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  1. Prices include PP G&S and shipping within lower 48. I'll ship anywhere but need to quantify expenses outside of CONUS. Reasonable offers considered, especially for bundling items. Condition shown in pictures, please message with any questions. Dark spots on iron faces from camera shadow. Everything is used but very good condition or better, soft forged clubs have expected bag chatter and some evidence of loft and lie tweaking from machine. Great clubs for a serious golfer, but not wall art. Trades include Theragun Mini, Ventus Velocore Blue 8X or 9X hybrid shafts depending on length/tipping, and that's about it. Would consider trading the MP20 MMC / SCOR iron set for something comparable in the players/player's cavity category with Modus 105X shafts, but I would rather have money than a backup set. GOST shafts were previously listed as complete clubs, so now pulled with adapters removed I believe I am permitted to re-list them since they are entirely different now. 1. GOST X Flex .370 with red/black MCC grip. This measures 38.5" from tip to grip butt and was previously installed in a ZX 3 utility. For reference it played about 39.25" in that head without tip weights $150 2. GOST Tour S Flex .370 no adapter or grip. Measures 39.5" tip to tip and for reference it was about 41" playing length with a PXG adapter and hybrid head. $150 3. Srixon ZX Utility 3-iron w/ Modus 105X and gray MCC+4 grip. 39" playing length. Shaft was purchased new and professionally installed, but it just didn't work out like I'd hoped. Keeping my ZX 2 utility instead. $180 4. Callaway X2 Hot Pro 4-wood 17* with Evenflow Black 85g 6.5X and gray MCC+4 grip. Playing length 42.5". Hard to find a cleaner one than this. I just can't figure out the fairway wood setup for me and I'm onto a low lofted hybrid. $150 5. SCOR 42* with Project X LZ and TV grip at standard 9-iron playing length. Ideal as a practice club or to blend a set. $50 would strongly prefer to bundle this with something else due to shipping costs. 6. MP20 MMC / SCOR iron set 4-PW plus Gap Wedge head and shaft options. 4-9 are MP20 MMC, PW is 46* SCOR wedge, and all are shafted with C-Taper Lite X shafts purchased new and professionally installed. MCC grips, 4-iron has MCC+4. Built to standard length and lie, with 4* loft gaps from 22* 4-iron down to 46* PW. GW head is 49* SCOR bent to 50* and I can include another C-Taper Lite X shaft and/or KBS 610 120g shaft, either of which would sync up for set progression. I got bored and played around with lead tape to get swingweights absolutely consistent. I can remove tape or ship as-is and let buyer decide **Condition note on all SCOR heads - These were purchased as new old stock from a fitting set. The discoloration around the hosel is due to the fitting connector SCOR used. The heads are otherwise identical production units, so only cosmetic difference.** $700 for entire set with both gap wedge shaft options listed. PM if you want it but don't have access to a shop to have gap wedge built back up. 7. PXG RH hybrid adapter, OEM. $20
  2. Prices include shipping to CONUS and PP G&S. Willing to ship outside CONUS but terms need to be discussed prior to sale. Everything is extremely clean, but please see pics for condition. PM for bundled offers, as shipping cost and convenience are both valuable to me. 1) Mavrik SubZero 3-Wood with Rogue 80X shaft. Stock Callaway specs, CPO purchase from Callaway Pre-Owned. Hoped shaft would suit me, and it took about 10 balls to know that wasn't the case. Asking $SOLD incudes Callaway Mavrik headcover (never used) 2) Cleveland TFI 6.5 Mid-Mallet Putter. Face-balanced, stock specs except grip was recently replaced. Grip shows a bit of wear at top and bottom but I use a carry bag and it took almost no time to rub a bit despite being practically new. Including Kiawah headcover shown along with Cleveland putter cover (never used) at asking price. $SOLD 3) Vega Raw Wedge Heads. 