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  1. Price includes Paypal payment and shipping to CONUS. Please message regarding shipping elsewhere. Happy to provide additional pics and info as needed. PP address is [email protected] 1. Ping G410 LST Fairway Wood with Evenflow Black 85g 6.5X at stock 43" playing length with clean MCC+4 grip in gray standard size. This has very few swings on it and is in excellent condition. I tried to recreate the feel of my driver but it isn't for me. Given shipping rates these days and Ping's backorder status I'm asking $250 complete or $180 head only and $90 shaft only. Headcover will be included for whoever takes the clubhead. 2. SCOR wedges, 47*, 51*, 55* with C-Taper Stiff shafts. No shaft labels. Would prefer to sell as a set for shipping, and $60 is as low as I can go before I just keep them around for wearing out on the range. See pics for wear and note the rock chip on the 55* that unfortunately came on the third swing ever from a practice bunker. 3. SCOR wedges 42*, 46*, nearly new with Project X LZ 6.0 shafts and MCC+4 grips, gray standard size. These were purchased as new old stock fitting heads, hence the discoloration around the top of the hosel. SCOR used a brass fitting attachment, so besides the discoloration there is no difference in weighting or construction compared to any other SCOR retail wedge. I built these to try and blend with a set of Mizuno MMCs but I moved on from those and got into C-Taper Lite X shafts in my current irons. $100 for the set.
  2. As much as I'd like to keep all my clubs, it's time to move on. Some are simply replaced, some are experiments that didn't work out, and some aren't better than what they were meant to replace. I'm open to reasonable offers discounts for multiple items, and everything is priced shipped to lower 48 and PP. I'm willing to ship anywhere, but costs outside lower 48 need to be determined and added. I'm open to trade for a Ping G410 5W, 3W, or 3W LST with Evenflow Black 85g 6.5X, ideally with stock build specs. Possibly G410 19* hybrid with same EFB 6.5X shaft. 1-3) SM7 Jet Black Wedge Set. 50.12F, 54.10S, 58.098M. Matching serial number set, confirmed by Titleist to be factory Project X LZ 6.0 120g shaft install at 1/4" under playing length. These come without grips and currently have butt extensions to bring them back up a bit beyond standard length and I can pull them or leave them. Lofts set at 50, 55, 60 and flat lie angles. Bent to your specs upon request. $190 for the set, $140 for two, or $75 each. 4) Epic (NOT flash) Subzero 15" FW with Diamana D+ Whiteboard 70x. Purchased from Callaway CPO, very little use or wear. 42.245" playing length, GP grip, little lead on the toe that can stay or go. I could potentially add an OG flower band whiteboard 73X that would play more like 42.50". $115 as-is, PM regarding shaft combo. 5) Titleist 818h2 23* w/Evenflow White 90g 6.0 shaft ~1/2" below standard playing length. Again, very little wear at all. I thought I wanted to replace the 4-iron slot and it doesn't suit me. Shaft was OEM titleist from TS3. I also have a KBS steel hybrid shaft and adapter available. $125 with Evenflow, PM for head or shaft only offers. 6) Mizuno combo iron set, MP60 4-7, MP32 8-PW. I am the original owner, and these were ordered 1/2" over length (b heads) with Royal Precision Rifle Flighted 6.0 shafts. My spec is standard loft and about 1* flat, recently checked and adjusted. The 8, 9, and PW faces are shown in close-ups and have the most wear. 4-iron shown has the least. I take very good care of my equipment and over the last couple years I used a different PW. Serviceable grips. I find it very difficult to capture condition in pictures, so I'm happy to send more upon request. $180 mainly because they're much cleaner than what I find out there. 7-9) SCOR Wedge Set. 47, 51, 55. These were reshafted after a fitting and I was in a phase where I didn't like labels. They're C-tapers, most likely 120S or 125S+. They slot in with the 6.0 Rifles of the MP set. They match the 1/2" over specs of the MP set for length, and they have the same decent grips as above. Ideal setup for somebody looking to play their wedges like irons with a lower ball flight and moderate spin. The 55* unfortunately caught a pebble in a bunker on the third swing I made with it ever. See pic, hasn't impacted playability but it is a shame to look at. $100 for the set, would prefer to sell as a set. 10) Last but not least, the Mizuno MP-H5 "Hitogami" 1-iron. I was fitted for this and didn't want shaft labels, so I'm unsure which C-Taper is in it. What I can tell you is that it is 40" length, D1 as assembled with extra wraps under an MCC +4 grip, and frequencies at 294 with a total weight of 398g. I play everything in the S+ to X range and this slots right in there. I like this club, but it's hard to find a spot in my bag for it. My price on this is high but it's considerably less than the only one I found on Ebay. It's what it'll take for me to get rid of it. $300.
