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  1. L.A.B. Broomstick 50" on course review. Round 1 I arrived early to partake of the putting green and as expected, nuances such as break make putting much more difficult than the living room. Initial reactions from the putting green is that I have no issue rolling this putter, as the first half dozen or so putts all ran by the hole by a good 2-3 feet. Lag putting was a bit worse (running by 7-10'), but I hit the course and proceeded to own the first 7 holes, receiving positive strokes gained on Arccos for each (40' - 4' 2-putt on 1, 6' 1-putt (for bogey) on 2, 5' 1-putt on 3 (par), 5' 1-putt on 4 (for bogey again!!!), 54' -4' 2-putt on 5, 5' 1-putt (BIRDIE) on 6, 12' 1-putt (for par) on 7). On 8 I 2-putted (21' and 4') for par. On 9, I had a 14' that I finally got the speed right on, missed behind the hole, but tapped in. 13 putts on the front 9. Sadly, the back wasn't as kind. I didn't have a single 1-putt on the back and 3 putted 13 (though that one was from 63'). However, the main difference between the front and back was my proximity to the hole, as the closest putts I had were 15' (on 10, 15 and 17), 20', 25', 41', 45' and 52'. To say I was pleased with just a single 3-putt is an understatement. 32 putts total and based on my Arccos 7 handicap, for the round I was +3.5 strokes gained putting. Unreal first round with a putter. Round 2 I was able to play 18 today and my home course (which is super dry again suddenly here in SouthCentral Texas) and the greens were lush and super wet near the sprinklers and patchy at best where the water isn't as perfect, so speed varied from green to green so I was prepared for speed to be tricky, but that said I actually had much better distance control as a whole compared to round 1. I had neutral to positive strokes gained on the first 5 holes and caught fire on the back until the last 3 holes. Hole 1 was a 16' - 2' 2-putt, hole 2 23' - tap in 2-putt, hole 3 6' 1-putt to convert the up and down, hole 4 was a 26' - 5' comebacker 2-putt (I was so happy to not 3 putt this one as the original putt was on the wrong tier of the green and was severely downhill), on 5 I burned the edge on a 12' birdie putt (misread) and tap in for 2 putts, 6 was very similar (21' edge burner - 3' comebacker), 7 was a 27' sidewinder (10' of break easy) that went behind the hole and left a tap in 2 putt, on 8 I had a 63' for birdie that I left 2' left of the cup for an easy 2-putt, on 9 I bladed a 6-iron to the back fringe with the hole 3 paces on leading to an 80-footer which is cozied up to 5'...and promptly missed low side. Stupid 3 putt! 18 putts on the front 9, but I still felt as if I had putted really well. On the back the putter saved my arse. 11' one putt on 10 (for bogey after driving it into a hazard), 22' - tap in par 2-putt on 11, 19' edge burner 3' comback 2-putt on 12, 46' - 4' 2 putt par on 13, 31 FOOT double breaker for birdie on 14, 7' straight up the hill for birdie on 15, 14' - 3' comeback for par on 16, and then I got cocky (and rushed due to the impending sunset) and missed a 6' for par on 17 (low side), and 5' for par on 18 (high side). 15 putts on the back. 33 putts total and based on my Arccos 7 handicap, for the round I was +2.5 strokes gained putting this round. For reference, over my last 25 rounds on Arccos, I'm a +0.2 strokes gained putting, so these 2 rounds are a vast improvement from the old Ping. I love the roll the putter puts on the ball. It sits so square on the ground when you align with the ball line it just doesn't move. It's such a balanced and repeatable stroke. I'm sold...hope this helps if you were on the fence to try one.
