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  1. Did a fitting for Titleist TSR drivers and fairways 9-7-22 at TPI Oceanside. Pretty amazing stuff, gained 6mph driver and 7mph fw with shafts .5in short. Gonna do a bit more shaft testing and replace my current TS2's. You might wanna try these.
  2. Every time Vokeys are updated and once a year for the SW. Titleist, Bob Vokey and Aaron Dill have been good to me. The only problem I have with them is having a garage full of them.
  3. Hopefully the 54-56 will have the M grind in the lineup without going to wedge works to get one. Never really warmed up to the S grind.
  4. No real surprises, the specs the USGA uses haven't really changed. Some of the testing methods have, but not that would alter the performance. Even the cover durability was advertised for years by Titleist as improved.
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