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  1. ` Did that volunteer who reported the wrong score get kicked out of the tournament?
  2. While there are no jinxes in the laws of physics, you maybe poking the bear wee a bit. Even saying the words can make a hosel rocket a reality. And never should we utter the "S-word".
  3. Good idea, work on the irons, as we know in a scramble, it is a must to get those approach shots close, even closer. Then roll that rock......
  4. Need lots of width in the backswing to wear that hat.
  5. I agree with you. Maybe in the days of old it was considering cheating if a scorecard was wrong. But now? A guy in Antarctica can find out a player's score hole by hole via the Web before a player gets to the scoring tent. Other players in other sports don't have to keep track of the scores, like bowlers.. Basketball players don't keep track how points they had, but they do need to know what the score is of course, just ask JR Smith. No doubt we normal people still need score cards, and we need to check them. We are in a different world. And we have to lug the b
  6. Terrible. And despicable. They should have done something to help. Credit towards another product would have worked, if they cared about taking care of their customers. Maybe their damn diagnostic codes don't work right. As a programmer, I can tell you for certain that we never put our hearts and souls into diagnostics codes, it is necessary evil that never gets the attention it requires. I will support you and vow never to buy a Bushnell product. Maybe more people will join us. They willfully made the decision that they were going to lose one customer, they need to
  7. Looks that club has a hosel adapter, you could go to ebay or the like and get the same model, or maybe go with another Callaway model but confirm that your old model and new model fit with the same adapter. Usually I like to have a beer or two before I go "shopping".
  8. The comcept of fitting is great, I just don't know where to go or who does it well in my area. I've had one putter fitting which came out ok, and one driver fitting which was terrible. Im not going back to that place, btw, one of Golf Digest top 100 clubfitters.
  9. I like yellow yellow optic colored balls. Easier to see, find and identify. I lose white balls off the clubface especially from the tee and I drive I my playing partners crazy constantly asking "where did it go?" Hint: not down the middle. Srixon Z stars xvs, snell mtb x, provs, are the favorites but I got some white snell mtb-x w/american flags that i like a lot.
  10. Yes, don't give them any more business. If you want, send it to me, I will do it for free. But now, just grip it and rip it.
  11. I eas confused as NBC Sports Network and Golf Channel are 206 and 207 on the cable just thought I had on the wrong channel but then after surfing around all of the NBC Universal channels had a EPL game on. NBC didn"t do this to make us mad or to foist soccer on us, they did it for the money, otherwise they wouldn't do it.
  12. Nothing wrong with that. You can announce to her that you have a great dea for your present, and make like seem you are taking care of everything so as to make things easier for her. My wife pulls this one on me all of the time.
  13. Yes sir. Average golfers....my golf league Guys in my golf league have no idea what the difference is between a stock shaft and an aftermarket shaft, one guy accused me of having an illegal driver because I had a Paderson shaft paired in a TM M2. All of their equipment comes right from DSG or Golf Galaxy. They pick a club up out of the rack, waggled it, then walk right up to the cashier. One day I informally surveyed 6-8 of them and not one of them knew what "bounce' was. The other 12 wouldn't have known it either. None of them realize that there is no industry st
  14. All I know is soon it will be cold in 4 mos and the local golf dome may not be an option, so I am looking at a net and a mat in the garage, determining the quality of strike in 8-12 ft. of travel will be difficult. The more info the better, but for sure something with side spin, ball speed, launch angle, angle of attack, clubface angle at impact, is good stuff. GC Quad works for me, maybe a very mad divorcee will dump one in a garage sale.
  15. "Old" frees me up. Yesterday on 1st hole, old went right down the middle, wedge to 2ft., birdie. 2nd hole, new ball ended up in trees. I did get to practice chip and putt with it, but overall it had an uneventful life. Golf balls have no feelings?
  16. On 1st Tee (with trouble) - New, never been hit ball or old ball? (I don't know when this started, but I am really suffering from golf ball separation anxiety lately.)
  17. 75-78-78-72, that is damn good golf, maybe play a round, or play around with the MP54s and see what happens. I remember demo-ing the JPX-919 Forged many moons ago and the stock shaft if I remember correctly was the Nippon NS 950 GH. They were sweet but my wallet said no way. Did CC custom assemble this set for you or did they have your setup in stock? Yeah, the high push/cut is a terrible feeling, 99% of those end up in a sand trap or at the bottom of a water hazard. Yeccch.
  18. You are a lefty missing left, are you cutting too much or pushing? My experience with lighter shafts (AP2s w/ DG S300s reshafted to w/ Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105s) was that I lost feel and control, hit a lot of high pushes with some slice spin too. Per usual, I got no data, just an eyewitness account of a lot of high pushes with lots of spin, not a good ball into the wind. Bucket after bucket. And flight the ball down? Couldn't do it. Feel was terrible. I just peeked on Golfworks and the Nippon 98g shaft (mid) and TT DG S300 (high) have different bend profiles, too.
  19. Hmmmm.... Did you do any testing with your old irons with CC? Were the DG S300s too heavy for you? How did everyone conclude that the 98g Nippon shafts were best for you? Maybe you had better feel with the heavier DG S300s. Congrats on the JPX 919s, great choice.
  20. IHMO Bryson DeC. is going to tip over the apple cart on the distance rollback thing, especially if he goes to Muirfield and dwarfs Mr. Nicklaus' course right in front of Jack himself. Where we will end up who knows? Tour ball? Tour drivers? Different rules?(e.g. no tees) He did lead in strokes gained in putting too. Can't win if you don't make putts.
  21. Yeah, having a teacher put in the swing changes put us in a place where "new" bad things happen and we have no idea what caused it. Very unsettling. If we trust in to every being taught without knowing what it can do good or bad, we are lost. Hopefully you can catch up with your teacher and get back on track. Could be rectified easily.
  22. I think with this the "roll back the ball" people are going to finally push the cart over the edge. Even though he didn't win the thing, he still rattled the establishment by blowing drives over the corners of the doglegs at the hallowed Colonial. And he wasn't the only one. This morning on Golf Central, (maybe it was taped from yesterday), Tripp Isenhour was lobbying for ball changes, a ball that spins sideways more on off-centered hits. They can call it the "Spinner", comes in white, orange and optic yellow. Maybe with a GPS chip so we can find it in the nice lady's flowe
  23. To be able to hit through the ball instead of at it, my divots with irons are annoyingly starting under the ball instead of in front of it, ball contact and turf contact seem simultaneous. And the short game, always room for improvement, cant ever see myself saying, " short game is good, nothing left to do".
  24. All of those near-misses and lip-outs yesterday shakes me up. How am I ever going to make another putt after that? Thanks for the gimme. Sometimes I missed the crowd reactions, like the hole-in-one, sometimes I didn't, like the yelling around the tee boxes whatever it is they yell 5 milliseconds after the ball is struck.
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