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  1. Chris - Tulsa Oklahoma Vokey SM6 Would play 50/56/60!
  2. 1. 11.4 HC located in Collinsville, Oklahoma. 2. Mizuno Mp18 MMC, 8 iron plays 155. 3. I have heard some buzz about there DTC platform and have heard some good things about their processes.
  3. Chris/Oklahoma Project X HZRDUS Yellow 110mph club head speed Would love to see spin come down as well as dispersion tighten. Would also love to comment on the phone fitting of a shaft compared to my current shaft off the rack and how much of an improvement that can be. I have access to the Garmin handheld launch monitor but unfortunately no trackman or quad.
  4. Driver: Taylormade M1 3 Wood: Taylormade M1 UDI: Taylormade p790 2 iron Irons: 4-PW MP-18MMC Wedges: 52,56,60 Vokey SM7 Putter: Custom (Oreo Black and white color-way) Taylormade Spider X Thinking about changing the top end and possibly throwing in a hybrid... suggestions?
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