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    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Member Recap - Caley 01X Utility Iron   
    The Testing Opportunity - Part One: Unveiling Caley Golf's 01X Utility Iron

    Caley Golf, a rising star in the Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) market, has swiftly carved its niche as a brand to watch. In a saturated golf market, breaking through can be challenging, making our opportunity to organize a MyGolfSpy Forum Member Review of the Caley 01X Utility Iron all the more exciting. After a commendable top three finish in Most Wanted Testing with their driving iron, the forum community's anticipation was high, and what better way to see how the product really performs than by placing the product in the hands of our forum testers.

    About Caley Golf
    Founded in 2019 by Ryan Atha, Caley Golf initially offered budget-friendly box sets. Wanting to take the next step forward, the brand elevated its game by introducing premium-level clubs like the 01, 01T, and 01CB iron sets—a notable leap forward featuring a hollow body player distance iron and a fully forged cavity back.
    These innovations mark a stride toward Caley Golf's overarching mission—to enhance golf accessibility by providing premium-quality clubs at affordable prices.

    What Underwent Testing?
    In a departure from conventional single-product focus, the Caley forum opportunity encompassed a set from each of their three offerings and two of their MyGolfSpy Most Wanted 3rd place Caley 01X Utility irons.
    This article, part one of our coverage, delves into the Caley 01X Utility Iron's performance, scrutinizing how it fared in the hands of our testers.

    Caley 01X Utility: Initial Impressions
    While the utility arrived in less-than-ideal box conditions, the testers noted that improved packaging would be beneficial. Despite this, the clubs emerged unscathed and in pristine condition.
    Our tester, AndySP, shared mixed sentiments about a few details. The overall look and aesthetics of the club were graded well and impressed, but he found the shaft's upward logo-facing installation somewhat perplexing. Another tester, Vegan, initially had concerns due to the box's condition but was pleasantly surprised by the club's immaculate appearance upon unwrapping. Raving about the look and clean lines he couldn’t wait to get the utility to the range and golf course.

    Tester Feedback on Performance
    Both testers commended the club's aesthetics, but how did it perform?
    One minor critique centered on the shaft—although of good quality, the 65-gram stiff shaft felt slightly light, particularly for Vegan, causing timing issues and an extended break-in period. This was not so much an issue with the shaft which is provided, but more the lack of options available to those who may require a heavier or stiffer shaft for their swing. 
    Despite this, both testers achieved favorable results with the Utility. In terms of forgiveness, AndySP acknowledged its limitations as a large 2 iron but highlighted its superior performance compared to his other irons, especially with low and toe strikes.

    He also added that there was one particular shot he wished to be able to play with this club, which was the stinger. Here is what he said. 
    “To hit mean low rockets to impress my instagram friends…I mean to stay under the wind. Perhaps surprisingly… I had no problem putting this a little back in the stance and keeping it low on the range. Addicting, but still a little scary on the course for me.”
    On distance, he remarked, "It's a bomber that creeps up on the distance I get out of my 4 wood." Vegan, while experiencing ups and downs on the course, praised the Caley 01X for its versatility in various situations, with the only drawback being its challenge in the rough.

    The Final Verdict
    Although both testers encountered a learning curve with the Caley 01X Utility, they eventually gave it scores of 72 and 78 out of 100. While not the highest in our member tests, both plan to deploy the club situationally. Reshafting is on the horizon for both testers to optimize the club's fit to their swings.
    Navigating the nuances of driving irons or utility irons is inherently tricky, and the Caley 01X Utility received praise for its aesthetics, sound, feel, and height of ball flight, coupled with solid distance. However, points were deducted for weighting, limited shaft options, forgiveness traits, and an unusual situation where excess metal emerged from the grooves during cleaning, as noted by AndySP.

    It was a challenging test at times for the testers as this was not an easy plug and play club. There were several great shots recorded and highlighted during testing, however there were also struggles which were well documented. With the stock components testers had to adapt their swings and timing to get the most out of the club. 
    While they both recommended the golf club for various reasons, they did specify it should be for those fit better into the stock specifications and shaft options. 
    Despite these considerations, both testers lauded its reasonable pricing, affirming that the Caley 01X Utility delivers commendable performance for its cost.
    The testers final reviews and data they collected can be found in the following link: Forum Member Review: Caley 01X Utility

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    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Recap: Rapsodo MLM2PRO   
    A Comprehensive Review by MyGolfSpy Forum Testers

