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  1. Hey all, new to the forums, but I like this topic a lot. Personally I have never been fit for any club. As much as I love the finer points of equipment I just can't afford to go out and buy a new set, even if they can be found cheap second hand. That being said, I have been playing with my driver on my own recently. I game a 2014 big Bertha driver and my miss is a slice that seems to go farther left (I'm a lefty) than it does out. I had the perimeter weight set at the strongest draw setting, the shaft in the draw setting...the club head at address was more closed than some countries are in the current crisis. Nothing helped So I started researching and finally cut my driver down 2 inches and added some weight to the club head. I still have a draw biased setup, but now I can aim down the right side of the fairway and hit a consistent baby fade instead of aiming 30 yards into the right rough. I guess I say all of this to point out that there are things you can do on your own to maximize your current equipment. As much as I know a fitting would be beneficial, I do feel that it is more a fine tune procedure than a huge overhaul. I was so inconsistent before I made my changes that I don't think a driver fitting would have helped as much as it could. Now that I am more consistent I feel like a driver fitting will produce more meaningful dividends instead of just masking a greater issue...and it cost exactly $0 to cut and regrip my shaft vs the hundreds it woul cost to get fit and buy new gear.
  2. Tyler/ Utah Handicap: 18 Current irons: Wilson D100 es 7 iron Carry: 165
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