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  1. Hello all. I went and tried out numerous drivers yesterday including my current driver. I am 42 years old, 6' 4", 275 lbs. Before hitting, i had in my head i really wanted to like the Cobra F9. It was actually my least favorite. I also hit the Calloway Epic, Mizuno ST190, Ping 410, and Tour Edge Exotics EXS. My swing speed was 106-111. I tried a few different shafts in different drivers as well. The EXS outperformed all others, i was shocked but according to the numbers it was the best for me. My numbers were also better with the 70 X stiff CK Blue. They didn't have the 70 Stiff for me to try thou, only the 60. Which shaft would you recommend out of the 70 stiff or x stiff? Thank you
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