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  1. 1 hour ago, fixyurdivot said:

    Never tracked my specific data but the ratio in the tweet sounds about right.  I have recently revised my strategy/choice of club off the tee on a handful of holes at various courses that is proving successful.  Forcing oneself to grab a 3w when everyone else is choosing driver can be more difficult than you think 😁.  I have also been dropping back an iron on those borderline yardages and that has been helping too. The result being that more of the bag is being put in play.

    This is smart, hitting something off the tee other than the big dog that gives a you playable 2nd shot sans penalty.   Being in the short grass while the driver boys are searching in the weeds will always reward your choice.

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  2. 23 hours ago, Chip Strokes said:

    personalized divot tools, towels, and even tees are all great choices as has been said above

    i’ll offer a slightly different perspective:

    we have no idea how avid a golfer this person’s boss is. there are a lot of people (obviously not on this forum) who don’t really care what they tee up, and would be happy to get a dozen of any quality ball with their initials. 

    if he’s a casual weekend golfer i don’t think you can go wrong with a dozen personalized balls. i just hope his name isn’t Adam Samuel Smith

    That's my boss' name.  Well, one of them anyway.

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  3. 1 hour ago, chisag said:


    ... I was just commenting on this with one of my playing pards a few days ago. If I take 5 days off, I feel rusty and out of sync. People that play once a week have to accept they are playing for fun and for the love of the game with zero expectations on improving or really playing well. As rbsiedc said above, many have jobs or family obligations that mean once a week, and that is tough for any consistency or improvement. 

    For sure... if I don't chip for 2 days, it is like I have never done it.   The rest of game too, just like fish and smelling, something along those lines.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Shapotomous said:

    More rain last night and some big winds blew through.  I got the leaves off the lawn yesterday just in time for the next batch to blow in last night.  Not bad temps today at 59* and sunny with winds at about 10mph.

    You got to get out there and play for those of us who are in the cold and dark.

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  5. 7 hours ago, tony@CIC said:

    Currently have a Mid Slim 2.0 counterweight grip on my O-Works putter that is overdue for replacement, something I should have done before we move down to Fl for the winter. I'm thinking of switching to a pistol grip as it seems to suit my hand better. what effect will losing the counterweight have? 


    Here is a discussion on counterbalanced putters, I'm an ex-anchorer, now got a counter balanced Odyssey helps me with keeping the putter head moving through the ball, that's how it feels for me. 

  6. 45 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

    Always use a driver, as straight as any other club off the tee.

    "Califoria Dreamin'" eh?   😎

    Your kind of weather here today KB, 44 degrees, winds gusting to 40 mph, rain, course all to yourself.  

    Actually, I don't think any courses are open today, we got golfers here who will play in anything, but its the course operators, just not worth it to them to open.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Kenny B said:

    You just described our weather, except we have a severe weather alert.



    "Use extra caution when driving",  tee it lower and swing easy.   Maybe use a 3 wood or hybrid.


    In MI, "All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray".....

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  8. 41 minutes ago, fozcycle said:

    First day walking with my new Caddy tee 3 wheeler, I shot 38/48:86. As you can see from the score, I ran out of gas on #14 and struggled thru 18....but I made it. Temps stayed in mid 70’s.

    My plan is to walk on Fridays.

    Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy

    Walk?  What about this thing?


    How can anybody play slow in FLA with these things?  You guys are brave.

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  9. 2 hours ago, jddaigneault said:

    I’m getting spine surgery Monday, and got out for a final 18 hole round yesterday. Managed an 86, with a few too many doubles. Next 18 hole round...at least six weeks away 😩

    Best wishes

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  10. 7 hours ago, bens197 said:

    First day back in 3 months to the week!  My wife was off of work today for the Holiday (Happy Veteran's Day Vets!) and my daughter was taking a nap so I said why not try 9?

    It started out mediocre as I would expect.  Par, Bogey, Double and then I settled in.  Finished -2 and missed a 6 and 8 footer for birdie on 8 & 9 to finish 37 +1.  

