currently have a 10 foot mat I purchased at Target I would like to try the 9-10 Public course speed
  13. Henri, Pembroke Pines, Fl Odyssey Versa Interested in Tomcat 14
  14. 10 handicap, 145 yards with 8 iron Miami, Florida Currently play Cobra Amp Cell irons never heard of them
  15. 10 handicap 145 yards with 8 iron Miami, Florida never heard of them
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