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  1. Love this idea, I know I am a little late to the party on this thread, but just curious. If you put this on without removing the grip (By cutting it down the length of the tubing) would the crease be unbearable? Even if you "hid" it on the back side of the shaft so it isn't visable at address?
  2. I've actually thought about getting this a lot. Going from no access to data to this would be a big leap that would benefit me a lot. Especially swing speed and gapping would be awesome. I watched that review and love the thought of making range time more meaningful than the squinting, I think that landed near the 150 sign that I do now. Especially since the course closest to me has a sloped driving range
  3. My two cents on this, the US Open experience of the past few years is a good example of how difficult golf can be to the sports elite even with the best equipment. If the powers that be decide golf needs to be more difficult, schedule more difficult venues and let the USGA go crazy. I personally was not a fan of the Shinnecock experience. Just curious, does Sir Nick still game his set from back in the good old days? Or is he benefitting from today's oversized drivers??
  4. Been there done that. I am still fighting a wicked slice, but at the time, my old driver head has started to come off (due to excessive shank abuse) and I ended up with my 3W off the tee. As you saw in your round, playing from the fairway is a lot nicer than playing from the weeds. Some of my highest scoring rounds are more because of penalty strokes and punch outs than because I 4 putt every hole. I agree that the driver should be figured out, when I am having a good driving round, I can attack alot more because of that added distance off the tee, but in the mean time leaving it in the bag is a great idea. Less stress on the tee box, less time spent looking for errant tee shots, less money spent on lost balls, the benefits go on.
  5. Men would more readily agree to go grocery shopping with their wives haha
  6. In the mail today I picked up my Costco Connection magazine and like most of you, I flipped through the pages to see what bulk items I might get my hands on. And there, on page 51, I found this. After a quick search of the internet, I couldn't find much info, but the description makes it sound like it could be what I have hoped for for a long time, all the Scotty Cameron, non of the price tag. Forged stainless steel, milled face, and comes with a SuperStroke CounterCore grip. Anyone else excited to see this knockoff beauty in June??
  7. Mind blown!! I love this!! I was just discussing the other day the impact learning styles has on the confidence of individuals in difference circumstances. I think this makes a lot of sense!
  8. Yeah, that's the Crux of it all isn't it. Man it stinks to be less than rich haha
  9. Would love to hear your thoughts after you have a chance to play with it some.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions! Does anybody have experience with Rapsodo R-Motion?
  11. I'm sure I have missed a thread about this somewhere, so if you have the link, feel free to direct me there. But like most of you I'm sure, I am going a little stir crazy stuck inside right now. I frequently find myself shopping golf gear, watching YouTube clips, etc. Just to get that golf exposure. I want to get something to help curb the pain. I have mats and nets and all that jazz, but I want some type of simulator feedback. My issue is cost, I can't afford to set myself up with skytrak or anything more than a few hundred bucks. I know that limits me with what kind of data I can get etc. But I need something. Who has had experience with the bargain side of golf simulation and what are your recommendations? I'm desperate, I've considered pulling out Wii sports just to see a golf ball go more than 10 feet.
  12. Thanks @B.Boston, yeah it wasn't too bad. I have a pixel 3 xl so a decent sized phone. The skin I purchase came with 3 different "sizes" each covering a different amount of the phone. Naturally I chose one and had the other two left over, so it did take more material than just one phone skin. I traced out my putter on paper and used those as a template to cut my phone skins. The Manta putter is naturally segmented so that made it easier. The actual skin is a sticker like material and a quick pass with a blow-dryer on low heat helps the adhesive really take. It also helped smooth out the corners. Very similar concept to how they wrap cars. I made sure each shape was cut just a little larger than the piece it was covering to allow for overlap. I won't post pictures of the bottom because it looks as dinged up as ever, trying to use the leftover trimmings on that still. As far as the alignment lines, grey gel nail polish with a protective clear coat (ask your wives). And done! I already spent the money and was never going to use the extra skins because I doubled up with a clear phone case to take the physical abuse.
  13. Well as I am lacking black paint and found myself with a lot of time on my hands, I decided to just go off the rails and repurpose an unused phone skin. Definitely not a look for everybody but I like it!