    I feel so relieved that this herniated disc is not going to be the death of me and my game.  Hanging up the clubs for the season on a high note.

    That's good playing.   Good to see you have recovered.  Bad backs are really tough.

    Keep the motor running, swing easy, work on the game however you can in the winter.   Only five months to go.

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  11. 6 minutes ago, Jmikecpa said:

    Well for what may be the last round of the year in warm weather for me I had one hell of a first. First time I have made three eagles in one round and not one came via a holed putt. Started on the back 9 with a terrible bogey on a 100 yard par three. Get to 11 and hit my drive up the right hand side leaving me 178 yards into a 455 yard par 4. Absolute pure 7 iron that landed 8 feet right of the pin and kicked sideways for a deuce. Made pars until 15. Pounded driver up the right center and then dunked a PW from 143 yards for my second eagle on the side. Made bogey on 18 to turn at 3 under. Made birdie on 3 and then went driver, 3 wood, pitch in on the par 5 4th for my third eagle of the day. Ended with 67 thanks to a sloppy bogeys on 8 and 9.

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    That's an awesome day, really.

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  12. On 11/7/2020 at 8:51 PM, Ultimate Junior Golfer said:

    I played a round with my new golf instructor yesterday, and I could not drive the ball straight at all. I did not feel that I was swinging bad, and my instructor said I was swinging well. He concluded it was a club problem. I had a lesson this morning where he fit me for a new driver. Below are the specs of my old driver and my new one:

    OLD: Titleist TS3 10.5* Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 55g stiff flex 45"

    NEW: Callaway Maverick Sub Zero 10* Mitsubishi Tensei CK Orange 70g XX-stiff 44"

    All of the sudden, my misses are in the fairway, I'm hitting my driver 20 yards farther, and on a much more favorable trajectory. 

    It blew my mind how much just changing a club has changed my confidence on the tee.

    Good to see it work out for you.   This is evidence of how a good fitting can make a difference.  

  13. 48 minutes ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    Best bet is to take some lessons to keep the ball in play. But if you want to feel better quicker. Find more balls than you lose. I hit my driver in play most of the time but i'll still drive or walk along the faiway edges. I'm particular about the ball I play. Most finds go in a shag bag or I give them to a playing partner that is losing balls. Every once in a while I find a ball I wanted to try. Today I found a Titleist AVX and played 17 holes with it. It played well for me so now I can add this to my like list.

    Just to clarify, I will not pick up balls if there are other players around. Normally I'm out on the course first. I don't want to be THAT GUY who picks up other golfers balls. 

    I think that guy who picks up balls is always somebody's father-in-law or somebody's boss as their playing partners won't tell them mot to do it.

    The game is hard enough, losing a ball due to negligent theft should be a felony.

  14. 1 hour ago, Chip Strokes said:

    playing public courses around here, if your tee shot goes onto an adjacent fairway you better get to it with the quickness. 

    a few times i’ve gotten across just in time to see someone hit my ball, only to tell me: “nope didn’t see one come this way” 

    I understand completely.

    I have a new strategy off the tee.  I always tee off last, that way I can get to my tee ball faster since I dont have wait for my playing partners to tee 

    Sad we have to think this way isnt it?

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  15. 14 hours ago, maivnzgolf said:

    Always lose 5 golf ball each playing, any good suggestion to never lose one again ? 

    Our relationship with all of our golf equipment is finite, tees, balls, clubs, shoes, hats, clothes, brewskis. Just tools for us to play the game, they come and go. Some last longer than others.

    Losing balls isnt as bad as looking for them. I prefer the deep woods launch or the deep lake launch.  Easier to give up and move on. Its those "in the heather" searches that are the torture.  More for the possibility of finding the ball and the impact on the outcome of the hole than the actually retrieving ball.

    The worst lost ball is the alledged stolen one, by far.