50* and 58*. I picked these up here and had them built up and I just didn't like them in the real world as much as in theory. They're pretty cool and very unique. Asking $80 for the set, prefer not to split, and these are tough to comp out on pricing so I'm open. I also have some wedge shafts around that could be worked into a deal. KBS 610 120g in LW length and C-Taper Lite X in GW length. PM if interested. 4) Handcrafted Evenflow Blue 100g 6.5X Hybrid Shaft with MCC +4 Standard Size and Titleist Hybrid Tip. Hair over 40" tip of adapter to grip butt. Asking $SOLD 5) Taylormade Spider Tour Black 35" Face-Balanced model with OEM headcover included. Very lightly used. This was my second favorite, so I got it and played a couple rounds and then my #1 choice came around. Please see pics. I placed a little bit of lead in the rear portion to sit flush with the body. I was going for that slightly farther back weight feel. I can leave it or remove it upon buyer request. Asking $SOLD 6) Tour Edge Exotics CBX119 16.5* Fairway Wood Head Only Very clean used condition. Most noticeable spot is a splash mark on the face that is nowhere near the top line but I'm pointing it out anyway. Asking $SOLD head only, and I do have the original Evenflow Blue 6.5X 75g shaft without grip. PM if interested. It was tipped about an inch after being pulled so it would play shorter and stiff than normal but it's available to somebody who is into that sort of thing. Edited just now by bnperrone
  3. Sorry, thought I'd marked everything sold and locked this thread. That club is in a new home, but I can tell you that as cool as the "hitogami" is, there are better current options (at least I've found that to be the case). After I sold this my brother sent me a P790 UDI and I get more distance out of it and have greater flexibility to hit bullets or hit softer compared to the H5. I know he likes the PXG 0311 driving irons better than the UDI he sent me. Best of luck finding an H5, but if I were you I'd look at the U500/510, Srixon UX, Callaway UT, TM line, and all the others that have come out more recently than the H5.
  4. Can still do shaft-only on the hybrid. And really, if you meant the 3W I would be willing to have that pulled for a shaft-only buyer. I'm just not doing it pre-emptively.
  5. Two items for sale: First, I am selling a very clean and only lightly used Titleist 818h2 19* with Project X Evenflow Blue 85g 6.0S shaft. The shaft itself measures 40" from adapter tip to grip butt. I never played this shaft but research suggests it is a straight-in stock factory build. I don't have a 60* angle measure but that should make it 40.5" stock playing length. Original headcover not included but will be fully protected in shipping. Can include 14g neutral, 14g fade/draw, and 16g fade/draw weights. Small paint chip on crown (not at topline) and small paint chip on shaft as shown in close-up pics. EDIT: Message for shaft only or head only. Asking $SOLD complete club Paypal G&S including CONUS shipping. If outside of CONUS just let me know and I'll be happy to send it if buyer covers excess shipping expenses. Second, I have an X2 Hot Pro 3-Wood that I had reshafted with an Evenflow Black Handcrafted 75g shaft. It is a 6.0 flex but the builder did extra tipping to get it closer to X. For flex reference, it flexes at 277 cpm on the shop scale, and at the time of the build, a GBB Epic with Whiteboard X at the same playing length and total weight flexed at 278cpm. Playing length is 42.25" and swingweight with lead tape as shown is currently D3. These clubs are known to be very hot, have great feel, and flat lie angles. I'm moving to a heavier shaft class and it just doesn't make economical sense to take it apart and try to sell as components. Will be shipped with Callaway generic headcover. EDIT: I'm willing to have the shaft professionally pulled. Bear in mind that 42.25" playing length in a bonded head is likely to be 42.75" or a little more when an adapter is used. Message if interested. Tough item to price as I cannot find one for sale in as good condition with this quality shaft and build. Asking $120complete club same PP and CONUS shipping notes as above item.
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    Just sent you a reply via private message. Thanks!