    The anticipation among our members for the testing opportunity of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO was nothing short of palpable. While the Rapsodo MLM had already established itself as a highly utilized and well-reviewed product on the MyGolfSpy Forum, the addition of enhanced features in the MLM2PRO made it one of the most eagerly awaited items for our testing season.
    Selection Process:
    Our Forum Staff handpicked a select group of members to conduct thorough reviews. These individuals were tasked with rigorously testing all functions and features of the MLM2PRO and providing regular updates to the community. Their insights would culminate in a final, comprehensive review assessing the performance and features of the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO.
    Introducing the Rapsodo MLM2PRO
    Rapsodo, with a commitment to continuous improvement, introduces the MLM2PRO, offering significant enhancements while maintaining an affordable price point. Here's a glimpse of the remarkable features that accompany the new Rapsodo MLM2PRO:
    1 Year Premium Membership ($199 Value) included with the device Dual optical camera vision Shot Vision and Impact Vision for versatile swing replay options Simulation at 30,000+ golf courses Quick Connect Feature for seamless setup Rapsodo Combines for a comprehensive analysis Full functionality both indoors and outdoors NEW R-Cloud site Apple and Android compatibility Accolades:
    In the MyGolfSpy's latest rankings for the Best Golf Launch Monitors of 2023, the Rapsodo MLM2PRO secured an impressive 2nd position, narrowly trailing the Bushnell Launch Pro. Noteworthy is the fact that the Bushnell Launch Pro can cost up to $2800 more, making the Rapsodo MLM2PRO a cost-effective alternative.
    User Feedback:
    With high praise preceding the testing phase, our eagerly awaited testers have shared their experiences with the Rapsodo MLM2PRO. Let's delve into their firsthand accounts and uncover the insights they've gained from putting this cutting-edge device to the test.
    Insights from Testers

    Unboxing & Setup
    When you invest in the Rapsodo MLM2PRO, you're not just getting a launch monitor – you're getting a complete package. In addition to the device itself, the package includes a tripod, a convenient carrying case, a USB-C charging cable, and even a sleeve of Callaway RPT Chrome Soft X Golf Balls (more on these later).
    One of our testers, xOldBenKenobiX, enthusiastically shared his first experience with a personal launch monitor and the setup process:
    "This is my first extended experience with a mobile launch monitor, and I couldn't be more thrilled. The device, neatly contained in a compact and highly portable package, packs quite a punch. Setting it up on the range was a breeze – turning it on, connecting it to my phone, configuring the location – it was good to go. These steps might sound lengthy, but in reality, it was a matter of mere minutes before I was teeing off."
    Another tester, CSiders12, expressed his great initial impressions:
    "This monitor is sweet—no beating around that bush. From the delivery, packaging, and performance, I have been very impressed so far."

    The Rapsodo App
    Rapsodo is committed to enhancing the user experience of its app through regular fixes and updates. Our testers have noticed significant improvements with each update.
    Tester Golfspy_APH shared his thoughts:
    "While there are a few things I might tweak with the app, Rapsodo has consistently pushed through updates that addressed any initial qualms I had. The recent update includes a bulk club add feature. Setup of the unit couldn’t be easier. With the phone in hand, everything is marked, and within seconds, you can have the whole unit aligned for your session on the range or at home into a net."

    Additionally, Rapsodo has launched a new website called R-Cloud, allowing users to view all their sessions, videos, and more on a PC – a valuable addition for Rapsodo MLM2PRO users.
    Features - Cameras & Viewing Options

    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO boasts a myriad of features, with our testers providing insightful perspectives. CSiders12 highlighted the impact vision feature:
    "Impact vision allows you to see the impact between the golf club and the golf ball. I found this to be really beneficial when focusing on club face control and swing path. During impact vision mode, you get a slow-mo video of the impact position."

    Golfspy_APH, on the other hand, praised the multi-camera setup:
    "The ability to take one swing and have 3 different and usable camera views of the same swing was game-changing. Being able to breakdown and analyze your swing from down the line, impact, and face on using your phone or tablet is simply the best."
    Features: Numbers & Accuracy

    Accurate data is crucial, and our testers found that the Rapsodo MLM2PRO delivered impressive consistency and precision. Outdoor flights replicated on-course play, and the use of Callaway RPT Golf Balls significantly improved net numbers' accuracy.
    Tester xOldBenKenobiX noted:
    "To maintain transparency, it's worth noting that I observed some variations in data when using different types of golf balls, including range balls, RPT balls, and regular golf balls with the RPT pattern. The RPT balls provided more consistent feedback, even on mishits."
    The Rapsodo MLM2PRO measures 13 different metrics, providing comprehensive insights for golfers to enhance their performance.

    Features: Golf Simulator 
    A standout feature of the Rapsodo MLM2PRO is the Simulation Mode, as highlighted by CSiders12:
    "The simulation mode is a huge success. Whether you choose to go to the range or play on courses, it's beneficial. The range option is especially helpful when hitting indoors. By having simulation experiences, it allows me to see my shot shape and what I need to work on during my practice sessions."