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  16. Interlock grip, but my right hand tends to inch up to the point where you can't see the left thumb about an 1.5" above the left wrist.

    Took a lesson about 3 years ago and the teacher tried to get my right hand lower on the club.   I moved it per his request, and after about 20 swings it was right back where we started.  

    He would have had an easier time altering the orbit of the earth around the sun.

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  17. Living in MI, I get the involuntary 5-6 months off every year.  Even with that, there are times during the season when I don't got out when I have an opportunity, and instead sit in the house and watch Law and Order reruns.

    Truthfully, I get tired of it, it doesn't last long, maybe just a day, but yeah, I can admit it.   It is a hard game, and it is fickle.   Sometimes a nice canoe ride is preferable to grinding over a 4 ft. putt.  But knowing the season is short is motivation to get back to it, there just isn't much time to waste.

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  18. 29 minutes ago, AcesAndHoles said:

    Hi all, 


    TLDR: I need suggestions on new S and L wedges. I've tried the CBX2, RTX ZipCore, Wilson Staff Hi-Toe, and JAWS 5 and although they're all close, I like the feel in that order after my first hits. Thanks!

    Story time: I'm looking for a new set of wedges to shore up my short game. I've tested a few different options so far and would welcome any suggestions/ recommendations. I presently run 4-P in the Wilson D7 Forged and recently purchased the matching G wedge to finish the set. P wedge is stock 44* G is 49*. I'm looking to buy S and L wedges. I'm comfortable hitting anything up to a 64* on full shots but struggle with consistent chipping and half shots (hence so many wedges). the 115-130 gap has been a weak spot for me but I've been forcing myself to learn to hit half-shots.🥴

    Here's the avg data so far tested with range balls:

    Columns are as follows                   Carry       Total     Spin        Ball Speed     Club Spd        Launch           Height (yds)      Smash

    Wilson P +1/2 inch, MCC+4 Mid 135 138 8745 101 91 28.6 37 1.12  

    BombTech 56*

    94 94 7066 81 90 40.3 33 0.9  
    CBX2 54* Rotex Shaft 98 99 8972 85 92 37.5 34 0.92  
    Jaws 5 54* 104 105 8844 86 88 34.7 35 0.98  
    Wilson Staff Hi-Toe 56* 94 95 9449 81.5   35.4 29.3    
    BombTech60* 83 84 6622 76 91 43.4 31 0.84  
    Zipcore 58* 86 86 7464 77 89 41.2 30 0.86  
    Wilson Hi-Toe 60* 86 86 9155 74.4              35.4 23.6 0.82


    I've moved on from the BombTech wedges so those are just for comparison to what I've been hitting. They were great as a set, especially for the cost, and a vast improvement from the motley assortment of second-hand wedges I was given by friends, but not for me.

    - From a dispersion standpoint the RTX (1.66yds) had the tightest deviations and the Staff Hi-Toe 56* (4.4yds) had the worst with the CBX2 (2.74yds) and the Jaws (4yds) in the middle.

    - I noticed I consistently hit the RTX towards the heel in comparison to the other clubs which was not entirely confidence inspiring.

    - Consideration is given to the CBX2 since it had a graphite shaft and the rest were stock steel. It also had the most muted feel which was to be expected. 

    - The Jaws had the distance and efficiency, hands down and I suspect I can eke another 10 yards easily out of the 54* but had the worst feel comparatively.

    - Wilson had absolutely wild spin ability that I don't think was accurately captured on the sim. Balls were literally flying/bouncing back out of the hitting bay from the amount of spin on them. 

    Overall I'm looking for consistency/ forgiveness and confidence in my chipping and pitching but honestly am not sure what direction to go in since I seem to hit most of these clubs pretty well on a mat indoors. I hit almost everything square and don't bother with shaping shots or opening up the face (dabbling with it in the sand now). I guess the biggest improvement I'd like to see from a new purchase is my ability to get on the green consistently from the surrounding rough/sand, and closer to the pin so that I'm not calculating in a lag putt or 3+ putt because I'm now stuck on the edge of a green 70 feet away from the hole. 