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    Welp, did it again experimenting with figuring out a specific hybrid setup, and it didn't make sense to start tweaking lengths and whatnot with an obvious bad fit. At least I'm keeping the head I bought. All prices are OBO PayPal G&S and shipped to CONUS. I use USPS but I am happy to ship with another provider if buyer pays any excess shipping cost. Given absurdity of shipping, I'd really like to bundle some or all of these and I'd be very flexible on an offer for the entire lot. Only possible trade I can think of is a standard (A) head weight MP20 PW head, a Wilson Staff Model 50* gap wedge head, or an 0311X 1-iron head, and I'd only be interested in very good condition or better. All have Titleist Hybrid Adapter Installed 1: KBS Tour Prototype Graphite Hybrid Shaft 105X. Measures 40 1/8" from tip of adapter to butt of grip. Black and White MCC Standard grip. This is stout. If you aren't solidly in X territory I'd say save yourself the headache and skip it. $SOLD Item 2 back available 2: Project X Evenflow Blue 85g 6.0. Measures 40" from tip of adapter to butt of grip. Black and White MCC Standard grip. Minor chip and scratch shown in pics. Zero affect on playability. $50 3: Project X Evenflow White 90g 6.0. Measures 39 3/8" from tip of adapter to butt of grip. Grey MCC +4 Standard Size grip. $SOLD 4: Tensei White 100X (not pro model, not TX). Measures 38 3/16" from tip of adapter to end of the ungripped shaft. $SOLD 5: 913 hd 18* head available to add to either shaft for $30. Hard to price this but it's in much better condition than most this age, and IMO this line is superior to everything that came after it until the 818 series. Red weight installed but we packed some lead tape into the cavity and the head weighs 230g Would love to move both shafts and the head in one transaction.
  8. Two sets went up on WRX very recently for far more than this. One was also opened. I don't have a dog in the fight here and I don't care about limited availability high-end stuff, but he's clearly in line with the market on asking price. Regarding history on the site, it really doesn't matter in this case. If you're talking about hand-built stuff or tour-issue items where you'd really want to have some documented record, sure. This is sealed in plastic from the manufacturer. Any transaction will include multiple layers of buyer protection. There's really nothing that a 10,000 post count would change about the item or the market rate for it. Not to mention there's dozens of posts every week where headcovers and putter covers and ball markers go for (what I think is) stupid money and I don't see the people here trolling after them. Sounds like some folks are jealous their number didn't get called and others are mad that they can't stroke that check. I can't either, so it's a good thing I don't care.
  9. Price includes Paypal payment and shipping to CONUS. Please message regarding shipping elsewhere. Happy to provide additional pics and info as needed. PP address is bnperrone@hotmail.com 1. Ping G410 LST Fairway Wood with Evenflow Black 85g 6.5X at stock 43" playing length with clean MCC+4 grip in gray standard size. This has very few swings on it and is in excellent condition. I tried to recreate the feel of my driver but it isn't for me. Given shipping rates these days and Ping's backorder status I'm asking $SOLD0 complete or $SOLD head only and $SOLD shaft only. Headcover will be included for whoever takes the clubhead. 2. SCOR wedges, 47*, 51*, 55* with C-Taper Stiff shafts. No shaft labels. Would prefer to sell as a set for shipping, and $SOLD is as low as I can go before I just keep them around for wearing out on the range. See pics for wear and note the rock chip on the 55* that unfortunately came on the third swing ever from a practice bunker. 3. SCOR wedges 42*, 46*, nearly new with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts and MCC+4 grips, gray standard size. These were purchased as new old stock fitting heads, hence the discoloration around the top of the hosel. SCOR used a brass fitting attachment, so besides the discoloration there is no difference in weighting or construction compared to any other SCOR retail wedge. I built these to try and blend with a set of Mizuno MMCs but I moved on from those and got into C-Taper Lite X shafts in my current irons. $100 for the set.
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