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  1. Craig Anderson Stuart, FL I currently have an Odyssey O works black blade I would like to test the No 1 please
  2. Craig/Stuart, FL/USA Odyssey O Works Black #1 Anser 2 - I tried my friends Anser 2 last month and I loved the look and feel of the putter. It is similar in weight distribution to my Odyssey but I liked the way the heel lagged just a bit in my usual soft arc stroke. Would love to test and share my results with the world!
  3. Craig Anderson - Stuart FL Yes I have used watches and lasers, Garmin watches and Bushnell laser Right now I am using the Garmin Approach S20 I like the watch better as it is wearable and you don't forget it in the cart, which has happened to many of my friends!
  4. Craig Anderson in Stuart, FL I have an old Garmin watch that I have used for 8 or 9 years it's pretty accurate but the battery is only good for one round on a charge I believe that technology has a place in the golf universe but it should be limited to yardage information only when playing the game. If we start seeing "green readers" or putting line tech it will not be in the best interest of the game, in my opinion. Of course the feedback on shot tracking and swing speed, ball spin rates, etc. has changed the way the pros are playing the game today compared with the 60's when I first started this incredible game. It remains to be seen how far technology will reach into the world of new golfers just taking up the game today.
  5. Craig Anderson in Stuart, FL I do putt with a line on my ball I use the plastic sharpie guide that snaps onto the ball I prefer the white Callaway Chrome Soft ball AlignXL blue line personalized text: cra
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