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  1. China don't honour any copyright laws, they steal everybody's designs and then just sell them in china as the real thing, seems like they are happy to ship them anywhere now.
  2. Golf pride also have the tour25 (25g) which I have used when shortening a driver to 43.5. But it only comes is standard size, I noticed winn lite comes in std, mid, over and ladies which is great!
  3. Oh yeah, did not make the rogue connection, I'm thinking the correct spelling of maverick has some copyright problems, or their trying to be "edgy" I think its kinda bold to go with a name, its hard to be put off with letters and numbers. but i could certainly put up more resistance on the implications of having mavrik written on my club, like im not going to be buying a superman t-shirt anytime soon.
  4. Out on interest how do you know "The manufacturing spec is too broad, the inspection process is almost non existent" ? is this from testing or inside info?
  5. Do you think that driver name is coming of the back of topgun 2 being out this year, and expecting the american market to go all patriotic for it? (sorry not listened to the podcast)
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