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  1. Tough call, no doubt. (It is always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission?)
  2. GC3 w/ software If Santa drops the ball, then maybe my credit card will come through.
  3. 3 1/4 wood tees, with some kind of stripes on them, helps to tee it up the same height. I typically lose tees or forget to pick them up because I'm too horrified watching my drive head towards the edge of the earth. I'm definitely a net loss kind of golfer when it comes to tees. I'm the guy whose tees a lot of you guys are picking up, and I would like them back if you don't mind.
  4. I'm too much of a slob to wear white pants, or white shirts. I don't try to be a slob, it just happens. I'm better off with dark shirts and pants. White socks are OK. I like white hats too. That's all I got to say about that.
  5. Please excuse my reading comprehension skills but are these re-used grips? Is there residual goo on the inside of these grips from when they were first removed? Could this be why you aren't getting good contact? Got one of these things?
  6. I tried it for a season before the anchoring ban, although I really never anchored it. The momentum of the putter head going back and coming through felt really good on short and mid-range putts, however, judging the distance on long (+20 ft.) putts was more difficult. Putting off the fringe was harder as well. Easier to see the line? Not really. And I concur it was much better on the back. Sometimes they went in, most times not. One thing that I remember, that there was actually less control, or less room for error, with the putter face on the long putter, even though it felt more stable. When I went back to a shorter putter, I was amazed how much more control and feel for the putter face I had. I use a saw grip with a 35" mallet now. Sometimes they go in, most times not.
  7. That's so true. In the first few seconds after processing result, I feel like after all of this time of playing decent golf, I reverted back to infancy. Whaaat just happened? Remember infancy? we were all a mess back then. One thing I'd like to add, one skill that goes unappreciated in golf is being able to find our golf ball after a horrible shot. Huge stroke saver.
  8. At first, self-loathing, then quickly concern for my fellow man takes over and I try to access if anyone within the county is in danger. If so, I scream "fore", if not I will mutter a couple words that the moderator would blip out. Then I watch the ball until it comes to a stop or it disappears into the abyss where I try to fix on exactly where it disappeared. I'm usually off by ten yards. At this moment, self-loathing returns. Snap hooks are equally as bad. Just don't last as long. Physically, my forehead gets hot. Seriously, I've noticed that when I play badly, my forehead is hot (not a fever). But no, applying something cool to this spot doesn't turn things around, need to cool down from the inside out, if you know what I mean.
  9. I agree, they came out looking good, but..... One day, you might sell those clubs and somebody is going to pull the grips and see that shaft extension and ask, "who did this???" Then again, some might say, "so what". Your SWMBO does have some nice gear.
  10. Wow, what we find when we do a little digging?? I'm guessing here but maybe the misaligned shaft graphics could be that the previous builder did some spining/FLOing/pureing thing? So the resultant "top" of shaft doesn't align with the graphics, thus isn't the same from club to club. Looks like the one shaft extension didn't get installed deep enough, and they trimmed it anyway, ugh. If it were me, I'd take out that one ugly shaft extension, and replace it with something a little cleaner. Our SWMBOs deserves the best, don't they?
  11. Yes, chipping and putting. There is a practice green I go to a lot and I spread 6 balls around it and have to get up and down with all 6 or I have to start over. Spend a lot of time doing this. Adds a little tension too, which is good.
  12. Had a physical Monday and good 'ol Doctor told me to stop eating snacks at night and have smaller dinners. BMI, he said. Gee I don't know, the Pączkis are out already....
  13. Yes, I had the same problem but I got through using Chrome and Incognito. It's a quiet night out here.
  14. Never had a shoulder but went through 2 hip swaps, the pain means you are working through it, keep pushing, soon you will feel seconds of strength without pain, then minutes, then hours, after that you are as good as new.
