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  1. Put the time in on a short game practice area go to 50 yards and fly 3/4 lob wedges in for 20 minutes. Play it with the club soled and the shaft will naturally lean forward. Set the club and then move your feet to get the grip in the middle of your hips, that will give you a good pinch of the ball when you hit it. After 20 minutes you will develop muscle memory. Then come back and practice it some more. I am 60+ and that is all I do to warm up that and putt. After a few sessions you will develop your feel for the distance and it will be easier.
  2. Check out Renegar wedges you will thank me later.
  3. I played KZG ZO blades for 15 years the ZO stands for zero offset. I highly recommend them. They feel like butter and can do it all. Check them out online. Hit them and fall in love!
  4. I used to do the same thing. I realized that I was hitting the ball way to softly. I hit my lob wedge full from 75 yards nice and smooth and from 50ish I would not shoot the yardage and hit it way short. Now I scope them because from 50 yards I need to hit it 75% or as I tell myself nice and firm. I rarely leave them short if I scope it.
  5. I have only one regret from my last fitting. I was worried I had been losing yards to aging. I made the mistake of saying that to my fitter. I didn't notice at the time but all the clubs he gave me during the fitting were stronger lofted. I love the feel of hitting my PXG irons and they are longer than my previous KZG irons. The issue is I have lost my stopping spin. The ball rolls out on all my new irons. It takes to many options off the table for me. I can club up for the yardages or move up a tee box. I can't replicate the control of the ball I had. This week I pulled out my KZG irons and put them back in my bag. The results were very telling. I could attack pins again because the ball just hopped and stopped or spun back a yard or two. I love the feel of the PXG irons but the roll out takes to many shots into the green out of my bag. It is hard to notice on the launch monitor that the ball is rolling out 10-15 feet. I was planning for this purchase to carry me for the next 10 years. I need the less stiff shaft in the PXG irons but I want to go back to my 4 degree gaps and standard lofts at least up to 7 iron.
  6. I wear army "Boonie" hats. They are cool they breath and they shade the eyes, ears, nose and neck. They also have the benefit of having a sweat band that raps around the entire head, so when one area is to damp to stop sweat from running down your face you can just turn it and it still looks the exact same.
  7. I am a huge fan of my Renegar wedges. You should really check them out.
  8. For most of my golf life I have been a cleats only golfer. I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus Trail 3 Gore-Tex shoes for everyday shoes. I was working at the desk in the Pro shop and a member asked me if he could try out a wedge as a demo. My shift was ending and the owner told me I should go out and play nine with him and help him with the wedge. I had rained. I got excited to play and went and grabbed my clubs and we hit the course. I played the entire 18 and never slipped. These Nike trail shoes had great traction, awesome support and the Gore-Tex kept my feet dry. In past usage I found spike less golf shoes bended to get clogged up on wet days leaving them slippery and unstable.
  9. I have tried most major companies wedges and many grinds. I can play most of them well enough to score around the course. Recently I have switched back to a set of wedges few people know. Renegar Wedges, were reviewed here on this site many years ago and I was intrigued enough to give them a try. Back then I was still developing my wedge game and I liked them just fine until the next big thing came along and pushed them out of play. I was a brand hoar in the early years of playing and was not skilled enough then to make full use of the Renegar wedges. I played cheap tracks and had very little versatility in my wedge game. Now I am Semi retired and play premium tracks with tight fairways and have developed a strong wedge game. The things I love about these wedges are the lowered leading edge which makes sliding the club under the ball on a tight lie much easier. I like that they are well designed for hitting a flop shot or bunker blast. The bounce is very effective without being in the way. Because the leading edge has that lower profile it slides under short and tight wedge shots and gets great spin even on cheeky little nippy chips, almost like a new wedge grooves.
  10. Hey you may want to try the Renegar wedges for the nasty Bermuda. They have a great leading edge and the bounce is good too. Back in the old days MGS did an article on them and they are my go to Bermuda weapons.
  11. For me it is all about the zippers. When the zippers start to break the bag gets replaced. My current bag is on 4 years it has a magnetic ball pocket and that is the pocket that I keep most of the often used stuff in like the rangefinder.
  12. I play a 58* lob wedge because of gapping. Hitting lob wedge is not hard once you learn how. Keys I have learned over the years: 1) when you sole the wedge you will notice that the shaft leans about 35*-40* forward. A) you need to set up with the grip centered in you stance not the ball or B) if you play the ball in the middle of your stance you are adding loft making it about a 68* wedge. It feels like it is still soled but in fact it is sitting on the bounce. 2) you need to turn your hips & chest, even on very short shots, if you swing your arms without turning you open the blade more and expose the leading edge because you flip your hands at the bottom of the swing. This is the error I see most wedge strugglers have. It also makes decelerating a big issue. 3) Speed effects both how far and how high the ball will go A) so to add distance you need to add more speed than you do with less lofted clubs because the energy is split in height and distance B) we often loss perspective of distance around the green. for example if you hit a full lob wedge 75 yards, 50 yards 3/4 wedge and 25 yard 1/2 wedge. most greens are 25 yards long so when you are just short of reaching the green and hitting to the back pin it is a lot more swing than you want to believe and you have to trust the firm 1/2 wedge is needed to hit it back there. lob wedge challenged players often hit this one 25 feet instead of yards. All this is about stock wedge shots, not low spinners or flop shots which use different methods to hit. The things people have already mentioned about wedge grinds and bounce amounts make a big difference and those are for fitters to help you determine. The differences of grasses matters too. some fuzzy Bermuda into the grain is game changing, you better accelerate if you want to get through it. There is NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PRACTICING SHORT GAME!
  13. I would say the Srixon Z star, Snell ntd black, or the Bridgestone B RX but you may have to buy them in volume to get below $40
  14. Give me a good 14 full dividers. I like them to be in the same place all the time it speeds things up for me. I will never be an iron head cover guy but the 14 divider bag keeps the dings and dents to a minimum from bag chatter. They have more storage spaces and tend to last longer too. Cons: they are heavier and not great for walking. Oversized grips can still get hung up at times.
  15. I like to hit all kinds of wedge shots and have played as low as 6* of bounce , it makes flop shots easy and tight lies much easier for some shots. We have Billy bunkers at my home course and the sand is very easy to go thru and dig into if you don't have enough bounce. I like a tight leading edge on my wedges and some heal relief. The toe down relief for short bump and runs from just off the green is nice but I don't do it often enough to choose a C grind just for that. The grooves to the edge are great on the PM and the high toe is cool but ugly too. I just feel like the PM grind sits open when you just set it down. I like a wedge to sit at the standard loft not fall open every time that is my only issue with the PM grind.
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