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  1. They just reply TY to Mamiya probably same story for callaway
  2. same problem .. i ve got this...driver Cobra looks legit (plus i ve searched for a fake one on the net and seems they have none) but the shaft is 3f3.Waiting for mamiya to reply ,meanwhile someone can tell me something about? TY
  3. pajerus

    callaway shafts

    hi..anybody has a trimming chart for callaway m75i pro shafts? can't find anything on the net
  4. sorry for bad picture..is this regular or stiff ?
  5. pajerus


    hi guys, can someone out there tell me what happened to Miyazaki shaft company. They seem to be disappeared!!
  6. pajerus

    shaft code

    can U tell me what shaft is this? TY
  7. can U play this or is not conforming? i've made one with stiff steel and reg graphite
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