    While Rapsodo offers its own courses, CSiders12 mentioned third-party apps like Awesome Golf and E6, providing users with diverse simulation experiences.
    Golfspy_APH shared his experience:
    "I used the MLM2PRO as a warmup for a tournament at a course that I had never played. It helped me prepare for the round and without question saved me several strokes."
    Rapsodo Combines
    Finally Rapsodo offers a unique program they call combines. Our tester Golfspy BOS explains it perfectly. 
    “One of the new features that I am growing fond of is the Performance Combine.  When you do a combine session you hit 3 clubs.  2 clubs to approach distances and 1 as a tee shot.  You get some warmup shots and then, games on!  The app lets you know which shot you are trying to hit and rotates through until 8 of each distance, 24 total shots.  No retakes, no deletes, no hiding.  It is a great way to get some quick but effective practice with a little added pressure.”
    The Final Verdict

    With final grades ranging between 90 and 96 out of 100, it's clear that the Rapsodo MLM2PRO made a significant impact on our testers. In conclusion, xOldBenKenobiX emphasized:
    "This golf simulation system is more than a mere gadget; it is a powerful practice tool that adds an element of fun and challenge to your practice sessions. With some refinements and improvements, it has the potential to be an invaluable asset for golf enthusiasts seeking to elevate their game."
    CSiders12 wrapped up his review with a compelling recommendation:
    "If you want to improve your golf game, you need data. This device will provide the data you need (and more) for a fraction of the cost of its competitors. If you are considering a launch monitor, definitely consider the Rapsodo MLM2Pro as you won’t find another one like it for the price."
    Golfspy_APH concluded:
    "I really enjoyed the original MLM; however, the MLM2PRO has taken Rapsodo from a nice-to-have to a must-have piece of equipment for me."
    Golfspy BOS wrapped up his review saying:
    “The Rapsodo MLM2PRO is everything I wanted the original MLM to be and more.”

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    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Recap: Zebra Putters   
    The Testing Opportunity

    There is little doubt that Zebra makes some of the more iconic putters to grab a golfer's attention. In 2017 Zebra was Listed in the "Top 18 Most Famous Golf Clubs in History" by Golf.com and in 2020 Golf Brands Inc acquired Zebra Golf with a mission to restore the iconic brand along with bringing in legendary putter designer Austie Rollinson appointed to design the comeback range.
    This Forum testing opportunity aimed to highlight this comeback and allow our testers to see how these putters perform!
    Zebra makes four different putter models, the AIT 1, AIT 2, AIT 3 and AIT 4. These models in Zebras words are “Leveraging our iconic design heritage, including the Major-winning striped alignment system, our new range features four modern head shapes to suit every putting stroke and every type of golfer.”
    We selected four members to select one of each of their new models. These testers were to give their honest opinions throughout their review and inform our community on how they perform. Here is what they had to say!
    What The Tester Said - AIT 1

    The Zebra AIT 1 was tested by LinksgolfFever and this is what he said about how the putter looked. “It was a bit larger than expected/than I am used to playing, but it does grow on you(In a good way).  I like the contrast between the bold lines on the club head and the subtle designs like the ghost zebra print on the sole.”
    Sound & Feel 
    “Great sound feedback from center and off-center hits.  The center strike has a great click and you feel it in your hands.  Off center hits have a more hollow tin like click sound that you can also feel in your hands, enough difference between the two to know it.”
    Initial impressions and putts were solid, so how did it perform on the course and where were its strengths and potential weaknesses? “I really enjoyed the putter, on the right greens (specifically the right green speeds for me) I would play this putter (with a few necessary modifications- e.g., grip, sole weights, shaft length).  The challenge I had with this outside of use on courses with faster greens is the weighting/counter weighting that isn’t present.  I found at times I got a much hotter/faster putt than planned or anticipated, probably my stroke and more use of my hands but was an issue.“

    Bottom Line
    Linksgolfever graded the Zebra AIT 1 a solid 83/100 and had mainly all good things to say when the final review came in, with a couple caveats. “Overall this was a good putter for me.  I am excited to see where the new Zebra will go.  I think this has the potential to be a GREAT putter for someone that fits in the range of options offered.  For me the testing had a bit of a curve to it, where mid testing is where I saw the best returns from the putter, the end fell a little short of my expectations.  If you have a stroke with near zero to minimal toe flow this is THE PUTTER for YOU!!!  The downside is options that aren’t available, hopefully in the future more selection in shaft/weight/grip will be available.“
    What The Tester Said - AIT 2

    Tester cciciora13 was our selected member for the Zebra AIT 2. Right away he highlighted the headcover saying “The zebra stripes on the back look slick!“
    Adding more to the looks saying “This putter looks sharp! I really like the black color of the mallet with the white alignment lines- that is one reason I typically use this style of putter. It helps get things lined up. The Zebra lines around the center white alignment are subtle with the muted grey but present if you are looking for them.”
    Next up was the sole for cciciora13 “The sole of the putter is simple but one thing worth noting is the weights. Again I enjoy how they added the Zebra stripes into the design of the weights as well. It just continues to tie in the theme in subtle ways which is cool.”

    In terms of feel he added “I also enjoy the feel of the face- slightly firm but soft enough to give you a good feel in the hands when striking the ball. It looks nice in grey and I like the “Z” mark on the inside to emphasize the Zebra brand but not over the top.”
    His main critique with the AIT 2 was the standard Winn AVS Pistol grip as it was thinner than he was used to playing and would have preferred another. 
    So after playing several rounds and using the putter is it going in his bag? 
    “This putter is going to stay in my bag for now. I think the Zebra lines have helped line my putts up, and assisted in my ability to start putts on line. I was happy with the 2.0 putts per hole average and think I can improve upon that the more I work with the putter and get more practice with it. The price at $250 seems a little steep…It seems suited to golfers who were fans of the original or for nostalgia.”

