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  1. Chris Edmond, Ok ~40-50 rounds of ~120 are walked, but would walk more with this Clicgear 3.5
  2. Found an Instagram giveaway on one of the accounts I follow. Like/comment entry style. Looks like giveaway entry period is from now until The Players. Scotty Cameron Special Select 2.5 https://www.instagram.com/p/CK5bUh2l8f7/?igshid=uuryxhr6dpoy
  3. Chris, Edmond iPhone 12 Pro Max Both equally Indoors yes, outdoors no
  4. I'd be interested in hearing this too. I'm very very close to pulling the trigger on ordering the Mevo+ to use at the range at my club and at home w/ both a garage and backyard setup.
  5. Been using some of their headcovers and divot tools for a while, and they typically have decent sales around tournaments and holidays but this one is the biggest I've seen. $15 for divot tools. Had to pass this on https://www.americanputtercompany.com/collections/holiday-sale
  6. Chris Edmond, OK PXG PROTO 0811X - Tour AD GP7x @ 45.5” 9.3 106mph TSi3
  7. Chris - Edmond, OK I play weekly throughout the winter! They don't roll true Fast
  8. Still waiting on my Proto X, the Tour AD GP7x is on backorder due to COVID's impact on Japanese shafts. PXG said they should have it by next week to finish the build.
  9. Got fit today Proto X Tour AD GP7X +1/2" no grip, putting a Golf Pride Microsuede Mid on it
  10. I reached out again and it sounds like anything you can come up w/ design wise they can mill/finish for you and the turnaround town is significantly faster and more affordable than some of the other big names out there in custom putters.
  11. I'm getting fit next week for a Proto w/ my local PXG fitter. Been fighting off doing a fitting because I like the Mavrik SZ, but several in my playing group had ridiculous ball speed gains by switching to the Proto, so now I have to get fit.
  12. Saw an IG post from a former NFL QB who had some customs done and the one looks like an Anser 2. Previously they only had Anser style putters. I gamed one for a little bit and liked it, I like the Anser 2 style a lot more though. I reached out to them on social media and they said to keep an eye out for more details soon.
  13. Normally in arid climates I just say "But it's a dry heat". At 127, that goes out the window I'm guessing.
  14. Because the face thins from repeated wear and then it gets thin enough it cracks. Driver will be hot until it cracks, then it will be dead.
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