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  1. George V Dallas, TX Cameron Square Back/Odyssey Double Wide/Evnroll ER^ Interested in the Heppler I have a putting green in my backyard and left my putters there. Had to borrow a Spider from the pro shop. Putted very well with it.
  2. I've had older Matrix White Tie shafts in my woods for about 4 years. High launch - low spin. My driver shaft shattered last year. It was stiff, but softer tip, so not very still. I had a regular version that was a bit too soft, so I put it back on the Rogue. I just bought a Mavrik Sub Zero head only and put the Matrix shaft on it. Well, is started to make funny cracking sounds right before a golf trip, so I bought a VA Composites Nemesys shaft to take with me. When I got to resort, I decided to put the new shaft in play right away. The reason I chose this shaft was I had recently gotten fitted with the best combo being the Sub Zero and the Nemesys shaft, but it didn't gain me enough to bother buying. I decided to just get the Sub Zero head to reduce spin and get some more roll. Result, amazing accuracy. I can't tell you if distance was improved over the old shaft, but dispersion was crazy better. Hit 10 of 14 on Pinehurst #2 and 13 of 14 on #4. I've got the Mavrik dialed at 8 degrees and the R 55g shaft launches it very high. FYI, age 61, swing speed mid-high 80's, driver carry 230-240. P.S. the VA outperformed the vaunted Ventus Blue Bought the Sub Zero on ebay for $325, so saved some bucks on my extravagant purchase.
  3. George Vincent - Dallas Garmin Approach, Sky Caddy (old) Garmin and Bushnell
  4. Heading to Pinehurst. Walking 2 & 4 with caddies, riding 7 and 8. Do I need to bring my carry bag or do they switch them like they do at Pebble/Spy Glass? They really wanted to use their own bags out there even though my carry bag was lighter than theirs.
  5. George Vincent - Dallas, TX Practice 5 days per week 15 minutes per session. (practice green in yard) avg 2 3-putts per round I would love quantitative feedback on putting, rather than just simple practice.
  6. LOL, I did read the first page of responses, which basically answered the question. Then I left town on business. Just got back and checked the thread again to see it went down the "value of fitting" rabbit hole. I've had two great fittings and two not so great fittings, so I am ambivalent on fittings. I love my Aerotech i95, but thinking about moving to i80 or higher flying FC version since age has caught up to me a bit. FYI, age 61, medium to just under medium ball flight, 7 iron just over 150 yards.
  7. So, I seeing the reduced lofts in a bunch of irons: Titleist T400, Epic Forged, P790TI, SIM, 0311xp. Oh, but the actual launch angle is still the same because of changed CG. Is it? Or does one need to really check it out a launch monitor? Should I consider a higher launch shaft with these lower lofted irons, or does the lower CG really do the entire offset? I currently use Steelfiber95 and am thinking of SteelfiberFC80. My normal trajectory is just a little lower than medium.
  8. Question about the coures: When tournaments play multiple courses, do pin placements remain exactly the same over the course of the first two (or in the case of last week, three) rounds? Seems like they would have to in order to be fair. Oh, and Rickie has a chance since his bad round was on the South. Needs to make hay on the North.
  9. George Vincent - Dallas, TX Yes Sharpie using stencil Pro V1X Green Line - no text
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