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  1. John Saint Augustine, FL I live on a walkable course in FL and walk around 50% of the time. I carry a light bag but would love to try a motorized trolley.
  2. Would love the opportunity to test. I would test outside and compare my irons to a set of distance game improvement irons I just purchased. John Saint Augustine, FL
  3. John I practice at 2 different courses near me. I have tried a previous putting mat and found the roll to be untrue. I have done previous reviews of balls for another company and keep my stats so I can see if I am improving. I would prefer a medium speed as this should most closely replicate the greens I play on. Thank you for the opportunity.
  4. I would like to try the new putter from Ping. I currently use a ping and like the adjustable length feature but would prefer a more solid feel from the putter especially on the fast greens I play. My name is John from Saint Augustine FL and would like to test the Tomcat 14. Having read your recent ball reviews and appreciate the thought and work that goes into this it made me wonder how an old dozen Titanium Balatas I have in my closet would come out. Not so good I think.
  5. John B Saint Augustine, FL Handicap 8.3 Current irons are Apex CF16
  6. Jeb3

    Balata ball

    I was cleaning out my closet due to the Corona Virus stay at home mandate and found a dozen Titanium Balata golf balls that have to be at least 22 years old. I gave a few away to friends of mine but wonder how much this type of ball loses in speed and performance due to age? Any ideas?
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