  14. This is a really cool concept, would you use video sumissions to analyze the swing, or are you looking at a device similar to a Mizuno shaft optimizer?? I think that to begin at least, leaning more towards a pay as you go would be smart. In my mind it will be difficult for early adopters of the AI coach concept to commit to a subscription. However, after you establish a track record of high performance and results people may be more willing to consider a subscription. I know personally if I am looking at this as a new product, I do not want to pay monthly until/unless I know it works, but heck $5 for a virtual fitting, even if it just gives me an idea of what clubs to look at, would be great when you think of the alternative costs of fitting. Also, if I am gearing up for the season and don't want full on lessons, but a quick fix to shake that rust; paying $10-15 for a couple lessons to make the most of the golf season would be nice.
  15. I just barely cut off 2 inches from my 2014 big Bertha driver. I added some cut up lead tape to the hollow interior of the perimeter weight (added the desired weight while maintaining looks and I can now adjust the full weight amount without hastle) and it was the best decision I have made recently. I used to work a wicked slice and it's now a baby fade. Just as long and more fairways. I put a new lamkin calibrate grip on it, similar to the golf pride align grips and just out the alignment ridge a touch closed so when I grip the club I don't have to hold a crazy strong grip to get the desired closing of the face. I definitely agree that it is a trial and error thing, my driver was so bad before I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, but it worked out for me. I would say if possible swing a friend's or hit the local shop and see if you can get your hands on a shorter driver shaft with your head to see if you like it, because I think it is a little different to have a shorter shaft vs choking down on a longer one.
  16. I think that is so interesting, that you can pull out a relic set of irons and people think it is nostalgic and a reminder of when golf was pure, but an old putter is just immediately written off.
  17. So in all seriousness, I doubt you've brought the brick out to the practice green to test that, but a lot of putters that claim some proprietary, "sink more putts" tech are not that appealing. Do you think there are putters that you wouldn't give a chance based on looks?
  18. The great Deion Sanders once said, "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good." My question is, does tht apply to the flatstick? A while back I got myself a Taylormade Ghost Manta putter for a steal on eBay. Not the biggest fan of the white putter, but I figured I could fix that, quick trip to the hardware store and a few costs of black paint and I get this. (Looks a bit worse for wear now) I liked the look a lot better and I took the liberty to add a couple alignment lines to help me out. Alas, the shine has faded and I find myself sneaking peeks at other putters while mine has its back turned. I feel like I'm cheating, I mean don't get me wrong, I love my putter. It's served me well over the years, but I am beginning to wonder if all those chips and scratches make me like it less. Performance wise I don't need to be looking for a new one, so what are my options? How many spys out there have taken creative liberty with their putter's appearance? Has anyone dipped or wrapped theirs? And do you think that you really do perform better when your putter looks sharp? Would love to hear your thoughts
  19. Hey everybody, new to the forums, but excited to be here! 1. I've been playing golf for the last decade. I got buit by the bug and now it won't let go. 2. I love the feeling of being able to "crush" a drive or pure an iron and have it do exactly what you want it to. And I love the pursuit of that feeling 3. I came into MGS because I love the science behind golf and these guys do a great job dissecting it. 4. I'm from Kaysville, Utah and I would have to say my home course is Davis Park, but I love finding new courses and experiencing different types of course design. 5. Best thing about golf in Utah is that within a pretty consolidated area you can find all kinds of different courses. The worst part is that it is hard to get out and golf more months than it isn't here. 6. I work for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints helping manage vendor accounts. 7. I always just go through different variations of first and last name till one isn't taken, nothing crazy. I am very excited to meet golf nuts like me on here!
  20. Hey all, new to the forums, but I like this topic a lot. Personally I have never been fit for any club. As much as I love the finer points of equipment I just can't afford to go out and buy a new set, even if they can be found cheap second hand. That being said, I have been playing with my driver on my own recently. I game a 2014 big Bertha driver and my miss is a slice that seems to go farther left (I'm a lefty) than it does out. I had the perimeter weight set at the strongest draw setting, the shaft in the draw setting...the club head at address was more closed than some countries are in the current crisis. Nothing helped So I started researching and finally cut my driver down 2 inches and added some weight to the club head. I still have a draw biased setup, but now I can aim down the right side of the fairway and hit a consistent baby fade instead of aiming 30 yards into the right rough. I guess I say all of this to point out that there are things you can do on your own to maximize your current equipment. As much as I know a fitting would be beneficial, I do feel that it is more a fine tune procedure than a huge overhaul. I was so inconsistent before I made my changes that I don't think a driver fitting would have helped as much as it could. Now that I am more consistent I feel like a driver fitting will produce more meaningful dividends instead of just masking a greater issue...and it cost exactly $0 to cut and regrip my shaft vs the hundreds it woul cost to get fit and buy new gear.
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