    To those of you who actually read this whole thing... wow... thank you 😄




    There is some really good data for full shots here.  I don't mean to complicate things, but will you be able to test these wedges with various greenside lies and from the sand.  There is a lot to consider in the short game, bounce and grinds, ja?  


  19. 3 hours ago, Jackal said:

    I have been playing for 25 years.

    Eat, sleep, watch, and read golf.

    Play year round. Never go more than 3 days without picking up a club.

    Yesterday, all of a sudden, I think I hate golf.

    My Son is 17, and a fantastic golfer. High school team, medalist, local hero, etc. 

    For the past 3 weeks, my score has been dropping like crazy. 

    Went from shooting 45-46 per nine, to 40-41.

    Hitting long straight drives, great wedges, and putting.


    Just woke up yesterday, and don't like golf.

    We went to the course, and the whole time was thinking I would rather be at work than here.

    How do y'all deal with this? 

    Do others get this way, or have I lost the golf bug?

    Thanks for the advice.

    Your game got better, but it didn't make as happy as you thought it would?

    Or maybe you were movitated by a goal to set for yourself, and you have achieved it?

    We all deserve to happy, golfing or not.

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  20. Just from a functional standpoint, I find that hoodie isn't the best thing to wear while golfing.  Unless you put the hood over your head, there is big thing resting on your neck that moves around during a swing.  Then those strings are dangling down so you got to tie them off.  Then the pouch pockets kind of get in the way especially on short game shots and putting,  which is doesn't help because since I already got a sizable immovable pouch underneath.   

    Unfortunately for us in the north golf attire will have to wait until next year.  A day like today would be just surviving the elements, it is 37F with a steady drip, drip, drip.  You need a really good hoodie and then some.  

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  21. The 5 and 6 irons are out there.    7-PW are D3-D4 which isn't bad.  The wedges are typically a little heavier, so they aren't bad either.  If you like the feel of 7-PW, you could get the 5 and 6 fixed so they are in the D3-D4 range.  

    According to Google which is never, ever wrong, heh, your Callaway driver swingweight with stock shaft, grip, etc  is D2, ok.   If you had your driver re-gripped and had wraps of tape added to thicken the new grip, albeit a lot of tape, this would decrease the swingweight.   Shortening the shaft will decrease the swingweight too

    Old school trick is adding lead tape to the head or grip end to adjust swingweight.  2 grams is the equivalent of 1 swingweight.     

    Here is a link some swingweight info.


    In the end, it is all about the right feel for you.

    If you enjoy working with your hands and have space to work, I'd encourage you to look into start doing your own repairs, it is actually quite satisfying and rewarding.   Like anything, it will take a little time, (and money), but if I can do it, anybody can.   

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  22. Interesting subject.   My answer would have been different 10 years ago.   

    Personally, I don't do anything to address bad swings and poor performance other than pout.  There is a good reason for this, my body won't let me.

    If I go hit a large bucket of balls and it goes badly, I just can't hit anymore balls to fix it, I'm physically kaput.   Can do short game stuff, but no more swinging.  This has actually helped my game overall.

    Same if I play on the course, I might be able to go from the course to the range and make a couple of swings but it isn't worth it, the body again, I get stiff and sore.

    Have to wait to the next day.  Maybe it is for the best.  My swing is never the same from day to day anyway.   Meanwhile, there are some nice cold long-necks PBRs to drink.

  23. Agree with @Kenny B, working on the technique will improve your confidence.   Confidence and the y-word can't co-exist.   

    It has been my experience that the Martin Chuck's Tour Striker ball works great for smoothing out the chipping stroke, helps the hands, arms, body work together.    

    If the Tour Striker ball isn't an option, there are other hacks which will do pretty much the same thing,  like a nerf football between the elbows, or a towel across the chest under both armpits, etc. Anything to keep arms and torso moving together.

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