    Bottom Line
    The Zebra AIT 2 was scored at 83/100 with the main deductions being due to grip and custom options. With his final word he said “The Zebra AIT 2 putter is easy to line up with the Zebra lines and has an overall firm but receptive feel when rolling putts on the green. I liked the premium feel of the headcover, as well as its performance”
    What The Tester Said - AIT 3

    Tester aguybadatgolf was our selected tester for the Zebra AIT 3 which is a larger mallet putter that we see more commonly now. However once again it was the headcover that stood out with him saying “The head cover immediately caught my attention. It is high quality with an eye-catching design that is not overly flashy.“
    When describing the shape aguybadatgolf he said “The overall design reminds me of a Taylormade Spider. One of the most popular putters ever made is not a bad putter to look like. The one key difference is the hole in the middle of the Zebra AIT3 that reminds me of a friend’s Evnroll Zero.”

    Sound & Feel
    In terms of sound and feel there once again continued to be a running theme with our testers. “I love the way this putter sounds. It makes a very satisfying “low click”, It sounds almost like gently tapping a heavy oak cutting board with the handle of a kitchen knife, a dull “tock” if you will. On misshits out of the toe or heel the sound was slightly louder which provided useful feedback so I could correct my next stroke.“
    When it came to feel he said “As for the feel, this is where I think the putter really shines. It feels fantastic.”
    Aguybadatgolf did several head to head tests along the way and was able to come back with real data that highlighted strengths of the Zebra AIT 3 as well as it was close or similar to matching his other putters. 

    Bottom Line
    When all was said and done with testing he graded it at 87/100 with again the main deductions coming from lack of customization options. However finishing up his review he had mainly positive notes sharing “Overall I was impressed with the putter. I had actually never heard of Zebra until I saw the testing opportunity. The AIT3 is exactly as they market it. Very forgiving and stable. I think the average golfer who buys off the rack would get along well with this putter. I personally saw a pretty big improvement in my putts per hole that resulted in 3-4 fewer strokes per round by the end of the testing period.“
    What The Tester Said - AIT 4

    Long time member and lefty tony@cic was our Zebra AIT 4 tester. This is the only blade putter in the Zebra stable and one tony@cic was very excited to be testing. 
    Compared to his Odyssey blade he noted the AIT 4 head was slightly wider, but also slightly shorter. The alignment marker was also wider and “There are other subdued ball marks to the left and right of the primary – not sure of their value other than promoting Zebra stripes.”
    He noted some other finer details, but in the end for the looks he had a simple statement “It’s a Zebra and proud of it.“ Then when it came to the performance on the course he managed to pick up roughly 5 strokes after his first 5 rounds and most of his 3 putts went away. With further testing with the various weights he was able to fine tune his setup to find the optimal range and options for his putting stroke. 
    So in the end is the Zebra going in his bag? This is what he had to say “you can't dispute data. I can now walk up to a long putt and think I can make it vs. the old me looking at the putt saying looks like I’ll have to settle for a 2 or maybe even 3 putt.  That precisely summarizes how I feel about the AIT 4 in my hands – I can make this putt.”

    Bottom Line
    The AIT 4 was a standout putter in this test and he really enjoyed using it as well as continues to do so. Rating it a 94 out of 100 it got the highest grade of all the putters in this test. 
    The Final Verdict

    Zebra putters have a distinct design and for our testers fantastic feel, sound and looks. None of the four putters were poorly rated and all of the testers intend to make these their gamers moving forward. 
    The knocks were the same of most smaller companies. A lack of custom options. However the testers noted the customer service, shipping time and experience with the Zebra putters was top quality. Price was also noted as being fair, but maybe top end at $250. 
    When all was said and done it is impressive to see four testers enjoy using putters as much as these four. 
    To see and read their full reviews and results go to this link: FULL REVIEWS HERE!
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    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Member Recap: Indi Golf Wedges   
    The Testing Opportunity
    As we have stated in previous Forum Member Reviews, MyGolfSpy Forum worked to involve, highlight and include several direct-to-consumer (DTC) and newer brands as part of the Member Testing Platform. INDI Golf was one of these companies. 
    For those unfamiliar with INDI Golf, they are a relatively new brand that specialize in putters and wedges. INDI Golf uniquely offers both conforming and non-conforming wedges. Other technology and options include their “Tractionface technology” and a “scoopback design” claiming added forgiveness along with three different models with various grinds. They have wedges that aim to work for every golfer at a competitive cost. 
    For this testing opportunity selected testers were virtually fit by INDI Golf and given a set of wedges to test and keep. Testers were limited to conforming wedges, but were also able to select stock shaft and grip options of their choosing. 
    A INDI Golf Virtual Fitting

    Here is what Tester RICHL85 had to say about his fitting:
    “We experienced what Indi golf calls a “virtual fitting” which is essentially a questionnaire to answer the basic things like what wedges we currently play, what shaft we play in irons, distance, course conditions and divot type. In my case, I play in pretty intermediate conditions and take a small or no divot…Overall, most of the decisions were pretty straightforward. We stuck with the same lofts I’m currently playing (50, 54, and 58), 1/2" long, 1 degree upright. To match up with my irons, we also stuck with the KBS wedge shaft option. Since I don’t have a particularly steep attack angle, we are going with the FLX head in the 50 and 54, but the ATK head for the 58 degree.”

