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  1. Portland, OR I have a Pro Advanced Net but haven’t used it in awhile. I have credit at the local golf shop and will buy the Rapsodo or Mevo in the next couple of weeks. Fantastic review of the LM and excited to give this a try.
  2. Todd West Linn, OR 2017 M2 w/ Ventus Black 6X 3.0 Index 108 mph TSi3
  3. Todd, Portland, OR USA Scotty Newport2 Tyne3. Been struggling with the putter recently and interested in trying something new. Been hitting the ball well this year but just can’t score on the greens.
  4. Todd Yoshioka (Portland, OR) Never used a GPS Tracker regularly but very interested in Skycaddie or Arccos. I tried the S20 in the past but really never used it since I trusted the rangefinder much more. Currently using a Bushnell Rangefinder for accurate distancing This watch looks clean and something I could wear everyday
  5. - Todd - Portland, OR - 3.3 - Miura MC-501 - T100S Looking to gain some distance in my irons especially in the long irons. My Driver averages 290 but still hitting my 7 iron 168 yards at most.
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