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    Used Putters?

    1. What is a good source for purchasing a used putter? 2. Conversely, what is a good source for selling a used putter? Thanks
  2. 1. 6 handicap. 61 year old retiree in Nebraska 2. Purchased ping i 500 irons in the last month after a thorough fitting and evaluation process with our local pro at Pete Dye home course. Switched to these from six year old AP2 irons 3. Respectfully, I’ve never heard of these irons but would be willing to give them a complete test with frequent use on the course with detailed feedback. I enjoy trying different things.
  3. 61-year-old six handicap. I have taken instruction in person, then followed up online with the same instructor for full swing, and been satisfied. He doesn’t do nearly as much with putting. Wondering if someone has had a good experience with online coaching for putting?
  4. I bought new irons and am going to get rid of my AP2s which are 6 years old. I'm thinking I'll send them to Global Golf for a credit. Unless the $$ return is materially different selling them through another route (ebay??), I'm less interested in money and more interested in convenience since these are of modest value. Having said that, I don't know what I don't know so would appreciate any insights on handling these older clubs. Thank you.
  5. Bought some new Ping i500 irons and giving them some TLC. (Used to play Titleist AP2, and I'm loving these Pings fyi). 1. Can someone recommend a cleaning brush? Same brush for my driver, 3 metal, and hybrids? 2. Do I need a groove sharpener (for the wedges), and if so can you recommend one? Thanks.
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