    As for tester Willie T had this to say:
    “I get a call from Zane at Indi about doing the virtual fitting.  That was quick as I had sent my completed questionnaire along with a supplemental email to them the evening before…We get to talking about my game in a little more detail and I tell him about seeing Shiels' video.  Long story short after a couple of clarifications we come up with the following: 
    50, 54, 58deg FLX S grind w/10deg bounce w/Recoil F3 Regular 820 graphite shaft and conforming grooves, standard lie.“

    Tester Nunfa0 being a lefty had a bit less in terms of options, but was aptly fit into a INDI FLX S 52, 56, 60 combo with their progress grinds. The wedges came with the Dynamic Gold Spinner 115 Wedge shafts.  
    With the fittings done, orders placed it was time to hear what our testers thought of how the INDI Golf wedges looked and of course how they performed throughout testing. 
    H2: What Testers Said

    Tester RichL85 took note of a few things with the INDI wedges:
    “The first thing you notice with the Indi wedges are the grooves. It’s a unique look as most companies have gone to large grooves, whereas the Indi wedges have a lot more grooves, but they are thinner…The next visual aspect that jumps out is just the sheer thickness of the topline at the toe of the clubhead. This part is beveled off well so it’s not noticeable at address, but when you look at the clubs, there is a significant difference in the width of the clubhead at the toe when comparing near the hosel. The claim is that it adds weight to the toe, and moves the CG away from the hosel similar to how many companies use tungsten toe weights.“
    Willie T added to the aesthetics commentary stating:
    “For me, looks wise, the clubs exude class from top to bottom!  I love it when clubs are understated and look purposeful.  These wedges deliver that look and then some. My initial thoughts were that the full face grooves would be somewhat distracting. The opposite was/is true as they are actually very pleasing to my eye.  I found that the vertical edge of the grooves (hosel side) made a great reference to help “center” the ball on the face.”

    On Course Performance
    When it came to the on course performance there were similar positive reactions. However we also wanted testers to see if these wedges lived up to the “Kings of Spin” tag line INDI Golf uses. 
    Tester Bmart had applied strokes gained and a variety of data points during his testing period which resulted in these comments:
    “The consistency in distance on approach shots with the Indi wedges is their greatest strength in my opinion and was observed through indoor testing and on course. Poor strikes tended to drop spin which aided carry and rollout to arrive close to where a good strike would drop and stop. As someone who gets their money's worth by using the majority of the club face throughout the bag, these are a big benefit to my game within 100 yards. I am growing to enjoy the 60 FLX with low (8*) bounce and a wide flange as a specialty sand club…The wedges show minimal wear through close to 10 rounds and many practice sessions including bunker work to learn how to use them out of the sand which I consider another plus.”

    For RichL85 the answer to the spin question was easy:
    “Indi wins outright with lower launch angle as promised, and quite a bit more spin.” Adding “If a player wants to be able to spin a wedge, then Indi is definitely worth a look”
    However in BMarts testing and data it didn’t appear as conclusive:
    “I have not found anything to support their spin royalty claims as spin is comparable/lower to that of major OEMs but distance control and consistency on mishits appears to exceed.“
    The Final Verdict

    When testing was all finished we had our testers grade and state whether or not these wedges would replace their current set. With scores of 83,85,89 and 90 out of 100 it is safe to say they performed well overall for the group. Three of the four testers without question are keeping these as their new gamers and the fourth will have these in rotation with his other wedges. 
    The biggest knock in deductions came to some grind options and availability for left handed players. This is a factor we often see with smaller brands as they build out their lineup of golf clubs. 

    Wrapping up their reviews this is what each tester had to say.
    Willie T “For someone looking for a great wedge that is not flashy, that doesn’t bury you in a myriad of sole grinds, that is super reasonable in cost - the guys at INDI can be that one stop shop.“
    Bmart15 “I am 100% putting these wedges into play full time.  I don't think anyone would turn down an improvement of more than 1.5 shots/round due to an equipment change. The staff at Indi were very helpful discussing a gapping setup which also contributed to the improvement”
    RichL85 “While the court is still out on whether Indi is the undisputed King of Spin, they are putting out a very good offering that is making a serious attempt at that claim.”

    Nunfa0 “Will they be longer than my current set? Yes, they are longer but not crazy long.
    Are they as forgiving as Indi claims?  From what I have seen so far, yes they are.
    Can I manipulate the face for the little touch shots around the green? Absolutely yes!!
    Are these good wedges for chipping? Oh my word yes!! I think the forgiving nature of these beauties helps a lot with that.”
    To see the testers full reviews and data on the INDI Golf wedges go here: Indi Golf Wedge Full Reviews 

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    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy SAM for an article, A INDI Golf Experience   
    Indi Golf Fitting
    There are times when you walk into a place you’ve never been, and immediately feel like you’re home.  Or maybe you just feel like you’d like it to be your home, because of the sweet merch, the clean aesthetic, the GC Quad-connected hitting bay and putting mat in the next room – you get it.

