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  1. Oh for sure we're keeping carbs under 100grams a day. And at 69grams if I'm not working out. And all my carbs are plant based no breads or pastas. Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. We're avoiding the multi meals due to the 16 hours of fasting. I've had success with fasting and less meal. And yeah I'm killing it in the gym. I'm staying to make my transition from Powerlifting to golf. 4 days of cardio and 3 days of aenarobic and aerobic style exercises. And fasted cardio whenever I can get it in. Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Now I know allot of you are prolly tired of talking about his food. But you can't deny the fact that what he's done has worked. So, how many of you are not only trying a new fitness regime but have you changed ur diet??? I have, here is on of my 800+ calorie meals from today. Only 3 meals for a total of 2400 Cal's. First meal after a 16 hour fast. This is my specific setup for weightless. I wanna lean out a bit and be healthier overall. Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Ok I cant seem to find anything on this bag in the MGS world, anyone have any info(experience) on it, looks like a knockoff of the Titleist 14-way hybrid.
  5. ouch, I can see why they may not want to send one...
  6. OK, I know I got some eye rolls just with the title but here me out. apparently Krank has come out with drivers(conforming & non-conforming) where the clubface is designed for different club speeds. So one for swing speeds over 105 and another for 105-85. So what I'm able to asses from the website is that on normal conforming drivers, you wont achieve a spring like effect with the club face unless ur swing speed is 105 or greater. So for slower sing speeds u would have a thinner face with more spring effect that would add distance. Now, I don't know if this is true but if so who would take advantage of this tech, if it was legit. And as a side note @GolfSpy MPR why wouldn't MGS test KRANK golf in it yearly driver test????
  7. OMG, u like me, u really like...... Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. This training was from the weekend, I'm still grinding it out everyday. Training, Cardio, putting, chipping, and playing. Its been taking its tool on me to, Mind you I'm Trying to push myself by doing more than just the programing. That being said, I contacted the team at Golf WOD and they sent me a 12 day Functional Mobility programing to help with my recovery. I will be adding this to the regiment and hopefully it helps. I will say with this programing a good stretching program or regime will help with the goal we all have, to be better golfers. That is the ultimate goal.
  9. it wasn't bad but wasn't great, the only part about playing the executive course. THE GREENS ARE SLOW... But I also play this lil course to improve my iron play.
  10. YES YES YES..... I go once or twice a week on the weekends to just play 9, due to time restrictions and play a full round after work during the week. I use the Executive course to work on my iron play and chipping.
  11. OK, so I don't think my swing speed has improved much if any at all, but I will say that my swing speed consistency has improved. I feel that the speed at the start of the round is just as consistent as the end. the program has done that for sure.
  12. Programming is pushing me harder than I was expecting. I said this before that this is a program to build strength while being on lock down and not able to play golf. Strength gains and explosiveness is a big factor in programming so far. Lots of jumping, weather it be box jumps or lateral jumps. Both will help with explosiveness through the ball with ur lower body, this is key and that's what they want us working on. Lots of good leg drive.
  13. Jake from State Farm… I mean Texas 7.5 Handicap Gaming the G30 22* and G400 19* Hitting that 215-225 shot consistently is the most important thing my hybrid needs to do.
  14. I'll start it after the lockdown program Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  15. This is one way of saving ur sheetrock. I'd double it up if ur gonna throw the slam balls into it Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  16. So @palvord before I started this programming I had been fitted with a driver and my swing speed was (Edited 110) through the fitting. Latter after an 18 hole I went in and got my swing speed tested again and still averaged from (Edited 110). For me swings-peed isn't a issue it was more the being able to maintain the swing speed throughout the round. and that has improved for me. the not getting wore out half way through the round has stopped. That was one improvement from the Stallings program I noticed. Today I will go in and see if there is an improvement. and let u know. hope this helped. I will say this, the super speed is in the future to add to the programming.
  17. Ill stop at the gym today tack a pick of what im talking about and see if that gives you some ideas.
  18. OK, Yesterday workout was great. It was short and sweet. Only lasted about 45-55 minutes from start to finish. 2 different WOD's. So cause I like to be challenged I changed it to be more of a gym specific workout. I'll give this one out for ya and ya'll can give it a try. 5 rounds of 4 - reps military press (Seated KB/DB press, Standing KB/DB press) 6 - weighted rows (Any type of row, Machine, Cable, DB/KB) 8 - pressing movement (Pushups, Bench, DB/KB/Barbell, Floor press) 10 - KB/DB Swings Just be creative and enjoy it. I know I have been enjoying the program. I will say this one might make you a lil sore than the Stallings 6 week starter program. It's Definitely an off season program or one to use if your still on lockdown, or the courses are still closed. But like they state I think allot of use could see an improvement in swing speed through the use of this type of programming. And a side note I was still able to get out and knock out 30 min of putting and chipping.
  19. @dlow206 allot to unload here so I'll break this down as best as I can. For the ball based exercises I use the ball that best fits the exercise. For some that don't have all 3 and had to chose one I would suggest an old school medicine or what they might call a wall ball. And as far as saving you dry wall 2 things, don't throw the hard Slam Ball or the Rubber medicine ball against the wall. 2, use 2 strips of plywood layered one on top of another secured to your wall at the studs, we have a similar set-up at the gym. Something I notice in your comment about being to light. In this programing light is ok, just turn that light weight into speed by being more explosive in the movement. For example when I do the slit stance med ball slam. I'm only using an 6-8 lbs med/wall ball. I'm being as explosive in this movement as I can. I hope this helps, I'm also posting a good link on med balls and the types to help anyone in choosing their home equipment. Note: I have no affiliation to this website and they do not pay me in anyway, It was just one I found online that best help with this discussion. https://www.gymventures.com/best-medicine-balls-guide/
  20. So, I fell behind and am playing catch-up this week so you see allot of post from me this week. So I wasn't able to make it to the second half of the first week, but I was able to row 2 of the days I was supposed to be working out. So no rest for me. Week 1 day 3 workout. This was a ball buster, really pushed my cardio. Mind you I'm no cardio monster, transitioning from strength to conditioning has and isn't easy for me. But I will keep grinding it out cause that's what I do. That all being said but I did enjoy it. 3 different WOD's each puched me in a different way. I'll say this about this program, I feel like its a off season program. hence the lockdown program. If you still cant golf yet, this is a great program for you. It is a push but the results you see will outweigh the lil bit of soreness you will have to deal with while you are doing this program. And speaking of the program, I'd like to discuss an exercise that will benefit your rotational movement and help gain some explosiveness in your swing. SPLIT STANCE MED BALL SLAMS. I would highly recommend looking these up and adding them to your future routines if you don't give Golf-WOD a try. These have been a great addition to my workouts. So some of yall might be wondering how this has effected my game. Well Im not stiff or sore, my flexibility or my rotational movements have actually gotten better. Allot of things we as golfers worrie about when we workout. A loss of mobility. So far with this program I don't see it as an issue. Hope this has given you some more insight into this programming .
  21. https://www.golf-wod.com/products/6-week-pre-season-program-kb-db-only Here ya go. Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  22. Congrats guys, go have fun and keep us in da loop. Sent from my LG-H931 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  23. I bet they are just sitting back watching the craziness unfold
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