  2. I bit the bullet a couple weeks ago and my DF 2.1 50" Broomstick came in today. I had to work today and then watch my kiddos after school so I was only able to putt indoors on my 10' Birdiemaker mat with my PuttOut. First putt from 5' was perfect into the PuttOut. I about freaked. I then proceeded to make 35 putts in a row from 3' to 9' in length, varying the distances so I didn't get more than 2 or 3 at the same length. I have never had a "perfect putt" from 7' on my mat (until today). Things I noticed with the DF 2.1 50" compared to my Ping Half Craz-E Long 50" putter: Setup with this thing is amazing. I ground the club behind the ball and it just sits there - exactly on the target line. My Ping always wanted to rotate open (toe back, heel forward) when you set it on the ground. I had to manipulate it back to square with my top hand and then tightly grip it to keep it square. I have not had a putter sit so stable and square since anchoring was allowed. This DF 2.1 makes alignment a breeze. The weight/balance of the head is fantastic for the broomstick/long putter stroke. I could feel the head all the way back and through...and I don't have to grip with any major right hand pressure or manipulate with hands/fingers to keep the putter on line. Again, have not felt that smooth of a stroke since anchoring (and I'm not anchored!). The roll is so true. I hand-line my balls (because Titleist doesn't triple track) with a long green center line and 2 shorter blue side lines. The ball rolls so true that I can see the lines go perfectly end over end all the way into the PuttOut. Like on TV when they show the slow-mo of a pro's lined ball rolling into the cup, I could clearly see the lines going end over end. Every putt. This was not the case with my Ping. Every putt I hit went into the PuttOut and rolled back to 1-2' (when I didn't get a "perfect putt"). With my Ping (an insert-faced putter), I had speed inconsistencies, especially when I didn't hit the insert square. I had no such inconsistencies with the DF 2.1 (and I didn't leave a single putt short from 8-9' - which I have done previously with the Ping). My kids (6 and 8 years old) had a blast trying to make me miss after I kept bragging that I "hadn't missed yet" with my new putter. I'll come back to provide some on-course reviews/stats (I have Arccos) as soon as I have a chance to get it on some grass, but it was a living room hero this evening.
  3. I appreciate that. I've called and spoken to them and they noted they might have some broomsticks at PGA Superstores, but the closest one to me is 2+ hours away. They have been very helpful over the phone and said I could send in the video for a remote fitting and the SAM PuttLab data I received at the in person fitting with my old putter. I just want to be sure that in addition to things like length (I've used a 50" putter for years, but started out on a 48") and shaft selection (Jake told me the biggest difference between the "KBS ski pole" and the "Stability shaft" was sound and feel (and close to $300), but that doesn't help me when I can't test the 2 versions to "feel" the difference), I'd love to know which if any of the 36 markings are better for my putting misses (I tend to miss right) and helping with alignment. Also, with the shaft being center shafted, does head color/shaft color matter for sightlines? I can go black head/black shaft so it all blends together or would the contrast of a blue head/steel shaft be better? It's a $500+ (up to $800 depending on shaft) purchase, so I want to be sure I'm getting this 100% correct.
  4. Anyone here use their "Broomstick"? It seems to me that they are the only company that is making a "Long-putter" specific setup. I'm just weary as no one will fit me for it. I went to Club Champion and specifically asked for the Broomstick version and they told me that they cannot get that model in for fitting (after I drove an hour for a fitting of course). I called L.A.B. directly and they only fit remotely off a video you send in. Nothing about things like alignment markings or anything like that. It's quite an investment monetarily for a putter that you can't get your hands on until you buy it and have to rely on a 5-10 second video for fitting.
  5. Cory La Vernia, TX Ride a cart 98% of the time. The other 2% I carry or use a pull cart from the 1990s.
  6. Name and Location - Cory Frazier, La Vernia, TX How do you currently get your yardages? The old school way...find the sprinkler head or 150 stick and walk it off. Take 10 yards off of the pin is red and add 10 if it’s blue! Or If I’m super lucky, I’ll play at a course that has the GPS carts! How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? It’s inevitable to me that golf tech is going to be the next revolution for the game. From personal ball flight trackers, to Handheld range finders to smartphone apps, tech will continue to find its way into the game and be just as important as the clubs in the bags.
  7. Name and Location - Cory Frazier Do you putt using a line? - Yes, but also use the pre-drawn logos if they are long enough If so, how do you currently draw the line? Hand drawn - Sharpie or Fabric Marker Preferred Golf Ball Model Bridgestone Tour B XS Align XL Choice (color/size/text, etc). Head to Golfballs.com to see what options are available! - Green/standard size/text: Make the putt!
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