  15. Don't know if this will help.
  16. Best wishes with your surgery and rehab.
  17. Golf Pride Tour Velvet +4. Because of the built up lower hand. Also I can rotate them 180' so I don't have to see the writing on the grip either. Used the GP MCC +4 for a few seasons as well, but the two different materials (cord for upper hand, rubber on the lower hand) one grip felt strange for me. In days of old I used to bulid up the lower hand with more tape, and use a grip with a conventional taper, but I would get impatient and sloppy with the build up and the grips wouldn't feel the same from club to club. Never came up with a good, consistent procedure. Having a grip already built-up is much easier and faster.
  18. Just wait until they get to 11.... (sorry couldn't help myself)
  19. Congrats and good luck... Lots of masking tape, good, it comes in handy for many uses. Micrometer or scale is nice to have also. Labelling each shaft with the intended iron number is helpful when doing whole set like this. Wrap tape near butt end and write number on tape. I've done the "glue the wrong head on wrong shaft thing". This can be quite frustrating. Having to take apart and clean up and freshly assembled club is a mess. Staying organized helps too, like starting with longest iron and go through to the shortest. Surgical gloves are good to use to avoid getting glue and/or solvents on your hands. Lots of paper towel, solvents (big naptha fan), acetone, cotton balls. Etc. Use tape to protect the surface of the shafts above final position of ferrule when roughing up shaft for epoxy. No need to rough up shaft for entire length of ferrule, half-way up will be fine. Also you can use a piece of tape as a mark to know the ferrule and head have been installed far enough up the shaft after installing shaft/ferrule into head. (1.25" of the shaft into the head is best, some guys are OK with 1.125", but I sleep better with 1.25"). Rough up the ferrule on the inside, round file is good for this. It is normal to try to dry fit ferrule, head, maybe tip weight, shaft but don't try to push the ferrule too high, it can get stuck and be a pain to remove. You will find that the wet epoxy when applied to ferrule and shaft, will act like a lubricant, will help move the ferrule up the shaft. If the ferrule and head need to travel a little farther, you can turn the club upside and tap the butt end of the shaft into the floor, sometimes the tap needs to applied with more force, an nice, concentrated pop. You might want to do this no matter what. Watch out for trapped air when putting head on shaft tip. The head will be repelled back off the shaft. You can feel this. Repeately push and rotate the head, eventually you can hear air pop out of the butt end and/or the sides of the head. There won't be that pressure fighting against you anymore. Keep a small sample of unused epoxy from each batch of epoxy you mix to make sure it cured properly (kicked off). Your sample should be hard after curing time has passed. If it is stil soft and tacky after 24 hours, that is bad. After assembly, clean up the excess epoxy as best as you can. No epoxy on the shaft, head or ferrule. Heavily soaked paper towel in naptha works very well. If the epoxy is allowed to dry on the head, shaft or ferrule, it is a major pain to remove. Get it off while it is still wet. Again congratulations and best wishes.
  20. I agree. I use a rain glove when the humidity is up. Works out great. Even yesterday it was only 75 but it was so damn humid. The normal leather gloves turn into soggy mush in ten minutes. (Maybe I should stop drinking beer.) Some days I use a rain glove on the trail hand too. Only bad thing is my rain glove stinks like a hockey glove.
  21. Congrats, KB (Spartacus). If you shoot 73, is that good too?
  22. I played at (2) courses in E. Lansing in 2019, and they had those solid flagsticks with the thinner diameter posts at the bottom of flagstick which mounts in the hole. Those things are very heavy and solid, and ball will bounce off of those much more frequently than the more prevalent fiberglass flagsticks, where the stick gives much more. My putting has gotten so much better since the rule change allowing the flag to be left in, especially on the 6ft and in putts, so I never take the flagstick out for myself. Actually, the foam in the hole helped me putt better too, I could see where the ball was going to end up. The foam is gone everywhere I have played so far this year but the water jugs and the ball washers are still missing, need those to return. Not for this though.
  23. No way. Last time I indulged on the course, probably 1977, I whiffed three times on a 5-wood shot off the deck, then when I finally made contact, I almost killed a nice lady 100 yards to my right in another fairway. (Maybe coming over the top "a little") Was even too stupefied to yell fore. Never again.
  24. It went down, I'd say you hit it perfectly.
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