    (Wedge heads on display)
    This past Friday, I had the chance to go down to Carlsbad, CA to visit the headquarters of Indi Golf.  Most of you know that Indi has some wedges currently in the testing phase in the forum, but as none of the testers lived locally, and as I’m only about 3 hours north, I figured on my day off I’d travel down and check them out, and see what a wedge fitting at a company who specializes in wedges (and now putters) was like.  TLDR: it was a nearly perfect experience for a golf nerd (that's me).
    For background, I’m an ~11 handicap (11.1 to be exact), and I game the OG Kirkland Signature wedge set (52, 56, 60).  Shockingly, I wasn’t fitted to these wedges (see, this is hilarious because … they’re from Costco. Off the shelf from Costco.) – I know, this is a cardinal sin amongst the hardcore on this forum but a) they were a gift, and b) they were a significant upgrade from my previous wedges which I’m not even sure had grooves left when I got rid of them.  I’ve gamed the K-Sigs for the last 2 ½ years, and they’ve been great to me, in all honesty.  I still feel that for the money, they’re a pretty hard set to beat.  
    Nonetheless, I was VERY excited to be able to go to a company whose specialty is wedges, and to go through a real fitting trying the various builds and grinds to find something that suited me the golfer, and not just me the mayonnaise-and-toilet-paper-buying-guy-who-also-golfs.  
    Upon walking into the facility, you’re greeted with a rack of genuinely-great-looking hats, a wall of the wedge heads mounted for you to see the various lofts / grinds, the lineup of putters, some shirts, and then several Jones bags (with Indi’s name embroidered on) full of the various wedges.  It’s clean, simple, beautiful and immediately gives you a sense that the company has an eye for design.

    (Rack of Hats)
    Zane, the fitter, was there to greet me, and shortly thereafter Rob (the CEO) came out and gave me the mini tour while I took a few photos.  (By the way, Rob did the Community Call with us a few weeks back, and if you haven’t checked it out, definitely give it a watch here (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1omlnwjBej48KJCZQZM47x-zXK5vPHN9Y/view?usp=drivesdk) – it’s super fun and informative.)  From the get-go, it was clear that both Rob and Zane were, to put it simply, golf nerds like me   I asked a little more about how the business started, what the plans were for the space (currently only one hitting net with a TV connected to the GC Quad, but eventually it’ll be a full hitting bay with projection screen along with couches to make it more comfortable), etc.  

    Once the pictures were out of the way, they had me warm up with my 52-degree, hitting a few shots, seeing where the spin was, angle of attack, etc.  We segued into the 52 degree FLX head with the Dynamic Gold Spinner shaft, and then hit the ATK head (same loft), and it was immediately clear how much better for me the ATK head was.  I have a pretty steep (-7 (avg) degree) AOA (Angle of Attack for those joining the forum recently ), so the FLX was digging a little too much for me, and I was getting some pretty big deviations in spin.  As soon as we tried the ATK, my contact was just so much better.  It was a really amazing, tangible thing to feel the difference between the grinds, and to know that I really was better-suited to one than the other.  It felt a little like magic – with my previous wedges (which, again, weren’t fitted (obviously)), it was a case of me fitting myself to them over the last two years.  With these, they were doing the exact opposite, and the help it added was incredible and immediate.  

    (Hitting net for now, but soon to be replaced with a full simulator screen)

    (Rob, checking my numbers)
    Once we got the head, we tried several different shafts (DG Spinner, DG 300, and the DG R300), and it was overwhelmingly clear the DG300 (in 120 Stiff) was the right choice.  It had the smallest deviations in spin/carry/launch, even on slight mis-hits, it was a winner.  The weight surprised me, to be honest, as my irons have always been a 105-ish range, but these felt absolutely fantastic – could be because they better match the weight of the Indi heads, but for whatever reason, it was a very easy choice.
    Next we looked at the 48-degree, what they call their Super Gap.  Full-face grooves, a squared off, high(ish) toe, that really allows for some incredible flexibility.  You can go at it, full-swing, or you can go toe-down and use it for bump-and-run shots around the green - it really is incredibly versatile.  Flexible, if you will.  The FLX moniker is well-earned.  This is the only club that ended up with me in a different shaft – the DG Spinner 115g (in wedge flex).  As my set PW (in both my current gamers and the Caley 01T’s that I’m testing) is 44-degrees, it’s pretty apparent I need something between 44 and where my current next wedge sits – 52.  I did discuss with Rob and Zane the idea of going 48, 53, 58, but Rob said he prefers keeping the gaps the same from PW all the way through the last wedge, and with the numbers we were seeing, I think that’s the right choice – the 48 perfectly slots in right around the 120-125 number – my PW is just about spot on 135, and my 52 right about 112, so this was pretty great to see. 

