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  1. Well, this is definitely anecdotal, I had the opportunity to try an old Big Bertha 9.5 (maybe from 1993) on a local range and I couldn't hit the thing. Every one of them low and left. Clearly had much better success with the current driver, 1.5" longer, lighter shaft, larger head, etc. Who has data on performance of the range ball over the years?
  2. Some natural preemptive mosquito breeding treatment.
  3. Walk first, ride in cart second for outings, or when playing on those "green to next tee is a half-mile" courses. Have to keep up with pace of play. Wears out the plastic spikes, too.
  4. Magic, Greg Kesler, Kirk Gibson are some great Sparties for sure. My niece graduated from MSU Vet school. Another great Sparty. But still no Sparty hats.
  5. Being bald guy, I got hats, and like all golf equipment, the relationship is not infinite because they get funky from natural causes. Like day old beer. Golf hats, mostly Titleist and hats from northern MI resorts, Detroit Tigers and other MLB hats, WMU hats, U of M hats, Red Wings hats, even some Lions hats, and my new favorite PBR hat. NO SPARTY HATS. So the hats in the current batch are stacked on a closet shelf with SWMBO monitoring the quantities very closely. Hats which get rotated out end up in a large green sack in basement. Hopefully that sack is still t
  6. Ace. I''ll take a PBR long neck. Played yesterday a local public golf the cups had like 3 door stoppers fixed around the flagstick so the ball still falls in the cup but doesn't go all the way to bottom. As long as Sergio isn't around to spit in the cup, should be safe. I guess.
  7. Don't mean to ground, but I do. But not in bunkers, hazards, etc.
  8. Agreed, Stephen A. Smith is always yelling. What he is saying, I don't know because of the yelling. Recent nightmare, Stephen A. Smith is on the TV, and I can't find the remote.....
  9. Its good to hear that you like to work with a student to improve on what he has. And the honest communication is so important. My favorite teacher just worked with some setup and alignment stuff and little with length of my backswing. And he communicated his intentions the whole time. Unfortunately he isn't accessible anymore. Another teacher I've seen in recent years went crazy, first lesson was changing my grip, ball positions, posture, etc. What was worse, I didn't know where he was going next. He seemed to have his ideas but he didn't care about my ideas. My play s
  10. Welcome to the "valley of limbo". Where I live we can't play much Nov-Apr. so I feel better taking lessons in winter, hitting balls inside, let the changes take over without having to worry about getting around the course. During the summer while playing a course, it is hard to stay with the changes when "new" unusual shots suddenly come out of nowhere. Without a clue why it happened, and how not to have them happen again. If the changes are more alignment/setup, then it is OK, actually can help immediately, but if the changes are related to grip or movement, it is almost l
  11. The gut shot sounds awful, but if that impact was further north or south, yikes.
  12. Personally haven't given or received. But is this a good time to say "knock on wood"??? My bro got hit on arm, above the elbow, first hole he ever played. Standing in the middle of number 1 fairway. It was nasty. Bruise was blue, green, red, with dimples.
  13. It was a joke, sorry. Do you honestly think I care what color belt you wear? Especially with what is happening in the world these days?
  14. Yeah, for sure, no white belt, white belt is good for guys who are fit. Chubby guys have to bury the white belt in the backyard.
  15. As long as we can distinguish between the ball and our feet we are good.
  16. Agreed, the normal blue denim is too stiff, heavy, hot, etc. In summer if it is hot, when I go to the local track in the late afternoon for a quick nine, I'll wear an thin, collar-less athletic shirt, golf shorts, never with black socks. Otherwise, it will be a golf shirt, tucked in with belt. Simple and boring. The black socks thing, not for me. Loved to watch the Fab Five, but their fashion statements still linger after all of these years.
  17. The "Align" thing is brilliant marketing Back in the day we used to call these kind of grips "ribbed", or "reminder". A lot of golfers then didn't like them. The Align grips do have the modern day compounds, which are nice. Re-gripping a set of these for other people was tough to dial in, depending on a weak, neutral or strong grip. (and everything in between) Just setting the grip with logo on the top of shaft, (rib 180 deg.) didn't work. The idea being to get the rib to fit in lead hand fingers with clubface in desired location. Had to interact with the golfer, do one club
  18. I got a Nikon Cool Shot 80i, has slope and anti-vibration, bought for about $480, in 2017. The anti-vibration is great for me. I tried O.P.s rangefinders, had a hard time locking on to a target.
  19. Walking is preferred if possible, sometimes its not, weather, course design (long walks between holes), whether it is a formal outing or event. No way I can carry bag anymore, so I use a Clicgear. Works out nice. If a thunderstorm is possible, I won't complain about a riding cart, running and pushing a golf cart in lighting and thunder is no fun.
  20. In MI we are shutdown, but I don't know if I could spend the money on it if we could play, being furloughed and such. Massive guilt. I'd be OK with going to the range, a range, any range.
  21. Yes it is. Happened to me on a golf trip at Lakewood Shores, Blackshire, 2 days in a row, about the 5th hole, both days. Enough said. Haven't had a big breakfast before golfing since.
  22. Acutally I do respect the beer cart person, male or female, as they are there for the money. All I want to do is be polite and give a decent tip.
  23. Concerning #9, I propose that this be amended so that golfers get off the green, move on the next hole, and record scores there. I didn't see this one listed, my brother's edict, "hit ball, go directly to cart, sit with club in hand, drive to next shot, get out, clean club, put back in bag, get next club needed." If this is not done, peace will be no more. Concerning #17, 100% of time, those beer carts girls approach me, I'm just there minding my own business.
  24. At age 30 (1990) took lessons and upon advice of teacher started playing blades (Haig-Ultras) to improve feedback. Maybe made sense then, I was single, had a lot of time to practice and play, wanted to improve, etc. Used "players" clubs until last spring at age 59 (2019) when I got a set of Srixon Z565s. "Closest To The Pin" winnings have improved dramatically. Last summer I was standing over the ball ready to hit my Srixon Z565 7 iron on a par 3 and suddenly I felt something weird,..... relaxed.
  25. Many moons ago, during a weekend outing, 51 on the front, 36 on the back. The 1st hole on back nine didn't start out great, had 20 yd pitch on a par 5 off a tight lie, skulled it, ball hit directly on middle of flagstick and fell straight in the hole, birdie. LIke Club Pro guy. Forgot the link, this is quite humorous,
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