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  1. Just from a functional standpoint, I find that hoodie isn't the best thing to wear while golfing. Unless you put the hood over your head, there is big thing resting on your neck that moves around during a swing. Then those strings are dangling down so you got to tie them off. Then the pouch pockets kind of get in the way especially on short game shots and putting, which is doesn't help because since I already got a sizable immovable pouch underneath. Unfortunately for us in the north golf attire will have to wait until next year. A day like today would be just surviving the elemen
  2. The 5 and 6 irons are out there. 7-PW are D3-D4 which isn't bad. The wedges are typically a little heavier, so they aren't bad either. If you like the feel of 7-PW, you could get the 5 and 6 fixed so they are in the D3-D4 range. According to Google which is never, ever wrong, heh, your Callaway driver swingweight with stock shaft, grip, etc is D2, ok. If you had your driver re-gripped and had wraps of tape added to thicken the new grip, albeit a lot of tape, this would decrease the swingweight. Shortening the shaft will decrease the swingweight too Old school trick is add
  3. Interesting subject. My answer would have been different 10 years ago. Personally, I don't do anything to address bad swings and poor performance other than pout. There is a good reason for this, my body won't let me. If I go hit a large bucket of balls and it goes badly, I just can't hit anymore balls to fix it, I'm physically kaput. Can do short game stuff, but no more swinging. This has actually helped my game overall. Same if I play on the course, I might be able to go from the course to the range and make a couple of swings but it isn't worth it, the body again, I
  4. Agree with @Kenny B, working on the technique will improve your confidence. Confidence and the y-word can't co-exist. It has been my experience that the Martin Chuck's Tour Striker ball works great for smoothing out the chipping stroke, helps the hands, arms, body work together. If the Tour Striker ball isn't an option, there are other hacks which will do pretty much the same thing, like a nerf football between the elbows, or a towel across the chest under both armpits, etc. Anything to keep arms and torso moving together.
  5. SWMBO has her shoes/clothes/estate sales addiction thing, and I leave all of that alone. This creates the need for her to reciprocate, thus, no complaining when those 48" boxes keep showing up on the porch. Maybe just a little complaining. Get more grief from the kids, who are unpaid spies sounding "the golf package has arrived alarm" for Mom . "Another golf club, Dad????" Dad is so simple-minded. Golf, golf, golf."
  6. In the beginning of our golfing experiences, we were all lousy imitators. We had this imagery of how pros play from TV or media, and what we first came up on our own was not even close. Like Bill and Ted jamming with the babes. Learning to walk was a little easier. Wasn't it?
  7. Yeah, your right, can't shut the motor off.... The body really needs work, yoga, yogurt, whatever. And I need one of those fancy bio-mechanical fitness evaluation things, Where am I? Somebody needs to put me on a path of sanity, "my swing feels like an unfolded lawn chair"... A winter academy would be really cool. Maybe I tryout for the Oakland U golf team? A lot of the courses near me shut it down in the winter, and the weather can end all debate about playing golf anyway, cold is one thing, four inches of snow on the ground from Jan to March will mess with your short gam
  8. I know that limp. The birdies are good, keep those in your kitchen, kick everything else out.
  9. Ha! Last nine holes for the league today, crashed and burned!!! Last hole had a healthy crosswind into us from the left out of the SW, hit this in to out open face thing that went 100 yds offline, nearly wiped out a foursome on another fairway, yelled fore, should have yelled eight, had 170 to the green on my hole, had this funky downhill/ball above feet lie so much that I had to choke a 5 iron to the steel. Didn't execute that one so good as I chunked it really bad and it went about 20 yds. WInd now dead into my face, stomped over to ball pulled 7 iron and whacked it Happy Gilmor
  10. While I don't maintain a handicap, I play alone a lot too, and sometimes I play to work on scoring better over a round of golf, focus, concentration, course mgmt.,etc. When I do that, I have to play by the rules, otherwise, if I don't, what good is it?
  11. Normally I got an alligator swing, my body turns but my arms and hands look lazy and stuck and kind of come along for the ride. When I swing like this it doesn't hurt but it feels like hard work. But the clubhead control is better. Maybe there is too much? There is some power there. (carry on good drive 260-270, srixon z565 8 iron 150) Over the last couple of days for the hell of it I've tried to "cast" the club from the top on purpose and the body rotation just happens. It feels like I have more clubhead speed (feel ain't real, but is it always wrong?) Everything feels much free
  12. Just like my dog, I yell at him, he ignores me and goes where he wants, and eventually I have to go find him wherever he stopped.
  13. Yes, I like it. Works great for practicing the chipping and pitching motions, rotating the chest and torso through the ball with the arms extended. I have tried to use it for full swings, I just don't have the flexibility to keep it all together.
  14. I'd say golf is all about learning, going to a fitting or a lesson maybe not achieve what was expected, but one can may learn something about their game that lead to something beneficial.
  15. Make a stiff drink and go on ebay ASAP. Maybe 2 drinks.
  16. Need (want) new 3 hybrid, shoes w/BOA and wedges. And I'm thinking about re-shafting my irons and possibly putting together some Maltby wedges. But in reality, all I will do is change out my grips. Whoopee
  17. I dont remember a club I wish I still had. However I do miss my younger body before the hips and back went bad. Is the body considered a piece of golf equipment? I will miss my 52, 56 and 60 vokey sm4s. The faces are just gone but I just cant part with them and havent found anything else I want.
  18. Is this a ball for all of us or only for tour pros?
  19. BAD's strength makes shots from the deep rough easier from either 200 yards or 10. He was in it a lot, but there was rarely a violent lash, just nice smooth passes. Who knows what USGA/R&A will do with the distance issue, but in the meantime a lot of those tour guys are going to be bulking up. Hey I'm in. pass the Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee.
  20. Bought this after a lesson from a teaching pro, works well, why he liked it, "it didn't do the task for golfer", helped me because I let my right arm flex too much in the backswing, then my left arm would collapse as well and backswing got too long. Here is link to website.. https://www.swingextender.com/features-benefits-of-the-swing-extender/
  21. IIMHO the morning golfers are more serious, more experienced, they got the set tee times, a skins game going, they play faster. Its like a freeway, Keep it moving or get run over. Plsying in the twilight, after the leagues are done, is like being on a country road. There are more singles, young people, families, people who are just practicing. I go out late alone and I never care how fast or slow the group in front of me is playing, I only care about who is behind me. If its clear behind me, i can play multiple shots, experiment, practice the short game, etc. Really it is good
  22. Ready golf and no extended searches for lost balls, plus taking less than 30 secs to hit a shot, things will move nicely. But I don't mind waiting on par 5 or short par 4 if somebody wants to go for the green and has to wait for the green to clear. Have at it, life is short.
  23. Have had (2) pairs of Footjoy DryJoys with BOA, with messed lower back and hip replacements tying a shoe has become an adventure. BOAs are great for me. Once a while I have to re-tighten after swinging, yep, out of my shoes, but overall they are great. Like Mr. Hckymeyer I won't buy shoes with laces anymore.
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