    (So many incredible choices...)
    Once I started getting slightly tired (read: very, very sweaty and starting to hit some hosel rockets – wouldn’t be a Samsonite fitting without at least a few of those), Zane and Rob felt like they had enough information to confidently prescribe my set-up.  So, even though I’m in love with my L.A.B. DF2.1, I was curious what a putter fitting would look like, so they moved the GC Quad over to the putting area, where instead of a hole they had a Putt-Out set up.  

    (Lining up with the Allison)
    As Rob mentioned on the Community Call, their goal with the putters was to do something few other companies were doing.  The heads are fully aluminum, milled faces, with weights at the back edge (Jet (large mallet)) or far edges (Allison (half-moon) and Cash/Ramone (blades)) to increase forgiveness as much as possible.  As my L.A.B. is also milled aluminum, the feel was pretty much right at home, right from the get-go.  They had me roll a few with the L.A.B., to get a baseline, and after diagnosing my stroke as a slight arc (no argument here), Rob had me try the slant neck Jet, followed by a slant-neck Allison (my preferred shape).  With all three clubs (mine and the two Indi clubs), I was seeing a small “launch” of about 5 degrees, effectively popping the ball up in the air.  Zane and Rob were both set on me not changing my set-up, but as the L.A.B. has me having the ball forward-of-center, I moved the ball back about a 1/2 ball, and just like that, my launch was averaging 0.1 degree.  I then went back to my DF, and sure enough, having the ball 1/2 ball further back got the same 0.1 launch and much truer roll.  Were I in the market for a new putter, for me, the choice would be clear - the Allison, all day, every day. Everything about it promoted a better aim - the half-moon shape, the two parallel lines on the back of the head, the milled aluminum face was soft but consistent - it’s a really fantastic putter. 

    (Talking golf with two VERY smart people)
    Once all the swings were swung, measurements taken, and data crunched, I got to hang around a little and pick Rob’s brain - about where he started, where he’s been, how he got started Indi, and briefly where he’s going.  While he wouldn’t take the bait about whether or not they’ve got a full set of irons in the works (I had to ask - it’s my JOB to ask questions I know won’t get answered!), it’s abundantly clear that he’s passionate about making golf more fun and accessible for the average golfer.  It’s why his first design was the non-conforming boxed-groove wedges - who doesn’t want to watch their wedge shot rip back towards the pin after landing on the green?  It’s the same reason they developed the putters - they saw a market for something other companies weren’t doing yet, and dived in, creating something beautiful and functional, and ultimately, designed to help golfers perform better.
    I’ll be putting a set of Indi wedges into play shortly after this is posted - a 48-degree FLX Super Gap (with Dynamic Gold 115g Spinner), and then 52/56/60-degree in the ATK with DG Gold 300 120g Stiff.  I really cannot wait to see what these do to push my approach game to the next level - I’ve gotten so confident on the greens with the DF over the last year, that I’ve been actively trying to give myself more and better opportunities to make putts.  Given what I saw in the hitting bay, these felt like a no-brainer addition to my bag, and I cannot wait to get them into play (hopefully this Friday, if the shipment arrives when it’s expected to).  

    (They're pretty, pretty pieces of metal)
    I’ll be keeping you updated along the journey, and am considering myself an honorary tester of the Indi wedges along with the other members.  
    I.  Cannot. Wait.  
    Thanks again to Rob and Zane for having me down, and to Jamie (@golfspy_APH) for thinking this was a good idea in the first place. 

    (Zane, the fitter). 

    (Rob Lang, the President and Founder of Indi Golf)
  6. Fire
    Willie T reacted to GolfSpy_APH for an article, Forum Staff Picks - Titleist T-Series Irons   
    In a new series of articles coming to you from the Forum Staff we bring you the Titleist T-Series Irons.
    Every iron has a purpose and there is a purpose for every iron.

    This is what has become abundantly clear throughout my time using the Titleist T-Series irons and it all started with the fitting. However I have to go back a little further to connect all the dots. 
    In 2018 I was selected to test and review the PING i210 irons. As I had been using the PING iE1 irons I thought the transition would be easy. It wasn't, however my struggles soon drifted away and this set of PING irons became my main set for the next 4 years.

    I had some great rounds with them and fond memories, but being a bit of an equipment junkie I soon wanted to take in the full forged iron experience and transitioned to a set of Sub70 659 TC Irons. I wanted the superior feel of forged irons and felt I had the iron ability to play something with a little less tech, more feel. I wasn't concerned with any distance loss, even though I didn't find much of any. However once again I had early struggles with the new irons.

    I know enough about equipment to be able to know what works and what doesn't for my game. I was a bit surprised, however again I had a few stellar rounds, but still felt something was missing. My next step was into the players distance category with a set of TaylorMade P790 irons. Having found I was using a lot of my longer clubs in previous sets I wanted to see if my game could be elevated by using a set of irons on the complete opposite end of the Sub70 659 TC's. 

