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  1. The manufactures need to make a stand and just keep selling the balls they make now! Maybe Snell or Vice or both will just say, "If you want to keep playing the balls like you play now we are here for you." They would rocket to the top of ball sales! I am going to buy enough balls to play for the rest of my life and they can just kick rocks! I play this game for fun and rolling back distance in my senior years is like lining up to get kicked in the nuts for fun! Hello, if they roll back the ball 20% they effectively making the courses a tee box longer for everyone. So what happened to Tee it Forward? This will cause 5 1/2 hour rounds and that will cause lot's of golfers to quit and move to Pickleball! I can't run and play the sports of my youth. Golf is all I have left, they can't stand their success they are going to destroy the game with this idiousy. I am sick of these rules guys. I just had my old square grooved KZG irons refinished and regrooved and at my age I never plan to enter a USGA event so their opinion no longer matters. I will play divots as ground under repair and OB and all hazards as lateral with a single stroke penalty. I won't carry a handicap and will provide my average score to anyone that need to know really I think it is a far more honest way to represent playing ablity. I can afford to buy and play the gear I like and will from now on!!! The USDA and R&A have lost their way and need to be reset.
  2. Wedges are a strong area of my game. This video was super helpful in explaining why I succeed in hitting wedges on most grasses but struggle on grainy Bermuda. I play the least on Bermuda grass and struggle in the grain. My response to it was all wrong and had no idea. This video will be a huge help.
  3. My first goal is to double my rounds from this year! My second goal is to get back to practicing my short game at least 20 minutes before every round and hit at least a small bucket before each round. Play goals: I want to take the extra club and keep every swing smooth. I want to play shots aggressively to conservative spots. I want to think each shot before I hit it. (considering the angles and yardages I want to leave myself for the next shot) I want to play fast and yet never rush a shot. I want to get back to being a scratch golfer.
  4. I played KZG irons for about 20 years. I had two sets in that time and wore both hard with about a thousand rounds on each set. Kzg are nearly impossible to get here in the states now so I got fit for new irons and played PXG gen 3 irons. I got a free upgrade to Gen 6 last year. Pxg irons are great feeling irons. I have just one issue with them they don't get enough spin to stop the ball quickly on greens. My Kzg irons stopped really fast. I lost a lot of weight in the last 6 months and regained speed in my swing. I decided to give the Kzg irons another try. They stopped much faster than the Pxg irons. I have had a few wedges regrooved by the Iron Factory and they were great! I am planning to regroove and refinish my Kzg irons. I figure the refinishing cost is about 2/5's the price of new forged irons and they play better than the top of the line irons on the market. Does anyone have experience with regroove irons?
  5. I have played my MD3 54* for over a year and only the mini grooves of the leading edge have worn down. The rest of the face is still very rough after 78 rounds.
  6. That would be even better in my mind. I was told the opposite. I just know that the 54 works great for me and I just took advantage of the Veterans day discount to order the MG4 Tiger grind 56* bent to 58* a bout 20 minutes ago. I would love more bounce around the greens on Bermuda grass for into the grain, I really struggle in those situations.
  7. It would depend on the way I was hitting my driver that round. If I am driving it well I would play an intentional pull and hit to the far left side of the far fairway, if it has been a less skilled driving day I would play a 3 fairway with a draw and hit it near the end of the right hand fairway. First option would leave me a wedge to the green in attack mode. The second would leave me a mid iron to the middle of the green. Option one could give me a makeable birdie try. Option two leaves me putting into a 3 foot bucket and an easy par. If my score is good I take option 1 most often option two would be to protect my card from extra strokes. I attack on the most scorable holes and keep the card safe on the high risk reward holes.
  8. I play a MD 3 56* bent to 54* in the Tiger grind. I also had an SM 8 60* in M grind for part of the year. I switched to a Renegar 58* wedge, it is just so versatile. I am planning to have a different Tiger grind 56* bent to 58* to try in the spring. I love the grind on the Tiger 56 the leading edge and sole shape work well for me on the 54* and bending it added bounce. Bending one to 58* would lower the bounce and I think that would be great to add for tight fairways. I plan to try it and see how it works for me. I can really spin the ball with my TM MD3 tiger grind.
  9. I tend to pull my irons and wedges if I tee them so I don't. I tee hybrids, 3 wood and driver.
  10. I think the gains in driver tech have hit the peak with the cor rules. I believe that the biggest gains left will come from maximizing driver shaft performance. When I got fit for my TSR 3 I loved the way if felt. The fitter didn't make any effort to fit me to a better shaft he just showed me the other brands. I really liked the results of the TSR 3, it had the best dispersion and was surely the most forgiving. I have played a tour only Matrix Ozik HD 7 TP shaft for over 7 years. I like it so much I put a universal adapter on it a few years ago. When I put the TSR 3 on my shaft I picked up 18 yards on average. I really believe the shaft is the next and best avenue for driver yardages.
  11. For the last 10 years I have been in the golf club turnstyle. I went from being a scratch or better golfer I climbed to nearly a 7 handicap. I had three fittings and three sets of irons in 10 years, 3 putters and no improvements. I spent about $10,000 on equipment. I lost a bunch of weight and regained speed in my swing. I had to switch back to stiff shafts. I didn't know if I could keep the weight off so I just pulled my old clubs out of the basement. My game was in free fall. I had scores in the nineties three times in July 2023. In August I switched back to my old bag of irons and putter. I shot 68 the first round 71 the next and nothing over 76 since. I loved golf again. The irons looked terrible from over 10 years of wear and they were my second set. My putter has scars all over it after 18 years of play. I also had a back up putter but with an inch longer shaft. I took my irons and putter and sent them off to be refinished and customized. I can't wait to get them back from the golf garage with new grooves and clean finish, including some awesome patriotic customization. Total cost 25% of any of the irons I bought and half what I paid for the putters I bought. I don't think anything in my bag is going to be up for change in quite a while!
  12. What I have finally discovered is when you have clubs that work for you sometimes newer just looks better!  I have great older clubs I love to play with.  They were very worn and I went and got fit for new clubs and putter.  My handicap went up 4 strokes.  I recently lost 42lb.s and regained 8 mph of swing speed.  I couldn't hit the ball straight.  I had to switch back to the old clubs with stiff shafts.  I just grabbed the old bag from the basement putter and all.  I shot my best score in years, 68.  I putted great with my old putter and my irons were better than anything I had hit in years.  I had two sets of the irons and two putters so I sent one set and putter off to be refinished and customized.  They are still my favorites ever and I can't wait to get them back.  My current trend is scratch again, and pushing a plus1.5.  I wish I had thought of this before.  Turning back the clock on my long time favorites was the best idea ever!

  13. I did the Titleist blind test last year. The Pro V1 left dot is the best ball I have every hit. Since I can't get them I play the Srixon Z Star Divide.
  14. Downhill down slope below the feet to a raised green. Any yardage but the 40 to 50 yards tweener kills me
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