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  1. I have a set of 3 antique spalding tee-flights the ones with the red diamond on the sweet spot. The number 3 hits like no other. My fave clubs.
  2. have some old blade 2way clubs I'm trying to get rid of. The void will tell also 100s of like new balls. I have no idea what the old putters are worth. I can do packs of 30 like new balls for cheap depending on brand.
  3. I have some older leafy stuff. Some nice irons I believe long swords with graphite handles. Leafy golf balls too. A wilson Alignment 2000 that someone must have used twice. Let my me know someone can have them.
  4. I love how the community gets to all put in there input on this site. It's to bad our country doesn't do the same. Maybe you could have a section recent listings. And after a week they just go on the thread. That way people are going on the listings and seeing only new things they might want.
  5. Hi I don't know much about putters or golf in general. I just crank drive balls in my back yard. I think I could be a good golfer I can crank them pretty far and be accurate but unfortunately money is an issue. However I'm really intrigued by a certain one and the man who's name is on it. I could only find 1 other one on the net that had sold long ago and they didn't say for how much. The putter/head says. Doug Ford__***__ SEARS The rod says Magna-Power Deluxe The handle is white and says. Golf Pride then in letters running parallel informe there might have been another letter or two. I was told the handle was refered to as the controversial white pride handle?
  6. I'm new here nice to see a dedicated community. I think the site looks great . After ive navigated it for a while I will provide more detail and any insight I could give.
  7. Hi I'm new to golf But inherited some nice vintage clubs, putters and equipment al ot of golf balls. I'm hoping I could possibly get some information on some and will send who ever some like new pro v1 balls  or a couple bucks for they're help.

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