    This time around I didn't have the early struggles. I clicked nearly right away with the P790s, but something was still missing. It was hard to put my finger on what that was until I had my fitting with Titleist.
    Titleist T-Series Irons
    Titleist created their new T-Series to be blended and according to Titleist "80% of tour staff have blended sets." and this is where the light bulb moment came. Even though I had success with all my previous sets and most of the sets had some sort of progressive design to improve performance throughout the set they still were just that one set. In truth this moment should have come much earlier as I had long ago replaced the PING i210 4 iron with a PING Crossover, but that was to create better gapping at the top end of the bag which is normal for many. 
    What I ended up with for my Titleist set is purposefully selected specific irons for each area of my game and bag to ensure that I have all the proper irons for each situation. So what does this mean exactly? Well let me walk you through my setup. 
    My Golf Bag - The Finer Details
    I prefer to use a 58, 54 combo of wedges. I also prefer and have had more success with cavity bag type wedges (Mizuno S23 and Ping Glide series). For my next club I either wanted to add another one of those wedges or as what happened add a set wedge. 
    The main reason I go down this route is forgiveness. I am a solid ball striker, but I consider any opportunity with a wedge or less to be a scoring opportunity. I want to be set myself up for the most success possible, even if that means a less sexy looking club. When discussing this situation with my fitter and going through several shots we landed on a GW(50*) and PW (46*) in the T100. These are an all forged, slim top line and built for greater precision. If I want the best scoring club possible that fits my comfort zone this was going to be the choice. 

    The next section of my bag we wanted to be able to add a little extra distance, keep a certain level of forgiveness and still have the ability to use these irons as potential scoring clubs. While I don't expect to hit every green I still want to see if I can make improvements in that area. While my fitter did suggest I could continue with the T100 set throughout this area, I wasn't as confident. I knew the gapping would be easier, however the Iron distance was a little shorter than I would prefer to see knowing the courses I play and the clubs I would have more confidence in playing. 
    When we factored all of this together we landed on the Titleist T150 9-6 irons. The T150 have a bit more technology in them, while aiming to mimic the feel and the performance aspects of the T100. The T150 have an added 2 degrees of loft meaning a bit more distance. However this also left a decent gap with the T100's which we needed to address and did by making both the GW and PW 1* stronger. I now had a middle section which was better suited to longer approach shots and tee shots into par 3s. The nice part with these together is they look nearly identical. Yes the topline on the T150 is marginally bigger, but it isn't enough to truly matter. 

    The feel for both is exceptional and the main difference I can say is that the T150 have a bit more pop to them. I am sure that is partly their tech, but also the loft. The other key feeling both keep is their responsiveness to strike location and turf interaction. In this area both sets excel and versus any of my previous sets. 
    This left me with one more club to select for my set and where I often use my 5 iron. There are two main areas that I have need or use this club. One is off the tee on shorter par 4s or situational par 5s, sometimes into longer par 3s and to progress up the fairway on par 5s. While not a max distance club I was less concerned about exact carry number and more in getting a club that would meet those needs of distance versus accuracy. 

    Once again the fitter did give some leeway in the decision as he felt I could use either the T150 or make the leap to T200, which is where I ultimately settled. The look on the Titleist T200 is a lot different to to the T100/T150 irons that have the brushed look. The T200 is shiny and does a better job appearance matching the T350. That is where the similarities end though, as at address the T200 has the same shaping of the T150 as well as offset. The topline again is marginally thicker, but not by much. 
    All the irons used the same Project X IO 6.0 shaft that matches up well for my swing and it was a toss up between that and the Project X LZ. Both performed really well, but with a slightly higher peak height on the IO it just felt really good and we loved seeing the window that the ball came out of. 

    With the fitting done and everything awaiting arrival the anticipation grew. When irons arrived it didn't take me long to get them out to the range. A slightly similar trend followed and while not my first round, but my first session on the range I struggled. This meant a lot of my initial excitement dampened and maybe expectations lowered because the first round turned it all around. 
    Key Takeaways - On Course
    I have since played 20 or so rounds with these irons and here are my biggest takeaways from this time. 
    - I wish I had never played a straight set of irons and it will be nearly impossible to consider a non blended set in the future. 
    - PW and GW are way more forgiving than I had initially anticipated and the quality of precision is exceptional. 
    - With the mid irons (non T100) my GIR have gone up along with my confidence. 
    - T200 is not my favorite club, however the purpose in which I need it for does the job. 
    - Stopping power! I have never owned a set that has had this level of stopping power. Not just spin, but flight and consistency. 
    I have still of course had awful shots and struggled at times, as with any amateur golfer. I also still have not reached my ceiling in terms of potential. But I can say with extreme confidence that my floor has been raised. This is due to each iron being purposefully selected and built to work best for not just my game, but having the proper purpose. Where previous sets aimed to fit the bill everywhere and do everything well, this set is built to excel only where it needs to and not provide performance aspects which are not going to be utilized. 

    Moving Forward
    The Titleist experience is exceptional, from fitting, to delivery to putting them in play. I had never owned a set of Titleist Irons before and much like my PING i210 irons staying in the bag for several years, I can see these irons holding their spot for many years to come. 
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