  3. I have a set of SM7 Jet Black Vokeys that are easily bent to those lofts and would be high bounce like you want. Actually, the 54 is already bent to 55 and the 58 is bent to 60. As ordered, they are 50.12F, 54.10S, 58.8M all with project X LZ 6.0 shafts at 1/4" short of standard. If you don't have access to a reliable shop for bending I could have it done.
  4. I've got an 818h2 with a 90-gram evenflow white 6.0 shaft in excellent condition. Shaft was originally ordered for a TS hybrid and I purchased it from Will Peoples golf. I thought I wanted to replace my 4-iron but in real life it isn't working that way. Feel free to PM me about it if he's interested.
  5. Paypal fees and CONUS shipping included. I'm willing to ship anywhere but I'd need to quantify the cost to ship outside of CONUS. Please inquire about discounts for multiple items, particularly for shipping shafts. I'm also happy to provide additional pics or measurements as requested. I am new to this forum and don't sell online often, but my Ebay ID is benphsc if you want to check feedback. Open to offers but not trades unless somebody has some nearly new JPX919 Tours or Mp's with C-Taper Lite X or Project X LZ 6.0 shafts. TaylorMade M5 9.0* Driver w/ Black Hzrdus 75 6.0 at 45" playing length (44" adapter tip to grip butt). MCC +4 Std Grip. Head ordered new from TM, swapped in shaft from my brother's new M5 order from TM, played a couple rounds and a couple range sessions. $275 Black Evenflow Handcrafted 75g 6.0 Driver shaft with Z cord grip with TM tip, plays at 45.5" in M5 (44.5" tip to grip). Ordered new from True Temper. $150 MRC Diamana D+ 62 x5ct Stiff Driver Shaft with MCC +4 Align midsize grip. Has TM adapter installed, plays at 45.5" in M5 (44.5" tip to grip), acquired on trade. $50 Inquire about pricing for various heads and shafts. Original headcover will go to whoever buys the head. $425 to bundle head and all 3 TM shafts. Ping G LS Tec 9.0 Driver. Bought used from local top-100 clubfitter shop. Comes with Ping Tour 65 X shaft at stock 45.25" playing length (44.25" tip to grip). MCC Align Std grip. Light scratch from alignment stick shown in last pic of head taken by window. Far less noticeable in person but I did my best to show it at its worst. $SOLD Evenflow White 65g 6.0 Driver Shaft, 45.5" playing length in G head (44.5" tip to grip), z-cord midsize grip. Bought new from Titleist factory order with Titleist tip and I had the Ping tip installed. Scrape on back side of shaft by ferrule as shown in picture. No touch-up attempted to make it blend in. $SOLD G head and both shafts for $SOLD, headcover included for whoever purchases head Aldila Tour Green ATX Fairway Wood Shaft, 75g 3.7 Stiff. Pulled from Callaway X2 Hot Pro 15*, only hit a couple times before pulling. Played stock 43" length. No adapter as it was pulled from a fixed head. 42" raw tip to grip. MCC Align Mid grip. $45 MRC Diamana D+ 102 Hybrid Stiff. Pulled from Titleist 913H2 18* hybrid. No adapter. 38.5" raw tip to butt. Tour Wrap mid grip. $40 Titleist 4UP Sta-Dry Stand Bag, Ocean Course at Kiawah embroidery on ball pocket. Embroidery is backed with waterproofing on the interior. New in plastic and box, 2016 model, ordered new from Titleist (I am a Kiawah employee). Comes with double strap and single strap as well as waterproof top cover. These are very light and balance well but I just don't need a backup bag and it's been in the box in a closet long enough. $175
  6. I have 2 pairs of nearly new Ecco Cage 2 Pro shoes and 1 pair of hybrids. All size 43. See pictures for condition. The cage pro 2s would pass for brand new. All of them bite my heel so I'm giving up. Pricing includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal. If you're outside of CONUS just let me know so we can work out a fair shipping price. 1.White and red hybrids (original generation of hybrid). Worn a few times and forgotten about in a closet. $50 2. White Leather Cage Pro 2 Lace-ups. Worn once. $110 3. Gray Leather Cage Pro 2 Boa with GoreTex. Worn Twice. $130
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