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  1. If you look at Horshel’s grip of the putter, you’ll notice that the putter if firmly locked on his wrist. Billy is a good player with a great golf swing. However he challenges Speith in the whining department. Shut up and play Billy, you can control only your own play.
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    Random Golf Photos

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    Michael Turner

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    From the album: Michael Turner

    The Wie family, driving range at Vancouver Golf & Country Club

    © Michael Turner

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    From the album: Michael Turner

    Lexi, at the Canadians Women's Open at the Vancouver Golf and Country Club
  6. Yes, this method is good especially if you have a tremor or Shaky hands. I had been using a standard Bettenardi with a 395g head And a 35 inch shaft. My pro measured my arm length to my elbow from the top of the grip, and put an extender in the shaft. The idea is to rest the grip on the inside of your left arm (right handed), holding the putter in your left near bottom of grip. You then put right hand On top of left either extending the fingers to grasp your left wrist or grip it over top of the left pushing the grip in a straight line up your left wrist. It takes some practice but you will develop as straightback and through stroke by rocking your shoulders. Still have to keep head and body still, but it makes shorties easier.
  7. Michael Turner Port Moody BC, Canada Currently use Scotty Cameron California model Love to test Tommy Armour Impact 2 wide
  8. Golfer for 50+ yrs, play mostly at Member owned Club, trips to RTJ Trail,  Pebble Beach, WA, Ore, Calif, AZ,  AB, PQ, NS, PEI and throughout BC  


  9. Golfer for over 50 years, Club Member

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